The Best Professional Chainsaw Reviews 

Professional chainsaw cutting through a tree limb

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Here you’ll find a list of the best professional chainsaws on the market today. I’ll discuss the good, the bad, and the terrible aspects of every tool,

Professional chainsaws have greater engine size and power and also increased bar length. You can expect your chainsaw to last.

I’ve got corded, battery-powered, and gas-powered chainsaws on this list.

Go over them to see which one suits your needs. Or maybe non of the items below do. In that case, I hope the buying guide at the bottom will help you.

My personal favorite though, Is the Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Let’s dive in!

Best Professional Chainsaw Overall: Husqvarna 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw:

Best overall-Husqvarna-460-rancher
My favorite chainsaw. Great built and no cord limitations

Coming from a very well-established brand, this Husqvarna tool is a great purchase for all those requiring supreme quality. It is a great tool, long-lasting in nature, and ease to use for the chainsaws. It comes with a very powerful 60-cc engine but is lightweight enou gh for versatile utility. The Husqvarna 460 Rancher chainsaw has a lot of safety features, it’s quick to start, and it’s built to last. It’s ideal for someone who owns a little farm or a huge piece of land. It is cost-effective and geared for inexperienced users. However, be aware that the lengthy bar makes maneuvering more difficult.

Features of Husqvarna 18 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw

  • Length of Bar: 20 inches 
  • Motor Power: 3.6 HP
  • Speed: 9000 rpm
  • Type: Gasoline
  • Weight: 12.8 pounds  
  • Chain Oiler: Yes, automatic

What I liked about the Husqvarna 460 Rancher?

This is a versatile, durable product that is great for jobs requiring longer bars. It is also comfortable to operate. The oil pump to lubricate the bar and chain is automatic and comes with a 3-position adjustment. The air filter is detachable and can be easily cleaned using soap and water. This product is also lightweight enough that you can transport it from place to place.

What I didn’t like about the Husqvarna 460 Rancher?

This product is definitely costlier when compared to other similar ones but gives a performance as well. Apart from that, It is a bit noisy, and also there are a lot of plastic parts in it which raises eyebrows for its durability. This chainsaw isn’t the best for beginners on the market.


  • Very easy to start and operate.
  • A chain brake and pop release trigger are available as a safety feature.
  • Great speed of chain rotation.
  • It doesn’t  vibrate while functioning.


  • The process of chain tensioning requires equipment.
  • Automatic oil pumps come with a 3-position adjustment. This requires some knowledge of the product beforehand.

Who can use Husqvarna 18 Inch 460 Rancher Gas Chainsaw?

This chainsaw is ideal for folks who live on a bigger plot of land and have some expertise with a more basic saw. If you’re ready to retire your electric chainsaw or less expensive gas model,  the Husqvarna 460 Rancher is an excellent tool. You can start cutting greater diameters or a larger supply of wood. All in all, this Husqvarna chainsaw is more suited for experienced arborists and individuals who have used a chainsaw prior.

Best Professional Cordless Chainsaw: BLACK DECKER LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw

Black+Decker battery powered chainsaw
Oké, it might be too small for the real heavy lifting. But still, a great option if you want to go for electric

This product is the best option for professional chainsaw operators. It’s a contemporary chainsaw with cutting-edge technology that’s also lightweight and portable. Even a ten to twelve-inch foundation hardwood tree may be cut down with a fully charged battery. Especially when equipped with one of the best chainsaw chains for hardwood.

If you want additional flexibility and want to use it outside, you’ll need Black+Decker LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw.

Features of BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240)

  • Length of Bar: 12 inch 
  • Motor Power: 40 Volts battery
  • Speed: Unknown
  • Type: Cordless
  • Weight: 10.4 pounds  
  • Chain Oiler: Yes, automatic.

What I liked about BLACK DECKER LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw?

This cordless electric chainsaw delivers smooth, powerful cuts. Having an electric power source has a lower fuel consumption. This cordless chainsaw allows for freedom of movement. There is also a front handguard and a lock-off button for enhanced safety. The 40V battery gives greater durability to this power tool.

What I didn’t like about  BLACK DECKER LCS1240 Cordless Chainsaw?

It has about 13 lbs of battery loaded; hence it is a bulkier product. Though it is a powerful machine, it is not suited for regular tree cutting. Also, you might not enjoy the noise; it’s a little bit loud, and your neighbors may not appreciate it unless you live in the countryside. Although the chainsaw is light and cuts efficiently, its automatic oiler spills a lot of oil. The tank is modest in size and must be inspected every thirty minutes.


  • Charging this model is easy.
  • It comes at an affordable price.
  • No vibration felt as happens with 2-stroke gas engines.
  • Ideal for construction crews, linesmen, and landscapers.


  • This is a heavy and bulky power tool.
  • Its power-to-weight ratio is less than other professional chainsaws.
  •   For regular and repeated woodcutting work, you might require a spare battery.

Who can use BLACK+DECKER 40V Max Cordless Chainsaw, 12-Inch (LCS1240)?

Professional landscapers and construction crew, along with experienced professionals, can use it. If you’re in search of the perfect chainsaw to assist you in trimming and cutting your backyard, this is an excellent option. Be sure to have two batteries in place before you head to the woods with one of these, as one charge will only last 30-40 minutes for moderate cutting. This is assuming that you take short breaks between cuts. The high temperatures can reduce battery life and also increase the amount of time needed to charge the battery.

Buy Makita EA6100PRGG Chainsaw for low vibrations

Makita's low vibrating professional chainsaw
Makita is a brand you can’t go wrong with!

With a powerful 61-cc engine, this chainsaw vibrates less on functioning, giving a smooth cutting experience. There are other attractive features like an easy start-up of a heavy-duty air filter system. It cleans comprehensively, much enhancing this chainsaw’s durability. It is also quite easy to clear the wood chips from the chain compartment.

Features of Makita EA6100PRGG 20″ 61 cc Chainsaw

  • Length of Bar: 20 inches 
  • Motor Power: 4.6 HP
  • Speed: 13800 rpm
  • Type: Gasoline
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds  
  • Chain Oiler: Yes. Unknown whether automatic or manual.

What I liked about Makita EA6100PRGG?

It has a low vibration level, easy-to-clean chain compartment, and a powerful air filter system. Thus, this device is really low-key on the maintenance effort needed. It has a starter attached with springs, which helps the device fire up in just a couple of pulls at the most. A touch-and-stop single-level operation is also provided for increased safety of the user.

What I didn’t like about Makita EA6100PRGG?

Its handle comes at a slant, making its grip slightly difficult and awkward. Also, its housing is made up of plastic material, making it less durable in harsh conditions.


  • This is a powerful, gas-powered model.
  • Built-in a way that minimizes vibration.
  • There is an engine mechanism provided for safety (touch and stop).
  • Starts quite easily and can be maintained without too much hassle.


  • Starting this device can get a little tricky.
  • It is on the costlier side, at more than $600.

Who can use Makita EA6100PRGG 20″ 61 cc Chainsaw?

This product can be operated easily by first-time users. It can also be used for experienced professional use. If you’re a professional chainsaw user seeking something practical to aid with your job.

Ego Power+ CS1600 16-inch is best for Battery Life

Ego CS1600 professional chainsaw
Batteries die on you. Luckily Ego’s battery life is pretty decent.

The most important advantage of this power tool is its extremely durable 56-volt battery. The blade measures 16 inches, and with 6800 rpm, it provides fast, smooth cutting and tensioning that does not require tools. Lastly, it does not weigh much and is easy to carry around.

Features of EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw:

  • Length of Bar: 18 inches 
  • Motor Power: 56 Volts
  • Speed: 6800 rpm
  • Type: Cordless
  • Weight: 8.69 pounds  
  • Chain Oiler: Yes, automatic

What I liked about Ego Power+ CS1600 16-inch?

An important advantage of this power tool is that it is quite lightweight. Yet at 56 volts, its engine power is optimum. This device is high power when it comes to serious woodcutting. It can also work for longer periods of time. The saw is well-balanced in general. The trigger is a noteworthy feature of this chainsaw set because it is quite lengthy, allowing the operator to vary their grip.

What I didn’t like about Ego Power+ CS1600 16-inch?

Sometimes, the bar can slow down a bit. In addition, these models face a chain oil leak infrequently. A tensioning dial that was more difficult to grip and turn than the other tool-free adjusters


  • Durable battery which can deliver 300 cuts.
  • Extremely lightweight and portable.
  • It is not affected by natural elements like moisture.
  • More suitable for professional work and for the toughest jobs.


  • Loss of oil from the reservoir.
  • The blade is slightly smaller when compared to other models.

Who can use EGO Power+ CS1600 16-Inch 56V Lithium-ion Cordless Chainsaw?

This powerful saw can be used well by professional loggers who need to cut down large trees and tree trunks. It has considerable power and a low price. It allows professionals to save money and avoid the hassles of gas-powered equipment. Overall, it comes with a lot of features that make it simple to use and maintain.

For Fuel Efficiency, Use Poulan Pro PR4218 Chainsaw

Poulan Pro PR4218 fuel efficient chainsaw
Poulan Pro is for you when you want to cut on fuel usage!

This is amongst the top picks for the most fuel-efficient chainsaws out there. It boasts of a feature called OxyPower for maximum fuel consumption. In addition, this model comes with an automatic gear-driven oiler for lubricating the bar and chain. Its engine is also sustainable with lesser emissions.

Features of Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw:

  • Length of Bar: 18 inches 
  • Motor Power: 42-cc, 2-stroke engine
  • Speed: Approximately 3000-9000 rpm (idle and full-throttle speed under load)
  • Type: Gasoline
  • Weight: 13.25 pounds  
  • Chain Oiler: Yes, automatic

What I liked about Poulan Pro PR4218 Chainsaw?

This is a green product with great fuel efficiency and reduced emissions. The automatic gear-driven oiler also means it is extremely easy to maintain. This model comes with a SuperClean filtering system which enhances the product’s durability. There is also a spring assist cord to help with the effortless starting of the machine.

What I didn’t like about Poulan Pro PR4218 Chainsaw?

There is a slight confusion in the literature about the speed of the blade. It works on gas; hence a fuel source is needed for it to work.


  • Comfortable, ergonomic design.
  • Comes with an anti-vibration feature.
  • A storage compartment with a locking feature is provided.
  • Easy to maintain.


  • The chain comes off and needs to be positioned frequently.
  • More suited for medium-to-large tree felling projects.

Who can use Poulan Pro PR4218, 18 in. 42cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw?

This chainsaw isn’t for casual or occasional users. It’s a high-end instrument that should only be used by individuals who are familiar with its strength. If you don’t have a heavy-duty task for that power, you won’t be able to put it to much use. This model is not suited for occasional yard labor or other trivial cutting duties.

Powerful Professional Chainsaw (Without Bar) Makita EA7901PRZ1 

Powerful Makita EA7901PRZ1
Tear down any tree with this powerful professional Makita chainsaw

This model exhibits enhanced safety features in the form of a 2-point durable inertia/mechanical chain brake. It is a great product for working in cold environments. It has beneficial features to combat the cold, such as a heated handle that makes your hands warm while it’s freezing outside. The Makita EA7901PRZ1 is a very powerful chainsaw and can be used for a long time on the toughest jobs. 

Features of Makita EA7901PRZ1 79 cc Chain Saw

  • Length of Bar: Unknown
  • Motor Power: 7 HP
  • Speed: 13,500 rpm
  • Type: Gasoline
  • Weight: 7 pounds
  • Chain Oiler: Yes, manual

What I liked about Makita EA7901PRZ1?

This power tool can be used in all kinds of weather. This chainsaw is compact and lightweight, making it simple to move. The oil reservoir is rust-resistant and transparent, allowing you to see when oil is needed. This chainsaw starts with a cord pull and incorporates an idle control mechanism for easy start-up. The saw is promptly turned off when the lock-off button is pressed. It has an anti-kickback and anti-vibration mechanism available too.

What I didn’t like about Makita EA7901PRZ1?

The price is a little higher than you’d anticipate for a chainsaw in this range. Over time, the chain loosens, posing a safety issue. The chainsaw requires experience to operate and may only be used for professional purposes.


  • All-weather usage of the model.
  • Powerful engine.
  • Enhanced safety features.
  • Advanced vibration dampening system.


  • Nothing really, except that this product is pricey.
  • A powerful tool, not recommended for small woodcutting projects.

Who can use Makita EA7901PRZ1 79 cc Chain Saw?

This is the model to consider if you’re searching for a strong saw with a powerful motor that can be utilized in a variety of weather conditions. This product is more suited to professional lumberjacks and arborists who feel trees on a regular basis. Its power range makes it ideal for large projects.

Best Affordable Professional Chainsaw Jonsered CS2245

Jonsered CS2245
Great for every DIY home improvement enthusiast. And, not so expensive :D.

This is one of the best professional chainsaws available. It is fitted with a turbo intake air cleaning technology as well as a tool-free chain tensioner, making the Jonsered CS2245 very easy to use. This model does not vibrate much, giving smoother, cleaner cuts. It also comes with a moderately long 18-inch bar.

Features of Jonsered CS2245, 18 in. 45cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw

  • Length of Bar: 18 inches 
  • Motor Power: 2.8 HP
  • Speed: 9000 rpm
  • Type: Gasoline
  • Weight: 13 pounds  
  • Chain Oiler: Yes, manual

What I liked about Jonsered CS2245?

This model comes with many features for ease of use and maintenance. There is a quick-release cylinder that leads to the air filter and spark plug with no need to detach components of the machine. The turbo air technology uses the principle of centrifugal force to suck out dust and/or sawdust from the machine. It also comes with an amazing 2-stroke engine which is low on fuel consumption and emissions. It reduces fuel consumption by 20% and fuel emissions by 75%. This is a green, sustainable power tool.

What I didn’t like about Jonsered CS2245?

With so many features available in this product, a novice might find it difficult to successfully operate it. You need experienced hands for it. It’s not powerful enough for anything larger than 14 inches or for sophisticated felling tactics like plunge cuts. The nut for fastening the bar loses after an hour of cutting.


  • Comes with a 2-year limited warranty.
  • The chain tensioning mechanism is automatic and does not need more tools.
  • A quick-release cylinder cover enhances ease of access.
  • Good value for money.
  • Less vibration and air turbo technology to clean out debris.


  • This is a slightly bulkier product, and hence it is not very suitable for handling heavy wood.
  • Less speed and power of the motor engine.

Who can use Jonsered CS2245, 18 in. 45cc 2-Cycle Gas Chainsaw?

If you’re searching for a chainsaw for part-time home usage, this is the one. For falling and trimming trees, or cutting big amounts of firewood, the Jonsered 2245 is a great option. It’s light and simple to use for everyone.

Also, Consider Coocheer 62cc 20-Inch Chainsaw:

Coocher chainsaw
You get two chains with this Coocheer chainsaw. How great!

This product is ideal for those looking at an inexpensive choice of tools but with good power.

The Coocheer 20” chainsaw comes with a moderate-powered engine. It can be successfully used for medium-duty jobs like cutting tree branches or cutting in a garden or farm. It is slightly lighter for heavy-duty work. It comes with features like an ergonomic trigger for increased comfort and a built-in chain brake. It has a longer bar at 20 inches which can be safely used to cut larger trees like oak, beech, and hemlock.

Features of COOCHEER 20” Chainsaw 62CC 2-Stroke Gas Powered Chain Saws with 2 Chains

  • Length of Bar: 20 inches 
  • Motor Power: 3.5 HP
  • Speed: 8500 rpm
  • Type: Gasoline
  • Weight: 17 pounds  
  • Chain Oiler: Yes, automatic

What I liked about Coocheer 62cc 20-Inch Chainsaw?

This product is of an affordable price yet packs in many features of professional chainsaws. It has been manufactured keeping in mind user safety and comfort. It also consumes 20% less fuel compared to other standard models. Lastly, its automatic oiler keeps the chain and bar lubricated and ensures minimal wear and tear of the product.

What I didn’t like about Coocheer 62cc 20-Inch Chainsaw?

The motor power is suboptimal at merely 3.5 HP. This lightweight product is not suited for heavy-duty tree-felling or tackling large trees. The only concern was the leaking bar oil. It’s possible that the oil cap wasn’t securely fastened or that it was broken. Also, do tighten all the screws; if any of them is loose, they might hinder operation.


  • Affordable price.
  •  Ease of use and safety considerations. 


  • Motor power is reduced.

Who can use a Coocheer 62cc 20-Inch Chainsaw?

Individuals needing to complete medium-duty work like felling trees in the garden will like this tool. It can also be used for cleaning out the yard. The chainsaw is designed to be ergonomically pleasant, so you may use it for long periods of time without risking injury.

My Verdict:

As we have seen above, numerous good chainsaws are in the market, with great professional chainsaw reviews behind each. But my top pick amongst all these would easily be the Husqvarna 460 ranger. This product truly boasts several user-friendly features at an amazing price. Also, If you wish to sharpen the blade of your chainsaw, follow these instructions.

Best Professional Chainsaw Buying Guide

Best Professional Chainsaw Buying Guide

A professional chainsaw is a must-have for those needing to work with large trees. Let us first study the different types of professional chainsaws.

Landowner/Semi-Professional: These come with a 40 to 50-cc engine. Their chain bar length varies from 14 to 16 inches. These work well and are durable.

Logger/Professional: Their engine size is 50 to 60 cc. They have 18- to 20-inch chain bars. Professional arborists and foresters use these. Professional chainsaws give a great performance. They are made keeping user comfort in mind.

The market has many electric, cordless and gas-operated chainsaws. It is beneficial to consider the following before buying a professional chainsaw:

A. What is the purpose behind the purchase?

A professional chainsaw is great for thick forests, large trees, and heavy timber. It is not needed for smaller jobs.

 B. Size of wood to be cut:

Chain bars which are 18 inches and more are suitable for larger diameters of tree trunks. The smaller bar and chain sizes can also be used for the same. One should consider the size of wood before buying a professional chainsaw.

C. Are you experienced with chainsaws? If yes, how much:

You need a little experience before handling professional chainsaws. These powerful power tools can be dangerous and need safety measures in place. If inexperienced, it is better to first get used to these chainsaws before using them.

Now let’s go study the various aspects of a professional chainsaw as a woodcutting device.

 #1: Engine Power of a Professional Chainsaw

 The power of its engine decides the cutting power of the chainsaw. Hence, the more powerful the engine, the better the chainsaw’s performance will be. Larger trees with bigger trunks will need a powerful engine and high-performing chainsaw.

 Gas chainsaws are the most powerful type. These cut through rough, thick wood quickly and easily. These chainsaws cut through the wood in tough conditions too. But electric chainsaws which have cords or are battery-operated (cordless) are less powerful.

 The power-to-weight ratio of an engine indicates its level of performance. This is also referred to as HP.

 #2: Size and Weight

 These two factors matter because a bulky power tool would be difficult to work with. It should not be too small, though, or its engine won’t be able to undertake any serious cutting. Striking a balance between the two is very important, keeping the guide bar in mind. Some chainsaws have 2-stroke engines. These come without the decompression valve. This lowers their weight and makes their construction simple.

#3: Speed

The perfect professional chainsaw will always have optimal speed. A very high-performing engine can deliver speeds of up to 12000 RPM (revolutions per minute). But not every kind of woodcutting needs such immense speeds. Do check what speed suits you most. Professional chainsaws come with cutting speeds that are in the high range.

#4: Bar Length

The guide bar length determines the size of wood that needs cutting. These two are directly proportional. Guide bars are different in other aspects, too, in the way they are built in different power tools. A 20-inch guide bar is usually an ideal choice for professional chainsaws. This 20-inch guide bar and chain will serve you well. Whether you are a homeowner/landowner or a professional lumberjack, this is true. With time, the depth of the bar groove decreases, and hence it needs replacing.

#5: Ease of Use

Ease of use is important in electric chainsaws, cordless ones, and gas-powered ones. Its design should be ergonomic with a grip that is comfortable for the user. Also, your power tool should not be too bulky and should be easily portable.

#6: Maintenance

 The maintenance of your chainsaw is an important factor. There is usually a lot to do in woodcutting. Hence daily routine maintenance might not be possible for everyone. This is equally true for both the 2-stroke Husqvarna chainsaw and the 20-inch gas-powered ones. It would be a good thing to invest in a brand that does some of the work for you. Such models are the best choice among them all.

 #7: Price and Warranty

Price is another factor that cannot be ignored. We all have a budget for everything in life. If your chainsaw is not affordable, its various attractive features are meaningless. It makes sense for the costlier power tools to have a warranty period, at least initially. Setting a budget always and not compromising on safety is non-negotiable.

 #8: Safety

 Various factors weigh in on the safety of users of a chainsaw.

 i) Anti-vibration system: This system ensures your chainsaw does not vibrate too much. This way, you can cut evenly.

 ii) Spring-assisted system: This ensures the engine starts in 2-3 pulls for gas-powered models.

 iii) Chain Brake: A very important feature for safety, it slows down a problematic chain.

 iv) Anti-kickback: This prevents the chainsaw from moving up and backward abruptly. This feature helps avoid accidents.

 #9: Other Features

 A throttle helps in the automatic oiling of the chainsaw. This engages the motor and the oil pump at the same time. With chain movement across the bar, oil is also spread across the surface. This reduces friction.

So these were all the pointers to help you pick out that perfect professional chainsaw. There are some great professional chainsaws reviews online. Also, much info about the top picks is available on the internet. Undertaking just a little bit of research and reading will lead you to your ideal chainsaw.


What chainsaw chain do professionals use?

Full chisel chainsaw chains are often only used by pros and experienced chainsaw operators. Their square-cornered slicing teeth are more suited to powering through the material. So, they’re most commonly employed to cut through hardwoods like oak.

What is a professional-grade chainsaw?

Chainsaws designed for professional use are made to withstand the harshest circumstances. However, you don’t have to do much to get the most out of a professional gas chainsaw. If you use your saw daily, you’ll appreciate the longevity and strength of these professional power tools

Which chainsaw will cut a thick piece of wood faster?

Gas chainsaws offer faster speeds and longer run periods than electric chainsaws. Thus, it makes them more suitable for cutting larger trees and branches, as well as multi-tree tasks. They can drive lengthy 20-inch chains since they have greater power, making them appropriate for pulling down bigger trees.

How big of a chainsaw do I need to cut firewood?

Many people found that a chainsaw with a length of 14 to 16 inches is ideal. That’s long enough to cut most firewood and limb trees and cut down trees that are small in size but short enough to keep the saw under control.

What is the advantage of a skip tooth chain?

A skip chain has fewer cutting teeth than a regular chain; therefore, it won’t haul as many teeth through the wood as a typical chain would. Because there is less pull on the chain, less power is required to cut through the wood. That means your saw’s motor will spin quicker, keeping it more efficient.


A professional chainsaw is usually a high-powered one that is more durable. Many electric chainsaws come under the professional chainsaw tag. A professional chainsaw is one of very good quality and longer shelf life. They have bigger engine sizes and bar lengths. They are great (irreplaceable even) for working in dense forests. If you ask me to choose the best professional chainsaw from all the above, then my pick is the Husqvarna 460 Ranger. It is an 18-inch, 3.6HP gas-powered professional chainsaw. It is a versatile chainsaw in every aspect.

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