The Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Reviews

Best Husqvarna chainsaw

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Many manufacturers in the power tools business are proud of their heritage, but Husqvarna may have the most extensive.

Throughout its 330-year existence, they’ve produced a wide range of equipment. But you’re here to learn about the best Husqvarna chainsaw.

Husqvarna’s designers have worked diligently to develop ground-breaking technology in the chainsaw sector. It ensures that customers experience the most comfort and convenience when doing a job.

We’ve compiled a list of the finest Husqvarna chainsaws covering a range of budgets, demands, and features. So you may be well-prepared to tackle that project you’ve been putting off.

At the bottom, you’ll find a buying guide where I go over the main points to consider when purchasing a chainsaw.

ProductMain FeaturesOur ScoreCheck Latest Price
Editor’s Favorite
Best overal Husqvarna chainsaw 455
Husqvarna 455
  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Motor Power: 3.5 HP
  • Bar Length: 20 inches
4.6/5 Stars
Best Affordable
Best Husqvarna chainsaw on a budget 240
Husqvarna 240
  • Weight: 10.3lb
  • Power Source: Gas-powered
  • Power: 2 HP
  • Bar Length: 16-inches
4/5 Stars
Best Battery Powered
Best Husqvarna battery top handle chainsaw T536
Husqvarna T536Li XP
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Power Source: battery-powered
  • Power: 36 volt
  • Bar Length: 14-inches
4.7/5 Stars

Best Husqvarna Chainsaw Overall: Husqvarna 445

Best overal Husqvarna chainsaw 455
If we look at the entire range of Husqvarna’s chainsaws, this one is my top pick

The  Husqvarna 455 Rancher is one of their hit models. Additionally, it is the most popular as it is an incredible overall trimming tool. It runs on a 3.5 HP motor with a bar length of 20 inches and can convey a speed of 9000 RPM. It makes it ideal for proficient use. However, it can likewise function admirably for experienced landowners. The ergonomic front handle and LowVib framework make it best for expanded use as it is agreeable to hold and with less hand weariness. 

Features of Husqvarna 445 gas chainsaw

  • Weight: 10.8 pounds
  • Power Source: Gas Powered
  • Motor Power: 3.5 HP
  • Bar Length: 20 inches

What did I like about Husqvarna 445?

It comes with an extra chain, a sheath, and instructions. I followed the directions for starting the chainsaw and had no problems. It has excellent power output and is very fuel-efficient. I was surprised with how long it went on one tank of fuel. It cuts through the wood like a hot knife through butter. It’s easy to use and effortless to hold.

What didn’t I like about Husqvarna 445?

It is a little hard to get running at full throttle. I have to start with a choke hit to trigger a few times. Also, if you are cutting down an oak or eucalyptus tree, you must be patient and let the saw do the work. Suppose you need to cut larger pieces of wood or even hardwood. Expect this chainsaw to take its time because it isn’t a logging chainsaw.


  • Snap-lock chamber cover for quicker cleaning and spark plug substitution. 
  • ‘Hostile-to-vibration’ innovation retains the vibrations adequately, saving your arms and hands. 
  • The divergent air cleaning framework limits wear. Also, it permits long task periods between the channel cleanings. 
  • Non-CARB consistent. 
  • Ergonomic trigger, deviated handle, and delicate trim improves solace during activity.


  • Relatively heavy
  • Not great for felling trees

Who can use Husqvarna 445?

It is better for those who do not need the strongest saw available. Not every person needs a top-of-the-range trimming tool, particularly those who will be rare users. It is for the individuals who would prefer not to spend an enormous amount on a trimming saw, as it is evaluated efficiently for a decent saw.

Best Affordable Husqvarna Chainsaw: Husqvarna 240 2 HP Chainsaw

Best Husqvarna chainsaw on a budget 240
One of Husqvarna’s cheapest models

The Husqvarna 240 is a unique model in Husqvarna trimming tools. It offers a variety of chainsaw series for various cutting applications. The Husqvarna 240 chainsaw has been one of the greatest chainsaws in several series. The lightweight performer is ideal for cutting tree branches. You can also use it for mowing, hobby woodworking, and firewood.

We will attempt to cover all aspects of the chainsaw to understand its dependability and adaptability. To discover more, let’s take a deeper look at the tool.

Features of Husqvarna 240 14 inch bar 34CC gas powered chainsaw

  • Weight: 10.3lb
  • Power Source: Gas-powered
  • Power: 2 HP
  • Bar Length: 16-inches

What did I like about the Husqvarna 240 2 HP Chainsaw?

Husqvarna 240 is not difficult to start and work on. It is fundamental because of the smart-start feature. A diffusive air cleaning framework is likewise a vital feature of this machine. It helps eliminate enormous waste and residue before driving into the air pipe.

What did I not like about the Husqvarna 240 2 HP Chainsaw?

Despite the tool’s numerous advantages, there are a few things that you should be aware of before making a purchase. Although the 240 is a powerful chainsaw, it is not the best choice for large-scale projects. It may take extra time for the motor to start.


  • Affordable
  • Incredibly lightweight
  • Equipped with the anti-vibration dampers
  • Easy to start and operate


  • Not strong enough for large projects

Who can use Husqvarna 240 Gas Powered Chainsaw?

The Husqvarna 240 chainsaw can be what you’ve been looking for as a safe chainsaw for your woodworking. It is a fantastic machine for property holders who wish to perform easy-cutting errands. For example, you can do brush cutting, pruning, and recreation work. The bar comes with a transparent cover, but you may also order complete protection. It’s also intended to prevent backlash and can be used even if it’s upside down.

Most Horsepower: Husqvarna 365 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Most HP Husqvarna chainsaw 365
Compact but a powerful motor

With its 4.85 HP motor, the Husqvarna 365 is one of the most remarkable trimming tools on the market. It is said to cater to the expert searching for a vigorous and adaptable power instrument. Furthermore, the incredible engine power likewise has a more extended bar length of 28 inches. It gives it slicing width to guarantee you can cut enormous logs in one or a couple of passes.

Features of Husqvarna Chainsaw 365 4.6 HP 65.1cc

  • Weight: 14.11 lbs
  • Power Source: Gas-powered
  • Power: 4.83 HP
  • Bar Length: 28 inches

What did I like about Husqvarna 365 Chainsaw?

Its rock-solid development combined with a yield of 3.4 kW and a generally low weight of 6 kg ensures experts that the saw is worth the price. The Husqvarna 365 trimming tool likewise flaunts numerous incredible provisions. Each upgrade strengthens and makes it extremely easy to use. It has a magnesium crankcase and a three-piece driving rod structure. These significantly aid a long-lasting life under extreme conditions.

What did I not like about Husqvarna 365 Chainsaw?

Upon a cold start-up, it can be belligerent and easy to flood. When the piston or rob breaks inside, fixing them costs more than buying another saw.


  • Inertia Activated Chain Brake System
  • Lightweight
  • Powerful
  • Robust
  • Quick-release air filter
  • Easy and quick starting


  • Expensive
  • Non-ergonomically designed rear handle

Who can use Husqvarna Chainsaw 365 4.6 HP 65.1cc?

Husqvarna 365 is incredible with regards to cutting logs and hardwood. Even more so when it is equipped with a chain designed to cut through hardwood. It is best suited for experts and farm owners. With LowVib Technology and chain break security highlighted, an individual can trust it. If you are an expert and need to change from your old trimming tool, this model will be best for you. 

Best Husqvarna 24″ Chainsaw: Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Best overall 24-inch-Husqvarna-460-rancher
My best Husqvarna 24-inch chainsaw

The substantial and exceptionally versatile 460 Rancher is one more incredible trimming tool. It works the best for those who are searching for something that can handle different undertakings. They can use this to do the task effortlessly and with high effectiveness. 

You always imagine a chainsaw with slight vibration, ease of use, and enough power. The Husqvarna 460 Rancher meets the ideal chainsaw criteria. It includes anti-vibration technology and minimal kickback.


  • Weight: 12.79 lbs
  • Power Source: gas-powered
  • Power: 3.62 HP
  • Bar Length: 24-inches

What did I like about it?

This trimming tool assists with managing vibration. It is probably the most common complaint of gas-controlled trimming tools. It does this with the LowVib innovation that limits vibrations to make the device easier to use. It’s robust enough without being overbearing or unmanageable.

What did I not like about it?

I found installing the chain and bar difficult. The machine also made a lot of noise. Make sure your mixed gas doesn’t have too much oil in it. Your carburetor will become clogged.


  • Controlled vibration levels
  • An efficient air-cleaning system
  • Relatively moderate fuel consumption
  • Adjustable oil pump


  • Relatively loud chainsaw
  • If the engine becomes too hot, restarting becomes difficult

Who can use it?

The 460 Rancher is the best chainsaw for tackling various projects and doing it with comfort and high efficiency. It has a powerful motor and is somewhat hefty for novices. Aside from these characteristics, this chainsaw contains features that make it safe to use regularly. You must have practiced using a heavy saw to be comfortable with this saw.

Best for Concrete Cutting: HUSQVARNA K970

Husqvarna K970 for concrete
It’s not just wood you can cut with a chainsaw

With this powerful motor, users can make up to 18-inch cuts from one side and openings as little as four inches. That remarkable cutting profundity makes this tool extraordinary. You can use it for everything other dan wood. Because of the fringe drive, you can cut far more profoundly.


  • Weight: 29.8 lbs
  • Power Source: gas-powered
  • Power: 6.5 HP
  • Bar Length: 14-inches

What did I like about it?

The customizable water valve makes it simple to minimize dust while limiting water utilization and slurry. The Husqvarna K 970 is equipped with an X-Torque engine that produces 6.5 horsepower while emitting less pollution and using less fuel. The K 970 is a heavy-duty chainsaw tool for asphalt, concrete, pipe, stone, and metal.

What did I not like about it?

The main downfalls of this machine are that it makes a lot of noise and can omit large quantities of gas.


  • Fiercely strong 6.4 horsepower engine
  • Relatively higher RPM
  • Fringe driven cutting 
  • Newline cinch diminishes the intricacy of work. It adds more accuracy and ergonomics to the sawing administrator


  • Noisy
  • Gas guzzler

Who can use it?

It is best for professional construction workers working mainly with concrete and metal. use. Not so much for me, and perhaps you, as a simple homeowner.

Best Tophandle Husqvarna T435 Chainsaw

For those preferring a top handle this is the one to go for!

The HusqvarnaT435 Top Handle Saw is an extraordinary example of the top-handle saws that Husqvarna produces. An appropriate skill certificate is needed to buy a top-handle trimming tool from Husqvarna.


  • Weight: 7.5lbs
  • Power Source: gas-powered
  • Power: 35cc engine
  • Bar Length: 14-inch

What did I like about it?

I enjoyed the perks of lower fuel consumption and low exhaust as it doesn’t use as much fuel as its heavier counterparts. It’s pleasant to use, and it isn’t hard to climb up trees with it. The spring suspension separates the handles from the sections that are susceptible to movement. As a result, you feel exceptionally low vibrations in this chainsaw.

What did I not like about it?

It bogs down on thicker branches/trees. If the engine shuts off while under load, restarting it will require many ignition strokes. The machine will only start if the accelerator is given full force. It also has a much smaller tank than other chainsaws.


  • Relatively lightweight
  • Low vibrations
  • Ideal for climbing
  • Suitable for light-duty employment


  • High kickback danger
  • Not ideal for heavy use
  • Small fuel tank

Who can use it?

A top-handle trimming tool is suitable for experts and amateur clients alike. However, their unique plan aids arborists that work in trees. Top-handle saws are to be utilized with one hand by experts. But, If you’re searching for something for your house, farm, or hobby, there’s no reason it can’t be for you.

Husqvarna T536Li XP: Best Battery-Powered Top Grip Chainsaw

Best Husqvarna battery top handle chainsaw T536
Powerful top handle electric chainsaw

Anyone seeking a powerful cordless electric chainsaw should consider this model. The chainsaw has plenty of power and is easy to use. It has all of the characteristics of an excellent chainsaw. Although the chainsaw is small, it is pretty solid and helpful. Husqvarna T536Li XP has features you would expect to see on a saw from a premium company like Husqvarna. 


  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Power Source: battery-powered
  • Power: 36 volt
  • Bar Length: 14-inches

What did I like about it?

The HUSQVARNA T536 is one of the best battery-powered chainsaws on the market. It’s among the most powerful rechargeable chainsaws. It is absolutely capable of doing the task. A good-condition HUSQVARNA T536 Chainsaw will last you a long time.

What did I not like about it?

It is very costly, particularly since it ships without a charger or battery, that requires a different buy. However, the short bar may not be able to pass through really thick logs. Although the batteries charge rapidly, they would last for 30 to 45 minutes of intensive work.


  • Strong despite being run by a battery
  • Excellent safety features
  • Works a long time on one charge


  • The tool does not include a battery and charger.
  • Rather expensive
  • Battery dies after 30 – 45 min.

Who can use it?

This model fits best for woodworkers, contractors, or project workers. It is a battery-controlled Husqvarna trimming tool that performs nearly as great as the gas-fueled models. So, I can definitely say that the T536Li is a superb decision.

Robust Husqvarna 555 Gas-Powered Chainsaw

Husqvarna 550 xpg chainsaw
One of Husqvarna’s professional Chainsaws

It comes with a slew of handy features and optional add-ons to boost its utility. It’s designed to withstand the worst working conditions globally. Thus, it makes it ideal for forestry workers and industry experts alike. Some fantastic features are included as standard. Among them are heavy-duty filtration systems, longer guide bars, an improved cooling system, and AutoTune, to name a few.


  • Weight: 13.01 lbs
  • Power Source: gas-powered
  • Power: 4.3 HP
  • Bar Length: 24-inches

What did I like about it?

When operating in diverse temperature swings, the AutoTune carb comes in handy. You can feel the saw adjust to the changing air temperatures from early morning to late afternoon. It’s a versatile tool that can be utilized across a broad range of operations. Thanks to its adjustable arm that can be adjusted between 13 and 20 inches in length.

What did I not like about it?

The autotune feature does not operate as it should. Also, it will stop working if it gets too hot, and nothing can be done about it. It may be troublesome to start the chainsaw in humid conditions.


  • Powerful motor
  • Multiple length bar
  • Automatic engine setting
  • Easy to start


  • Comparatively expensive

Who can use it?

Its small size makes it ideal for a wide range of activities, and the strong X-Torq engine ensures it’s more than competent for professional use. This is a powerful chainsaw that will fit most users’ needs.

Husqvarna 120i Battery Powered Chainsaw For Casual Use

Perfect for you when you only use a chainsaw around the house

The Husqvarna 14 Inch 120i Cordless Battery Powered Chainsaw may not be the most impressive trimming tool, yet it is ideal for casual use. This trimming tool accompanies a keypad for consistent activity. Also, it has a brushless motor that makes a high force-to-weight proportion for more proficiency. In addition, the 120i is exceptionally peaceful, contrasted with different trimming tools. That is the excellence of battery-controlled trimming tools!


  • Weight: 6.5 lbs
  • Power Source: battery-powered
  • Power: 36.5 Volts
  • Bar Length: 14 inches

What did I like about it?

It has a lot of power and runs on long-lasting batteries that can be swapped out. Longer run durations are possible due to the combination of brushless motor and Lithium-ion battery. I appreciated how powerful and consistent the power was until it ran out. It produces no pollutants and is quite silent. When left alone for a period of time, it switches off automatically.

What did I not like about it?

The 120i is the battery trimming tool from Husqvarna that is not an XP (extra-power) model, which means it is not great for full-time use. It is not the best arborist trimming tool but rather for around the home. 


  • Exceptionally productive brushless powerful engine.
  • Double mode plan. 
  • Quick and easy chain tensioner. 
  • Lightweight and ergonomic. 
  • Somewhat tranquil activity.


  • Not great for heavy-duty tasks

Who can use it?

The battery power length implies it is ideal for more limited terms on the saw instead of going the entire day. It is an incredible trimming tool for a few, yet not for all. Battery-fueled trimming tools like the 120i are, in every case, ideal for cutting little trees and for pruning assignments.


Husqvarna genuinely offers a trimming tool specific to any user’s need. My personal best Husqvarna chainsaw is the Husqvarna 455 Rancher Gas Chainsaw. Perhaps it will also fit your needs. It is powerful enough to deal with heavy-duty cleanup and trash, at the same time, lightweight enough for simple yard work.

Buying Guide for the Best Husqvarna Chainsaw 

Best Husqvarna chainsaw buying guide

The market today is full of a wide variety of chainsaw brands. With long-term durability and excellent performance, the brand name ‘Husqvarna’ is among the top picks in the world of chainsaws. This is a Swedish brand, the largest power tool manufacturer globally. It was founded in 1689, and they have a pervasive product range.

Husqvarna chainsaws can be broadly classified into four types. It is hoped that this classification will help you find the best Husqvarna model.

A) Professional Husqvarna Chainsaws: 

Since these are professional chainsaws, they need powerful engines to perform excellently. Professional loggers use these mainly for more significant woodcutting projects. For instance, it can be used for felling large trees and thicker tree trunks. These chainsaws are also high on the comfort quotient. Their handles are manufactured to get a comfortable grip on them, making them easy to use.

B) All-Round Husqvarna Chainsaws: 

These chainsaws are more suited for middle-range projects despite their name. They are slightly less powerful than the above. People use the rancher gas chainsaws for part-time woodcutting tasks. They are primarily owned by homeowners and ranchers.

C) Consumer/Recreational Saws: 

These are among the most basic chainsaws designed for beginners. They are simply made, small in size, and do not weigh much. These chainsaws are built for recreational use by people who would not frequently use them. They are a good starting point for getting acquainted with different types of chainsaws. At the most, these chainsaws can fell small trees.

D) Tree Care Saws: 

These are chainsaws that are created specifically and solely for tree care. Only professionals use them.

This was an outline of the types of chainsaws by purpose. You could buy any one of these depending on the kind of woodcutting project you are undertaking.

Now let us go over the other features necessary in a great chainsaw. These features make any ordinary chainsaw a great option worth adding to your toolkit. They are as follows:

Bar Length:

The length of that part of the chainsaw which is used for cutting is called the bar length. It is an essential component since it does all the actual cutting. The length of your cuts depends on this. A longer bar length equals fewer passes for felling the tree entirely. There are different bar lengths available. If you need to only do the light cutting, a length of 14 inches or so should suffice. But 24-inch bar length saws are ideal for heavy-duty or professional cutting.

Here it is essential to mention guide bars. These provide clear guidance to the chainsaw but cause minimal loss of friction. The chainsaw you ultimately purchase should also come with a good guide bar.


A significant amount of monetary investment goes into possessing a chainsaw. This is true for the top-pick brands like Husqvarna and Stihl. Therefore, it is crucial for your chainsaw to last long and be durable enough. It can weather wear and tear regularly but still give an outstanding performance. Any worthwhile chainsaw should be sturdy and sufficient to withstand the everyday grind of cutting large trees. The metal used in making the bar and chain should be of good quality. Components that constitute the engine and other things should be durable too.


Performance, undoubtedly, is a star quality of all Husqvarna chainsaws. This is true across all models and sizes. Many factors determine the performance of a chainsaw. First among these is the engine size. This decides the amount of power the chainsaw generates; hence, the bigger the engine size, the more influential the chainsaw would be. X-TORQ is the latest in engine technology from Husqvarna. Other factors include the weight of the chainsaw and the type and quality of the handle. You will find peripheral factors like automatic chain oiler and tool-less chain adjustment. These not only increase the performance of the chainsaw but also make it more powerful.

Safety Features:

This should always be a top priority before buying any chainsaw. Husqvarna chainsaws come with several safety features. Some of the essential elements are an anti-kickback chain and anti-vibration technology. It also has a throttle lock, chain catcher, and emergency stop control button.

Filter cleaning of the chainsaw in between operations also matters. The Husqvarna 125, 18-inch Petrol Chainsaw, 40 ccs, comes with a centrifugal air cleaning system which reduces wear and tear. It also ensures less frequency of filter cleanings. Other Husqvarna brands also come with a quick-release air filter that makes cleaning and maintenance a breeze.


A warranty is always an attractive feature of any product, especially if they are tools and equipment. Apart from being an incentive to purchase it, a warranty implies that the manufacturer is confident about his product. All Husqvarna chainsaws come with a warranty of 2 years which is good enough. Additionally, this warranty can go up to 3 to 4 years for other associated products.

Controlled emissions.

Most chainsaws generate emissions that are harmful to the environment. Due to this, most countries have anti-emission policies in place, but few chainsaws adhere to them. Husqvarna’s chainsaws, however, will ensure you never break any rule. Their X-TORQ engines help decrease the emission of toxic fumes.

Another excellent power tool manufacturing company is Stihl. This is a German company that has been in business since 1926. After Husqvarna, this is a great alternative brand that makes equally good powerful chainsaws.

So there you have it. These are some pointers to note before buying that perfect chainsaw from Husqvarna.

Frequently Asked Questions about Husqvarna Chainsaw

What does T stand for on a Husqvarna chainsaw?

The T screw controls how much gasoline is given to the carburetor when the engine is idle until the accelerator is pushed. The idling of the chainsaw is adjusted using this adjustment screw. To begin, rotate the T screw clockwise until the chainsaw chain moves. Rotate the T screw counterclockwise gently till the chain stops moving. Now it remains idle smoothly.

When it comes to chainsaws, how often should the bar be replaced?

A general guideline is to replace it after three chains on the same bar.

What is the ideal chainsaw chain tension?

A correctly fastened chainsaw chain should still be somewhat flexible on the chainsaw guide bar. But, it is not so slack that the drive links can be pulled out of the bar nose.

How do I start my Husqvarna chainsaw for the first time (cold)

Two methods to start your Husqvarna chainsaw correctly are on the ground or holding the saw between your legs. Whatever method you use to get started, remember that the chain brake must always be engaged.

1. Turn on the chain brake.
2. If your model has a decompression control, press it.
3. Turn on the choke. Push the bulb a few times until the gasoline is seen inside it and reach the carburetor if the saw has an Air Purge/fuel pump.
4(a). Starting on the ground. Place one foot on the motor and keep it in place with your hands.
4(b). Starting with the saw between your legs. Follow these steps: Place the back handle behind your right knee and between your thighs. With your left hand, firmly grasp the front handle.
5. With your right hand, pull the starting handle. Continue till the engine starts.
6. Pull until the saw starts by pushing the choke (half-throttle).

How do I start my Husqvarna chainsaw for the first time (hot)

1. Turn on the chain brake.
2. If your model has a decompression control, press it.
3(a). Starting on the ground. Place one foot on the motor and keep it in place with your hands.
3(b). Starting with the saw between your legs. Follow these steps: Place the back handle behind your right knee and between your thighs. With your left hand, firmly grasp the front handle.
5. With your right hand, pull the starting handle. Continue till the engine starts.
6. Apply half-throttle if the engine is hard to start. 

How do you identify a Husqvarna chainsaw problem?

Follow below 10 essential steps to troubleshoot Husqvarna Chainsaw problems.

1. To check if the engine turns on and has adequate compression, pull the starting rope.
2. Check the quality and mix of the gasoline or replace it with a known proportion.
3. Check for clogging in the fuel filter.
4. Examine the gasoline supply pump and hose for obstructions or age-related cracking.
5. Check for plugging in the air filter.
6. Ensure your carburetor settings are accurate; it also includes the idle adjustment.
7. Look for a spark.
8. Check for erosion or carbon buildup on the spark plug electrode and adjust the gap.
9. Visually inspect the exhaust spark arrestor screen, cylinder base seal, manifold, and hoses for leaks.
10. If compression appears to be inadequate, remove the exhaust to inspect for ring damage of piston seizure.


This detailed guide will assist you in selecting the finest Husqvarna chainsaw. It can be tough to focus on the selection of chainsaws due to Husqvarna’s extensive portfolio. Yet my Best Husqvarna Chainsaw pick is Husqvarna 445. However, after reading this post, you will have all of the required technical facts. The distinguishing qualities will help you consider the best points before making a purchase. It’s time to get busy chopping heavy wood logs with the most incredible Husqvarna chainsaw you can find!