The Best Drywall Sander For DIY [The Drywall Sanders Reviews]

Best Drywall Sander

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I have tried and tested the 9 best drywall sanders for your DIY project, in my opinion. Although most of them do the same job, each has something better than the other.

The best point to consider is that these automatic electric machines take less strength than manual sanding. And, the two main advantages I would go for using these are its efficiency and the power to go dustless. 

I found Porter Cable 7800 Dustless as the best drywall sander. However, I have tested a few more and divided them for you. These are covered under different factors like speed, affordability, ease of usage, dust collection, weight, value, warranty, and power.

So, start reading the best drywall sander review list and check out the buying guide at the end. It has a few crucial tips that can help you pick the best one.

Let’s begin.

Best Overall: Porter-Cable 7800 Dustless

Porter Cable plaster sander
My overall favorite drywall sander

Are you looking for the best drywall sander that has solutions to almost all your sanding needs? This Porter cable sander has some top-notch functions as a speed variable control, ranging from 1400-2000 RPM. It is literally weightless for a sander and weighs only 8.5 pounds.


  • Pad Size: 9 inches
  • Motor: 4.7 Amp
  • Speed: Variable 1,400-2,000 rpm
  • Dust Hose Length: 13 feet long
  • Weight: 8.5 Pound
  • Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

What I liked about Porter-Cable 7800 Dustless?

The dust collection system is the most impressive, which includes a long vacuum hose to leave your workspace dust-free. It also has a mounting hook that ensures an accurate sanding procedure. Plus, the motor is very powerful and can get high RPM and sand large areas of plaster within no time.

What I didn’t like about Porter-Cable 7800 Dustless?

This tool is okay for heavy tasks because then you would have the equipment to handle it properly even after using it for hours together. Otherwise, in a couple of hours, you may feel it is heavy on the neck and shoulders. Also, get quality vacuum bags with this one to handle the dust.


  • Ergonomic Handle
  • Portable
  • Adjustable speed


  • This tool is rather convenient for huge tasks than bathroom repairs or other minuscule changes.

Who can use it?

Since this product is relatively easy to use, it can be used by professional workers or hobbyists.

Best Variable Speed: WEN 6369

WEN 6369 drywall sander

This best drywall sander is relatively cheaper than the one above. It has a variable speed setting that adds to the ease of use. It does not have a very high RPM, but a moderate 600 RPM to 1500 RPM. It weighs 11.5 pounds.


  • Pad Size: 9 inches
  • Motor: 5 Amp
  • Speed: Variable, 600 – 1500 rpm
  • Dust Hose Length: 15 feet long
  • Weight: 11.5 Pound
  • Warranty: 2 year warranty

What I liked about WEN 6369?

It has a long 15 feet hose that removes dust automatically and quickly, which aids you in keeping your work area neat. The head can revolve for up to 360 degrees giving the wall a correct grip. The 9-inch sanding pad makes sanding swiftly easy. You can also change the sandpaper quickly due to the hook and loop feature.

What I didn’t like about WEN 6369?

The sanding wheel has a plastic surrounding which is very flimsy. It is the one that forms a vacuum chamber. Although it would not affect your work, it is better to know which parts may crack to handle them subtly. Secondly, the hose is of a different size. So, you may have to either tape it or juggle with an idea to connect the shop vac. Thirdly, you may turn on or off the switch accidentally since it is at a position where your hands usually go while working.


  • Variable speed change
  • Has a circular base
  • Easy speed control
  • Quick sandpaper changing mechanism


  • The on/off switch is at a place where your hands would usually go. So, you may turn off the switch accidentally multiple times.
  • Heavy to some

Who can use it?

This tool can be of great use to DIYers or for professional use by masons.

Best Affordable: ALEKO 690E

aleko drywal sander

If you’re looking to get an efficient drywall sander without digging holes into your pockets, this one’s for you. This sanding device is a powerful tool that can easily sand or polish your roof or plaster walls. It has a really high-speed range of 1000 RPM- 2000 RPM, which can be adjusted using a variable speed dial.


  • Pad Size: 9 inches
  • Motor: 5.45 Amp
  • Speed: Variable, 1000 – 2000 rpm
  • Dust Hose Length: 5.4 feet long
  • Weight: 10.6 Pound
  • Warranty: 1 Year manufacture replacement warranty

What I liked about ALEKO 690E?

The most customer-attracting point of this device is its price. It is one of the cheapest tools which you can use to do small area work. It does not offer many features compared to other sanders. If you want to get done with some minor home sanding or so, you can go for it. 

What I didn’t like about ALEKO 690E?

The ergonomics are not very great. So, you may have swollen shoulders and neck after continuous use.


  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Good dust control mechanism
  • Excellent for floor and wall sanding


  • Not for large-scale work
  • Heavy

Who can use it?

This drywall sander is mostly for homeowners or perfectionists. If you are a professional you better avoid this drywall sander because it is hard to use for a longer period due to its weight. 

Best Easy To Use: Festool 571935

festool 571935 drywall sander

If you’re looking for a lightweight tool that makes work easy and tireless, Festool 571935 is the best drywall sander to choose. It is a simple to use automatic drywall sander with a rotating head for easy grip. It comes with a dust hose, which eliminates every sand particle, leaving no hassle for you.


  • Pad Size: 9 inches
  • Motor: 5.45 Amp
  • Speed: Variable, 1000 – 2000 rpm
  • Dust Hose Length: 5.4 feet long
  • Weight: 10.6 Pound
  • Warranty: 1 Year manufacture replacement warranty

What I liked about Festool 571935?

This tool is designed in such a way that it can reach any tight spaces. So, if you deal with such cases regularly, this should be your top pick. It also has an automatic dust removal mechanism, which is easy to attach and remove.

What I didn’t like about Festool 571935?

The dust collection offers a clean place but not cleaner. It collects only up to 85-90% of the dust.


  • Quick and quiet sanding
  • Lightweight yet powerful
  • Easy to reach corners


  • Collects about 85-90% of dust

Who can use it?

Due to its useful features and efficiency, this sander is one of the best tools for professionals as well as beginners.

Best Dustless: Festool Planex LHS 225

festool planex 575219 drywall sander

This particular tool from the best drywall sanders list is a corded-electric device with a wattage of 500 and a grit rating of 120. It is double the size. So, you can extend or reduce it according to your needs. You can lengthen it while sanding the roof and shorten it while sanding the walls.


  • Pad Size: 8 – 27/32 inches
  • Motor: 4.2 Amp
  • Speed: Variable, 310 – 920 rpm
  • Dust Hose Length: 8.8 feet long (with extension)
  • Weight: 21.8 Pound
  • Warranty: 3 Year Warranty

What I liked about Festool Planex LHS 225?

This tool weighs about ‎21.8 pounds which is heavy, but the adjustable suction makes it easy to handle while sanding. It also has a good quality dust extraction system, which means no drywall dust. The efficient design makes sanding uneven surfaces effortless. You will love the cyclone. The air valve decreases the suction at the tool.

What I didn’t like about Festool Planex LHS 225?

You may have to purchase a separate dust collector to grab all the dust properly. While the company ad says that the tool is not heavy, it is a little with prolonged use.


  • Perfect for tough or big contracts
  • Portable
  • High-end sander


  • Expensive and heavy
  • Needs an extra vacuum cleaner

Who can use it?

This product has great quality and high shelf life, making it perfect for contractors or regular wall sanding workers. It is not advised for new beginners or DIYers unless you have prior experience.

Best Lightweight: Power PRO 2100 Electric

power pro 1090x drywall sander

This sander is light on your pockets while keeping the power input high of about 710 Watts and a speed range of 1000-2100 RPM. The power pro sander is the best example of superb quality and reduced expense.


  • Pad Size: 9 inches
  • Motor: 6.7 Amp
  • Speed: Variable, 500 – 1800 rpm
  • Dust Hose Length: 4.5ft – 5.5ft
  • Weight: 12 Pound
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

What I liked about Power PRO 2100 Electric?

The important factor about this best drywall sander is that it can reach high walls due to its expandable nature. Plus, if you’re looking for a product that can be used for over a long time, plastic and aluminum are durable and do not get damaged. 

What I didn’t like about Power PRO 2100 Electric?

The dust from the drywall may clog the filter after just 20 minutes. So, you can use a bag inside the vacuum. Plus, it seems a little noisy as if the manufacturer forgot to put in a bearing. Also, it has a high RPM of up to 1800. So, sanding it on soft material looks difficult. 


  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • High RPM
  • Comes with many extra attachments


  • The vacuum is not strong enough
  • Does not work on soft material due to the high RPM range
  • A little noisy

Who can use it?

Anyone with some basic information about sanders can use it. It is specifically perfect for DIYers or new learners. It is also good for commercial use.

Best Value for Money: YATTICH YT-916

Yattich drywall sanding machine

A 750 watt, with an awesome adjustable speed range of 800-1750 RPM. It is also ETL approved and has proven to complete many tasks. For example, polishing walls, ceilings, and floors and eliminating debris and sticking.


  • Pad Size: 9 inches
  • Motor: 6 Amp
  • Speed: Variable, 800 – 1750 rpm
  • Dust Hose Length: 3.5ft – 6.5ft
  • Weight: 15.97 Pound
  • Warranty: 1 Year Warranty

What I liked about YATTICH YT-916?

Among all the products in this list of best drywall sanders, this one is the top value for your money because it is a smart investment due to its durability. It has so many features and additional attachments, while its price is very reasonable. It weighs 15.97 pounds which is pretty much manageable than other sanders. The assembly is very easy.

What I didn’t like about YATTICH YT-916?

The top is heavy. So, sanding on the ceiling is difficult. The ergonomics are not very good. Also, it gets difficult to attach the vacuum dust hose to extractors. 


  • Easy to set up
  • Can reach high walls and ceilings
  • Comes with 12 sandpapers
  • Minimal noise levels
  • Easy to reach speed switch


  • Vacuum dust hose is rarely attachable to extractors
  • Fairly heavy
  • Poor flex shaft rubber cover

Who can use it?

This is an apt choice for DIYers or hobbyists and other home workers. Professionals or contractors are advised to go for an even lighter model that will be easy to handle.

Best for Lifetime Warranty: Ginour 6A

Ginour Drywall sander

Ginour isn’t a really well-known brand but has been around for some time due to its good quality product delivery. This sander ranking in our best drywall sander list is designed with a 9-inch head that can be rotated 360 degrees. Therefore, it can effortlessly reach corners and small areas. You can use it to polish walls, ceilings or remove the extra material.


  • Pad Size: 9 inches
  • Motor: 6 Amp
  • Speed: Variable, 1000 – 1800 rpm
  • Dust Hose Length: 13 feet
  • Weight: 10.58 Pounds
  • Warranty: Free replacement & lifetime warranty

What I liked about Ginour 6A?

My preferred part is the automatic fluctuation of the head ranging from 1-10mm to adjust the grip. The 6 amp motor of this best drywall sander can smoothen bumpy surfaces with ease. There are seven possible speed variations for when you want to use it on different materials. The extendable and foldable design means a compact product.

What I didn’t like about Ginour 6A?

The dust collection bag is not properly sewed.


  • Aluminum is lightweight
  • LED lights for better visibility
  • 13 flexible dust hose for a dustless procedure


  • The dust collection bag is prone to damage

Who can use it?

This tool can be used by handymen, masons, or DIYers. It is great for both personal and professional use.

Best High Powered Motor: TOKTOO 800W Electric Drywall Sander

Toktoo drywall sander

This highly powered 7.7 amp motor can be utilized for various tasks like polishing, adhesive removal, or wall smoothening. It comes with a hose length of 6.5 feet that makes dust removal quick and effective. It is inclusive of LED lights to improve the clarity and view of the material.


  • Pad Size: 9 inches
  • Motor: 6,5 Amp
  • Speed: Variable, 500 – 1800 rpm
  • Dust Hose Length: 13 feet
  • Weight: 15.67 Pounds
  • Warranty: Not stated
  • Powerful motor
  • Dust removal system
  • LED lights included

What I liked about TOKTOO 800W Electric Drywall Sander?

Compared to the other best drywall sanders on this list, the Orion motor has fewer features. Its variable speed button can be used appropriately to sand different materials. It also has excess attachments and accessories along with the pack.

What I didn’t like about TOKTOO 800W Electric Drywall Sander?

If you bump the dust collection, it may leak. So, be careful with that. Also, it is a little heavy and cumbersome. 


  • Easy-to-use
  • long vacuum hose


  • It is a little heavy.
  • Warranty not stated

Who can use it?

This product has been tested to work well and can be used for long hours by masons, carpenters, artists, and other homeowners or workers.

My Verdict

This list tops with the Porter-Cable 7800, and it also tops my best drywall sander list. Its enhanced features like a long hose, mounting hook and also the lightweight makes it perfect for everyone’s use. The comfortable design makes working fun. The high-powered and variable speed assures its use on various ranges of material.

Buying Guide

Drywall sander buying guide

All drywall sanders are used to sand the wall for decorating. Whether you have a plaster or a drywall, you need smooth and finished walls. Certainly, you should take care of holes, seams, and patches. So, here are a few things to consider before choosing the best drywall sander.


Before purchasing the best drywall sander for yourself, answer some of these questions:

  • Are you getting it for a heavy-duty commercial job or simple DIY projects?
  • Are you carrying it with you to distant areas?
  • Is it something you’ll use only once? – Perhaps renting one is easier and cheaper?

You can easily pick the optimum electric drywall sander if you can determine where you are planning to use the device.


Weight is definitely the most important factor when you look for the best drywall sander. With a 20-pound unit, you won’t be able to clean your high walls comfortably. You will feel tired and have pain in your arms after some time.

Heavy machines are excellent for cleaning floors, but they are not suitable for cleaning high ceilings. Based on your muscle strength and capability to hold it firmly for a long time, you must seek a unit weighing between eight to twelve pounds.

Dust Collection System

Dust collection isn’t typically something you think about when shopping for the best drywall sander. However, having a good dust collection system will help. Furthermore, it will allow you to sand the house while keeping your furnishings and other belongings clean.

Generally, there are two kinds of drywall sanders when it comes to dust collection. Some feature an inbuilt dust collector also called as ‘Dust-free Sander,’ which is the most effective way to get rid of dust. For the rest, you can gather dust by attaching a dust hose near the sanding disc, this will make your work easy.

Sanding Discs

Most sanding discs are velcro attached to the unit’s head, which is fantastic and handy. The disc size, however, is something to keep in mind. Some brands produce them in non-standard sizes, making repairs challenging to come by. Also, some best drywall sanders include a range of sanding discs that are suitable for professional use. Therefore, it is always a good idea to look up to the accurate size sanding pad that is replaceable.

Ease of Use

For ease of use, there are several factors to consider :

  • Length of the Vacuum hose: You can easily accumulate drywall dust into a vacuum cleaner with a vacuum hose. You’ll be in a lot of trouble if you get a sander with a small handle. Here the telescopic handle works best. They will adjust to your height and allow you to work ergonomically in uneven surfaces.
  • Flexible head: With the adjustable sanding head, you can buff the walls without having to move around. Such best drywall sanders make it convenient for you to work in tight spaces. Although you’ll probably still have to do some contact polishing by hand in small areas,  an electric sander or a belt sander works better.
  • Capability to Sand Corners and Edges: Certain types of best drywall sanders are known as detail sanders. These help to sand the wall’s ridges and corners. But, no one wants to carry a separate tool when their primary one can perform the job. So, look for effective edge sanding abilities.

Speed of the Motor

This is the top factor to look at in your buying guide for the best drywall sander. The RPM stands for the number of times the sanding disc rotates every minute. Machines with high rpm, no wonder, can do the job faster. Moreover, there are some efficient drywall sanders with variable speed controls features. Those will help you adjust the RPM time for more prolonged use.

Efficient Power Usage

Choosing the most efficient and the best drywall sander will use less energy and save you money on your power bill. You should look at the amperage to discover how much energy it uses. The higher the wattage, the more you’ll have to pay for electricity. The power pro sanders or the ones with an electric motor can help you here. Besides, keep an eye out for the voltage.

Build Quality

While dealing in the construction sites, the best drywall sander will sand various surfaces. Because you’ll be working with cement, paint, and other materials, your drywall sander will be subjected to a lot of degradation. As a result, you must select well-made drywall sanders that provide a high level of quality craftsmanship.

Small Storage Space

If you’re planning to choose the best drywall sander for DIY home repair projects, you won’t need it very often. Thus, you should select one with adequate storage.

Some drywall sanders can be dismantled and kept conveniently, while others cannot. Consequently,  it is important to double-check this fact before reaching a decision.


Apart from power tools, you should examine multiple other accessories with your drywall sander. Those accessories can be very useful in increasing your entire experience. For instance, sanding papers, portable cable, dust collection pouch, carrying bag, hyde tools, etc.

Any drywall sander that comes with such extras is value for money. It even enables you to use your drywall sander immediately without the need to purchase any third-party equipment in your work area.

Less Maintenance

Whether it’s a power tool or a motor, your drywall sander will require maintenance at any point in time. But you can’t just go out and get one that requires a lot of upkeep. It will stifle your capacity to operate effectively and waste your time. Choosing one that requires less care is a wise decision. Additionally, machines with high-quality attachments will necessitate minimum attention.

Warranty Period

Another critical factor to consider while choosing the best drywall sander is the duration of the warranty. Almost all of the units come with a one-year or two-year service period.


You will find many best drywall sanders on the market. However, I have dug up many such power tools to prepare this list. With this information and knowledge, you can surely find the best drywall sander for your needs. 

When you start reading through the different drywall sander reviews and buyer’s guide, you will have a clear idea of which one to pick. However, if you want to go for the absolute best drywall sander, Porter-Cable 7800 Dustless is worth your time and investment. Want to make your drywall sanding easy, it is the optimal one that you can try.

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