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Before you buy the next ‘best angle grinder’ you need to know the features that make the tool reliable for your task. And that’s where I have used my knowledge of many years in using power tools to create a comprehensive list of the 10 Best Angle Grinders.

I have curated this list with in-depth research that will discuss the features, what I liked about it, the pros and cons, and who can use it. 

It would be useless if the tool you choose wouldn’t last for 10 minutes while doing the job. So, go through the buying guide in the second section of this guide. It explains the terminologies that you would need to choose the best angle grinder. 

So, let’s begin with the best-rated overall angle grinder on my list.

#1 Best Overall Angle Grinder: DeWalt DCG413R2

Best overall angle grinder

If you are looking for speed and durability in an angle Grinder, this product is highly recommended.


  • Motor: 20 Volts (6-amp motor power)
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in.
  • Max Speed: 8000 RPM
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

What I liked about DeWalt DCG413R2

Dewalt DCG413R2 comes with 8,000 rpm making it one of the most efficient angle grinders for its price range in the market today. It comes with two-finger trigger switches, the ability to be flexible and adjustable, and a quick change release.

If you want a powerful angle grinder without worrying about the size, then this is it.

Besides the power, it has a 4 1/2-inch wheel that gives a whopping speed of 8,000 RPM. This cordless grinder can easily shave both aluminum and steel. It can grind welds and cut bolts without any hassle. If you have the 414 model, you will see this as its replica. You will love the ergonomics.


  • Powerful
  • E-Clutch
  • Electronic Brake
  • Ergonomic Design


  • Expensive

Who can use it?

It is preferred by amateurs and professionals alike for its durability. It offers adjustability and high-quality finishing. It is suitable for almost all kinds of tasks you can think of, whether smoothening the metal sheets or working with wood or nails. It ends up doing a versatile job and remains the most popular product in the market today.

#2 Best Cordless: Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel

Milwaukee 2680
Best cordless angle grinder

Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel is your best bet when it comes to cordless angle grinders. Cordless angle grinders are easier to work with. They do not require you to get stuck with tangled wires with limited reach, and this angle grinder exactly does that.


  • Motor: 18 Volt
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in. – 5 in
  • Max Speed: 8500 RPM
  • Power Source: Battery Powered

What I liked about Milwaukee 2780-20 M18 Fuel

This best cordless angle grinder is lightweight. The company calls it a High Power quality tool that comes with a brushless motor. It definitely adds to the power and speed of the device, and it ends up doing a fantastic job for you. 

It needs a Lithium XC 4.0 battery that is durable and long-lasting compared to other angle grinders in this range.

Another thing I loved about this Milwaukee power tool is its rapid stop braking system. In just three seconds, the discs stop spinning. Indeed this increases the durability. Also, it has a padded grip. So, for sweaty hands, this is a plus.


  • Brushless motors
  • Metal body
  • Tool-free adjustments
  • Does not vibrate much


  • Battery drains faster

Who can use it?

This pro tool will be a good choice if you work on metal, tile, mason, or ry materials. It can even work flexibly for fabrication shop work or DIY home projects.

#3 Best Inexpensive: Black+Decker BDEG400

Black+Decker BDEG400
Best angle grinder when on a budget is this Black+Decker BDEG400

Black Decker is a well-known name when it comes to manufacturing power tools. This angle grinder, Black and Decker BDEG400 Angle Grinder Tool, is a corded Angle Grinder useful for different projects.


  • Motor: 6 Amps
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in.
  • Max Speed: 10000 RPM
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

What I liked about Black+Decker BDEG400

BDEG400 comes with 10,000 rpm and works smoothly even with the hardest nuts and bolts you can think of. It comes with a cord; hence, you are not offered free mobility, but all in all, it remains a powerful product for its range.

The handles are freely adjustable; hence you can be nimble with this one. The durability of Black and Decker products is well known, so you can count on that. The handles also offer a comfortable grip, so you get a good deal if you go ahead with this product. It looks small, but it provides incredible performance for its size. The position of the On-Off switch is well-located. The vibrations are okay, and the product does not make much noise.


  • Small narrow body
  • Affordable price
  • Accessories easy to switch
  • Quick-release trigger
  • Easy to handle


  • Overheating in no time

Who can use it?

You can use it to remove rust, prepare the surface, grinding, sharpening, and cutting. This tool lets you easily cut through rusted nuts and stubborn bolts. It can also work wonders for DIY projects.

#4 Best For Tight Spaces: Metabo G12SR4 HPT

Metbo-G12SR4 with grinding discs
Tiny but powerful angle grinder

Are you looking for a small and durable product that can work efficiently in tight spaces? If yes, then Metabo G12SR4 HPT is the best option available for you in the market.


  • Motor: 6.2 Amps
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in.
  • Max Speed: 10000 RPM
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

What I liked about Metabo G12SR4 HPT

Metabo G12SR4 is a powerful tool that comes with increased durability. With recent changes in the internal layout by the manufacturers, this product has really improved its efficiency. The amount of dust that used to collect inside has significantly reduced, and the problem of heating is also eliminated.

It can easily deliver up to 10,000 rpm and cut through tiles and metal sheets easily. It comes with adjustable handles which offer a flexible grip. It is a lightweight tool weighing only four pounds and remains a popular product for different kinds of projects, both big and small.


  • Best for tight spaces
  • Good Speed
  • Easy to handle
  • Comes with 5 grinding wheels
  • Best for grinding purpose


  • Noisy
  • Vibrates

#5 Best for Convenience and Comfort: Makita 9557PBX1

Makita 9557PBX1 angle grinding case
Simple design and the handy box makes this the best angle grinder when looking for convenience

Makita has a reputation for manufacturing one of the best products in the market today. Their products are durable, offer longevity and flexibility. This product, Makita 9557PBX1 Angle Grinder, is one of the best ones that has been manufactured by Makita.


  • Motor: 7.5 Amps
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in.
  • Max Speed: 11000 RPM
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

What I liked about Makita 9557PBX1

Makita 9557PBX1 offers up to 11,000 rpm. The gear housing is made up of metal to make it more durable, which makes it possible for it to withstand heavy tasks and unusual positions.

You can also easily switch between the AC/ DC with the switch situated on the side. It is a corded product hence, the mobility is restricted but the cords are thick and heavily coated which makes them durable and strong.

Moreover, you will love the quality-preserving elements. It has an all-ball bearing design and a metal gear housing. The closely-spaced thick coil wires and zigzag varnish seal keep it well protected.


  • Lightweight
  • Spindle lock
  • High no-load speed


  • single-speed

Who can use it?

This one is a versatile tool when it comes to its usage. It can be used for small domestic projects as well as big ones by literal professionals.

#6 Best for Design: Porter Cable PCC761B

Porter Cable PCC761B
Best angle grinder when looking at design. Well, I don’t say anything more 😉

Do you need a compact angle grinder that provides good rpm without compromising on the quality? This Porter Cable model is your answer. It is lightweight, on budget, flexible, adjustable, and efficient. The durability offered here is unmatched. The sleek design also makes it easier to manage, unlike other products.


  • Motor: 20 Volt
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in.
  • Max Speed: 8500 RPM
  • Power Source: Battery Operated

What I liked about Porter Cable PCC761B

Porter Cable PCC761B 20V can deliver up to 8,500 rpm. It is a cordless Angle Grinder Tool. This might not offer the highest rpm, but it remains one of the most preferred products by professionals who do not need higher rpm. This is because of its efficient work and easy to hold design. 

The handles are adjustable. The over-molded handles make it extra flexible. The guards are tool-free and adjustable hence, you are easily protected from dust, debris, and sparks produced while working.


  • 1 surface grinding wheel
  • 2 cut off wheels
  • Excellent battery life
  • Fairly quiet
  • Strong motor
  • Lightweight


  • No trigger on lock feature

Who can use it?

If you need a tool that aggressively cuts, removes, or finishes a job, then this is the one. It can easily cut hardened stainless steel.

#7 Best for Heavy-Duty: Porter Cable P60 TAG 6.0 Amp 4-½ Inch

Porter Cable PC60TAG
Best angle grinder for heavy-duty to me is this Porter-Cable

Another Porter Cable Angle Grinder on the list, this one is slightly different from the previous one but equally promising. This one is a little more popular for its design and the ease of operating that it offers.


  • Motor: 6 Amp
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in.
  • Max Speed: 11000 RPM
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

What I liked about Porter Cable P60 TAG 6.0 Amp 4-½ Inch

P60 of Porter Cable provides exceptional speed and rpm up to 11,0000. The motor is of 6 amp, which offers ease of doing varied tasks with efficiency and high power finish.

When it comes to flexibility, it offers 3 side handles that rotate accordingly. You can also easily control and maintain position with its ergonomic build. The spindle lock feature is an add-on bonus on this one. The cast metallic gear is sturdy, making this one of the most durable products in this range. A piece of safety advice – Use a proper guard if you want to use the cut-off wheels.


  • Strong motor, heavy-duty
  • Easy-to-adjust guard
  • Good length cord
  • Lighter and slimmer


  • Handle is a little farther than usual
  • The guard tapers at the top

Who can use it?

It provides a durable build, convenient movements, and grip, as well as powerful performance. So, this remains a popular choice amongst professionals as well as amateurs.

#8 Best for Power: Black and Decker 7750 4-1/2 Inch Small

Black and Decker 7750
Small but powerful a great angle grinder If you ask me

The 7750 model of Black and Decker is a very light and compact-to-use angle grinder known for its control and comfort. Its durability and ergonomic design is worth all your money.


  • Motor: 5.5 Amp
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in.
  • Max Speed: 10000 RPM
  • Power Source: Corded Electric

What I liked about Black and Decker 7750 4-1/2 Inch Small

It comes with a 5.5 amp motor and offers up to 10,000 rpm. Its contoured body grip and 2 side handles make it a flexible and nimble model. The metallic gear case adds to its durability, with the spindle lock adding some latest touch to this model. 

It has a contoured body grip to give you added control and comfort. You can easily change the accessory with the spindle lock. There is a convenient slide switch with a 2-position side handle. I like the vibrant orange color.


  • Good power
  • Durable
  • Spindle lock
  • Good control


  • Not repairable
  • Somewhat bulky

Who can use it?

Black and Decker 7750 4-½ Inch Small Angle Grinder is one of the tools perfect for small and domestic projects. You can definitely use it to do home improvement projects. It means it might not be a heavy-duty, powerful performer like many others in this range.

#9 Best for Handy Jobs: Ryobi P421 18 Volt one ™ 41/2 inch

Ryobi p421 Angle grinder
Best angle grinder for any domestic projects

The Ryobi P421 18 Volt 4-½ inch Angle Grinder is one of the best cordless angle grinders that you can get your hands on. It is well suited for small and domestic projects.


  • Motor: 18 Volt
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in.
  • Max Speed: 6500 RPM
  • Power Source: Battery Operated

What I liked about Ryobi P421 18 Volt one ™ 41/2 inch

This handy tool delivers up to 6,500 rpm without compromising on the final finish and quality of the work. It is best suited for small projects and might not deliver good quality results if you use it for heavy-duty projects.

The comfort features and easy-grip ensure that you do not have to put in extra effort to see the best results. The GripZone offers additional control and easy mobility. It works when paired with Ryobi 18 Volt one+ battery and charges. Remember that you will find the spanner tool in the handle.


  • Excellent spindle lock
  • Convenient changing discs
  • Side handle with three positions
  • Onboard Pin Wrench
  • Rubberized notched grip
  • Long battery life
  • No cords


  • Consumes a lot of battery quickly
  • This tool does not come with a battery

Who can use it?

The small built and easy grip makes it possible for the user to do many complex tasks in different positions with relative ease. It is a good investment for those who constantly work with small assignments.

#10 Best for House Projects: Bare Tool Milwaukee 2680 20 18 Volt M18 4-½ inch Cut off grinder

Milwaukee m18
Best angle grinder when looking at weight

The four-pole motor delivers a quick and refined finish which is difficult to find in any other product of this range.


  • Motor: 18 Volt
  • Disc Size: 4-½ in.
  • Max Speed: 10000 RPM
  • Power Source: Battery Operated

What I liked about Bare Tool Milwaukee 2680 20 18 Volt M18 4-½ inch Cut off grinder

The L-shaped vents are a unique feature of this model, which doesn’t allow debris and dust to settle in. The overload protection prevents heavy damage and ensures durability. The burst-resistant guard allows for simple and easy guard movements. It can help you cut a variety at different angles.

I also like the paddle switch that it comes with. It lets you activate it quickly, even when you do not have your thick work gloves on.


  • Paddle trigger
  • Plenty of power to cut off rust nuts and bolts
  • Easily serviceable


  • No good battery life
  • This tool does not include the battery

Who can use it?

This Milwaukee tool, like its name, is a light-duty angle grinder. It is useful for smaller, lighter projects. It would be advised that you purchase this only if you are not a professional. However, its durability and easy-to-use factor is enough to lure amateurs.

This operates as a cutting and grinding tool, hence a perfect choice for your house and its small needs.

My Verdict

If you ask me which tool I like the most, it would be Dewalt DCG418X1. It is efficient, powerful, durable, and fast. The battery technology comes with a greater runtime. Also, with just a push of the button, you can choose between a 4 ½-inch wheel and a 6-inch. Although this is a cordless angle grinder tool, it gives you the corded power tool performance. 

Buying Guide

buying guide for best grinder

An angle grinder is a versatile tool that can be used for multiple metal fabrication tasks. And therefore, when purchasing an angle grinder, make sure to select an appropriate one for the task and site requirements. Here is a criterion to follow while buying an angle grinder:

Disc Diameter

When choosing an angle grinder, the disc diameter is a major determinant. The machine’s cutting depth increases as the disc diameter increases. Angle grinders with larger disc diameters are usually more powerful. They are ideal for deep cuts and polishing and buffing wider regions.

Grinder discs rotate at a faster speed in smaller grinders, making them easier to handle. Smaller angle grinders cannot cut as deeply as larger ones, and their discs must be replaced more frequently due to a higher wear rate.

The most common and popular disc diameter for an angle grinder is 4.5″. Many consider it to be the most adaptable size for a handyman’s toolkit. That isn’t to say angle grinders can’t be bigger; they can be as big as 7 or 9 inches.

It’s also critical that you select the disc size based on the precision of the work you’re doing. For grinding applications that demand more precision, a grinder disc with the size of a pneumatic grinder would be preferable. Before purchasing a grinder, you should think about the disc kinds that come with it, or at the absolute least, the disc types that are compatible with it.


Angle grinders must be considered for their power wattage as well as their rotational speed while buying one. The rotational speed is measured in RPMs (rotations per minute). Electricity, compressed air, and gasoline are all used to power the angle grinders. 

Being aware of the power source aids in selecting the appropriate grinder for the job. Higher watts provide more power for cutting rigid materials such as thick steel. A higher wattage is also recommended if the grinder will be used for extended periods.

Angle grinders come in 240v and 110v versions (for site work), and smaller grinders are now available in 18v cordless versions. Some 36v and 54v cordless angle grinders function similarly to larger, mains-powered tools. Make sure to choose an angle grinder with a motor that has enough power for the job.


Angle grinder discs spin at speeds that start from 5000 revolutions per minute. Keep in mind that you have a more effective angle grinder if it has a higher number of revolutions. There’s also the question of load speed to consider. Load rates typically range from 700 to 12000 rotations per minute.

Grinders with single and variable speeds are available. Variable speed angle grinders allow for more delicate work at lower speeds, but they usually come at a higher price range. Consider the motor’s rpm, which can range from 3000 to 11000. The amp could be anything from 5.0 and 13.0 amp.

Wheels, Handles & Spindle Lock

Diamond head wheels, grinding wheels, and cutoff wheels are examples of wheels used on angle grinders. Heavy-duty wheels allow one to manage challenging jobs easily. Another crucial feature of the angle grinder is its handle. 

Consider purchasing a grinder with an adjustable handle. This allows the worker to operate with both hands while grinding and cutting. It should also have anti-vibration characteristics to make the tool easier to handle.

Make sure it includes an adjustable guard in addition to the adjustable handle. This guard is designed to keep the operator safe. It will safeguard you from flying debris and sparks generated during metal cutting and fabrication tasks.

A spindle locking mechanism in an angle grinder allows for quick accessory replacement. It can also help in its removal by prohibiting the wheel spindle from turning. However, the mechanism does include a metal nut to prevent the system from locking up while the tool is running.

Safety Features

Slow start is a feature on some larger angle grinders. It allows the motor to gradually ramp to full speed, preventing it from twisting in the beginning. An angle grinder’s anti-kickback mechanism causes it to cut out if the wheel gets jammed, which can avoid nasty accidents.. If the grinder has overheated or cut out and been left on, restart protection stops it from starting up again.

Some grinders have a paddle switch, sometimes known as a Dead Man’s Switch. It is a safety feature that ensures the grinder is held by two hands and stops the grinder from spinning if the switch is removed. These features often increase the tool’s price, but they will keep the operator and site environment safe.

Durability & Comfort of Usage

Angle grinders made of cast metal are extremely durable. Dust ejection system, for example, keeps dust and debris from damaging the motor and bearings. A few variables that can improve the ease of operation are:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Vibration reduction system
  • Handle settings
  • and grinder size.

From a comfort aspect, a cordless angle grinder is undoubtedly the best angle grinder.

Keep an Eye on the Following Features

In Medium/Large Angle Grinders

  • Overload safety protects the powerful grinder motor when it’s under a lot of strain.
  • Larger angle grinders only have brush motors. So, an auto shut-off feature that alerts when the motor brushes need to be changed protects the tool.
  • Side handles that are adjustable or removable allow utilizing the tool in confined locations.
  • The vacuum attachment allows connecting the grinder to a vacuum to reduce trash and dust.

In Small Angle Grinders

  • Angle grinders with brushless motors eliminate the need for brush changes. It allows cordless models to run more efficiently, cool down faster, and extend the tool’s motor life.
  • When the tool detects a block, kickback brakes stop the wheel dead in its tracks, preventing the tool from ripping itself free from the grip.
  • Vibration control prevents the operator’s hand from becoming numb. It alleviates the tool’s unsettling sensation during prolonged periods.
  • Variable speed allows managing the disc speed, allowing it to slow down if heat builds up.


At last, I want to say something about storing the angle grinder. There are two main ways to do this:

  1. Keeping them in a drawer
  2. Haning them up, either upside down or by its spindle/disc.

The latter can be done on homemade or store-bought organizers. Whichever way you choose please make sure to keep the tools dry and that the discs are kept save from chipping or breaking.


For this round-up, I have considered dozens of angle grinders. And my overall favorite is DEWALT 20V MAX*-DCG413R2

You’ve read all the pros, cons, features, brand reputation, price, and power. Also, I considered its reviews from both DIY buyers and professionals to bring you a comprehensive review.

I hope you soak up this information and make the right decision to choose the best angle grinder. Good luck with finding your Best angle grinder