19 Table Saw Accessories You Can’t Live Without!

Mobile table saw with clamp accessories

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I’ve put together this comprehensive guide to the 19 must-have table saw accessories that every serious woodworker should have. From the importance of specialty blades to the need for safety gear, I’ll cover everything you need to know to upgrade your table saw.

So, let’s dive into the world of table saw accessories and explore how you can enhance your woodworking experience.

Key Takeaways

– A variety of table saw accessories are important for precision, accuracy, and safety, including specialty blades, miter gauges, rip fences, push sticks or blocks, safety power switches, featherboards, stands, mobile bases, dado blade sets, table saver kits, digital angle gauges, and splitters.
– Safety precautions are crucial when using a table saw, including preventing wood from pinching inward in the blade kerf, using a riving knife or splitter, using a dust collection system, and wearing safety goggles and earplugs.
– Upgrading a table saw with jigs, sleds, and other modifications can expand its capabilities to make a variety of cuts, such as curves and circles.
– Investing in a power twist belt and zero clearance insert can also improve performance, durability, and safety.

Table Saw Accessories

Investing in different types of accessories for the table saw is crucial for achieving precise and safe cuts. Aftermarket options, such as a miter gauge, rip fence, push stick, and safety power switch, allow for more accurate measurements and cuts.

1. Table Saw Blades

It’s important to choose the right saw blade for the job and to keep them sharp and well-maintained. With the right blade and TPI rating, you can achieve clean, smooth cuts with minimal tear-out and waste.

I always make sure to have different types of table saw blades with varying TPI ratings on hand because I know how important the blade is to achieving accurate cuts.

Different TPI ratings are used for different types of wood and cuts. For example, a lower TPI blade is better for ripping wood, while a higher TPI blade is better for crosscutting.

In addition to TPI, specialty blades for table saws can also be useful. For instance, a dado blade set can be used to cut grooves and rabbets, while a veneer blade can be used for cutting thin slices of wood.

Investing in a good quality blade is worth the cost, as it can make all the difference in the accuracy and precision of your cuts.

2. Rip Fences On Your Table Saw

Rip fences on a table saw are essential components that provide the necessary support and guidance for accurate and safe cutting of wood. They are adjustable parallel guides that run alongside the saw blade, helping you maintain a consistent distance between the blade and the edge of the workpiece. This ensures that your cuts are straight and precise, significantly reducing the chances of making errors.

Having a rip fence on your table saw is crucial for both professional and DIY woodworkers, as it not only enhances the accuracy of your cuts but also improves safety during operation. By preventing the workpiece from shifting or kicking back, a rip fence minimizes the risk of accidents and injuries. Furthermore, using a rip fence saves time and effort, as it helps you achieve clean, smooth, and consistent results with ease.

3. Miter Gauges

Miter gauges are essential accessories for table saws, designed to ensure precise angled cuts in a variety of woodworking projects. They consist of a protractor-like guide and a locking mechanism to hold the workpiece securely in place while it’s being cut. The miter gauge slides into the miter slot on the table saw, allowing it to be adjusted to the desired angle for accurate crosscuts or mitered joints.

By providing a stable and reliable reference point, miter gauges enable it’s operator to achieve consistent, professional-quality results. Having a miter gauge on a table saw enhances its functionality and significantly improves the cutting process.

write 100 words about digital angle gauges on a table saw, what they do and why you should have it

4. Digital Angle Gauges

Digital angle gauges are essential tools for professional woodworkers, providing precision and accuracy in setting up their table saws. These compact devices ensure that the saw blade is aligned at the perfect angle, resulting in clean and precise cuts. The digital display provides accurate readings, making achieving the desired angle for various woodworking projects easy.

Digital angle gauges can be easily attached to the saw blade using their magnetic base, which ensures stability and accuracy during measurements. This tool results in better craftsmanship and less material wastage. However, for a simple homeowner like me, it’s too much tbh.

5. Featherboards as Table Saw Accessory

Featherboards are an essential accessory for table saw users, providing safety, precision, and ease of use when cutting various types of material. These adjustable devices, made from either wood or plastic, feature a series of flexible fingers that apply consistent pressure against the workpiece, keeping it securely in position against the saw fence or table surface.

By enhancing control over the workpiece, featherboards reduce the risk of kickback, a dangerous situation where the material is thrown back toward you. They also ensure smoother, cleaner cuts by preventing the material from shifting during the cutting process.

Featherboards are particularly useful for making rip cuts, resawing, and working with thin or irregularly shaped materials that can be difficult to control by hand. By investing in featherboards, you significantly improve the overall safety and quality of their woodworking projects.

6. Push Stick

A push stick is an essential safety accessory for a table saw, designed to keep your hands and fingers away from the spinning blade while cutting wood. It is a long, narrow stick with a notch at the end, allowing you to securely grip and push the workpiece through the saw without getting close to the blade.

Push sticks are crucial for preventing serious injuries, as they minimize the risk of kickbacks and accidental contact with the blade. They work in tandem with a featherboard, which holds the workpiece firmly against the fence, ensuring an accurate and consistent cut. Push sticks and feather boards provide a safer and more efficient woodworking experience, allowing for precise cuts while prioritizing your safety.

7. Push Blocks

Push blocks are essential safety accessories for table saws, just as the push stick both are designed to protect your hands while providing better control and accuracy when cutting materials. These handy tools securely grip the workpiece, allowing you to push it through the saw blade without harming your fingers.

Unlike push sticks, which only provide a single point of contact, push blocks offer a larger surface area for improved stability and precision. This makes them ideal for cutting wood sheets but also smaller or more intricate pieces It reduces the risk of kickbacks. By incorporating push blocks into your table saw setup, you can enhance your safety, accuracy, and overall woodworking experience.

8. Mobile Bases Table Saw’s Accessory

Mobile bases on a table saw are specially designed platforms with wheels on which your table saw is securely mounted. Mobile bases make moving your heavy table saw easy, allowing you to optimize your workshop space and easily reposition your saw as needed.

Having a mobile base for your table saw is especially beneficial for small workshops or multi-purpose spaces where every inch counts. It enables you to set up and store your table quickly saw, freeing up valuable space for other tasks. Additionally, mobile bases often come with adjustable feet for leveling, ensuring the stability and accuracy of your saw even on uneven surfaces. Investing in a mobile base for your table saw enhances convenience and efficiency and promotes a safer working environment by ensuring your saw is always securely positioned and easily accessible.

9. Dado Blade Set For Table Saw

Dado blade sets on a table saw are essential for any one who wishes to create precise and professional-quality joinery. These sets consist of multiple circular blades that can be stacked together to form a wider cutting edge, allowing users to cut grooves, dados, and rabbets in a single pass.

The blades’ width can be adjusted by adding or removing individual components, providing versatility and customization for various woodworking projects. By utilizing dado blade sets, woodworkers can achieve perfect fitting joints and seamless connections, adding strength and aesthetic appeal to their work. Investing in a high-quality dado blade set is a must for anyone serious about their craft and looking to elevate their woodworking projects.

10. Safety Power Switch

Safety power switches are crucial components in a table saw, designed to provide additional protection for the user. These switches allow for the immediate and easy shutdown of the saw in case of an emergency, ensuring the user’s safety and preventing potential accidents.

The primary function of a safety power switch is to stop the saw’s blade quickly and efficiently, minimizing the risk of injury to the operator. These switches are often designed with a large, easily accessible button or paddle, allowing for a rapid disengagement of the saw’s power.

Having a safety power switch on a table saw is essential, enabling users to maintain control and react promptly to unexpected situations, ultimately promoting a safer working environment.

11. Saver Kits

Table saver kits are an essential accessory for table saw users, as they help maintain the longevity and efficiency of the saw. These kits are designed to protect the table saw’s surface from damage caused by frequent use, ensuring that the saw remains in optimal working condition for a longer period.

The table saver kit typically includes a set of inserts, throat plates, and leveling screws that are strategically placed around the table saw to prevent scratches, dents, and other forms of damage.

Having a table saver kit on your table saw not only preserves the life of your saw but also improves the quality of your cuts. A well-maintained table surface allows the wood to glide smoothly, resulting in more precise and accurate cuts.

The throat plates also help minimize tear-out and prevent small pieces from falling into the blade slot. Investing in a saver kit ensures that your table saw remains a reliable and efficient tool in your woodworking arsenal for years to come.

12. Table Saw’s Splitters

Splitters on a table saw are essential safety devices that help prevent kickback, which is one of the most common causes of accidents in woodworking. A splitter, also known as a riving knife, is a thin, vertical metal plate that sits behind the saw blade. Its primary function is to keep the kerf (the cut made by the saw blade) open, preventing the workpiece from pinching the blade and causing it to bind or kick back towards the operator.

Having a splitter on your table saw significantly reduces the risk of injury by preventing the workpiece from making contact with the back of the blade, which can propel it back at high speeds. Additionally, splitters can help maintain a straight cut, ensuring better accuracy and quality in your woodworking projects. In summary, a splitter is a vital component of a table saw that ensures both safety and precision in your work.

13. Riving Knife Accessory

A riving knife is designed to prevent dangerous kickback accidents, the same as splitters. The only difference is that the riving knife moves up and down with the blade, maintaining a constant distance from it, which ensures optimal protection regardless of the cutting depth.

A riving knife is considered a superior safety feature compared to splitters, which are fixed and do not move with the blade. This means that splitters may not provide adequate protection when making non-through cuts. So riving knives ensure improved protection against kickback compared to traditional splitters.

14. Dust Collection System

A dust collection system helps maintain a clean and safe working environment. Table saws produce a significant amount of sawdust during cutting operations, which can create a messy workspace and pose health hazards due to the inhalation of fine particles. A dust collection system effectively captures and removes this sawdust, thus preventing it from becoming airborne or accumulating on surfaces.

By having a dust collection system on your table saw, you ensure a cleaner workspace and protect your lungs from potential respiratory issues. Additionally, it helps prolong the life of your equipment by preventing dust buildup on vital components. Overall, a dust collection system is an essential investment for anyone using a table saw to maintain a tidy work area and safeguard personal health.

15. Jigs Add Ons

Table saw jigs are designed to enhance a table saw’s efficiency, safety, and accuracy. Jigs make it possible to perform complex cuts, maintain consistency, and improve precision when working with various materials. Table saw operaters can achieve professional results using the appropriate jig, even with minimal experience.

Some popular table saw jigs include:

  • Crosscut sled: ensures perfect 90-degree cuts by providing a stable platform for the workpiece to glide across the saw blade.
  • Miter sled: allows for precise angled cuts, ideal for picture frames and molding.
  • Box joint jig: simplifies the process of creating interlocking box joints for strong and attractive wood joinery.
  • Tenoning jig: holds the workpiece vertically for accurate tenon cuts, essential for mortise and tenon joinery.
  • Tapering jig: enables precise tapering cuts, often used for creating table legs or other decorative pieces.

16. Sleds

Table saw sleds are indispensable accessories that significantly improve the accuracy and safety of woodworking operations. They serve as a stable guiding platform, allowing you to make precise, consistent cuts while protecting your fingers from the spinning blade. Sleds are particularly useful for crosscutting, mitering, and cutting small parts, where accuracy and repeatability are essential.

Using a sled is a type of jig, a custom-made tool that aids in controlling the workpiece during a specific operation. Jigs ensure consistent results, save time, and reduce the risk of injury.

A few popular sled types include:

  • Crosscut sled
  • Miter sled
  • Small parts sled
  • Panel-cutting sled

Investing in a table saw sled is a wise decision for any woodworker, as it enhances precision, efficiency, and safety, making your woodworking experience enjoyable and professional.

17. Zero Clearance Insters (ZCI)

A zero clearance insert (ZCI) is a specialized component designed for table saws, which significantly improves the precision and safety of your woodworking projects. ZCI is a custom-fit replacement for the standard throat plate that comes with your table saw, ensuring minimal gap around the saw blade. This eliminates the risk of narrow offcuts or small pieces falling into the gap and causing potential kickbacks or damage to the blade and workpiece.

The primary function of a ZCI is to provide better support for the workpiece, preventing tear-out and ensuring cleaner, smoother cuts. With minimal clearance around the blade, the workpiece is fully supported as it passes through the saw, reducing the chances of chipping or splintering. Additionally, ZCI helps maintain proper blade alignment, enhancing the accuracy of your cuts.

Investing in a ZCI will undoubtedly result in better quality work and a more enjoyable woodworking experience.

18. Power Twist Belt

A power twist belt is a high-performance, link-style belt designed for industrial machinery and various mechanical applications. These belts are known for their durability, flexibility, and superior power transmission capabilities. They comprise interlocking, detachable links that allow for easy customization and installation, ensuring a perfect fit for any machine.

One of the main advantages of a power twist belt is its ability to reduce vibrations and noise, leading to smoother and more efficient operation. The belt’s unique design also allows for superior grip and reduced slippage, ensuring consistent power transfer. The power twist belt’s flexibility and easy installation make it a cost-effective and time-saving solution, as it eliminates the need for precise belt tensioning and reduces maintenance requirements.

Investing in a power twist belt significantly enhances the performance and longevity of your equipment, making it a smart and worthwhile investment.

19. Outfeed Support for Table Saw

Outfeed support refers to a structure positioned at the exit end of the saw table, designed to support the workpiece as it is pushed through the cutting blade. This prevents the material from sagging or tipping, ensuring a precise and clean cut.

Having outfeed support is crucial for several reasons. First, it reduces the risk of kickback and other potential hazards, as it helps maintain control over the workpiece during the cutting process. Second, it promotes a more accurate cut by preventing the material from shifting or binding against the blade. Lastly, it alleviates the strain on the user’s arms and back, enabling a more comfortable and efficient workflow.

Table Saw Safety Enhancing Accessories

Here I summarize some of the most important table saw accessories that increase safety. Because ensuring safety while using a table saw is crucial, and it’s important to have the necessary safety gear, dust collection systems, and accessories, such as a riving knife or splitter, to prevent accidents.

Furthermore safety gear such as safety goggles and earplugs should always be worn when operating a table saw to prevent any potential eye or ear damage.

A dust collection system is also important to prevent sawdust from reducing visibility and clogging up the motor and other moving components.

Additionally, having a riving knife or splitter can prevent pinch cuts and kickbacks by keeping the cut wood from pinching inward in the blade kerf.

Use a push stick or push block to avoid putting fingers at risk.

Finally, it’s essential to always be vigilant and aware of your surroundings when using a table saw, and to never rush or take shortcuts that could compromise safety.

By following these safety guidelines and having the necessary accessories, you can confidently use a table saw and minimize the risk of accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some common mistakes beginners make when using a table saw?

Common mistakes when using table saws include improper blade alignment leading to inaccurate cuts, and failure to use push sticks putting fingers at risk. These mistakes can be avoided with proper technique and safety precautions.

How do you properly maintain and sharpen table saw blades?

To maintain and sharpen table saw blades, I clean them regularly and use a diamond blade sharpener to sharpen them. I also make sure to balance the blades and store them properly. Proper maintenance and sharpening techniques are crucial for accurate and safe cuts.

Can a table saw be used for cutting materials other than wood?

Yes, a table saw can be used for cutting materials other than wood, such as metal and stone. However, it requires specialized blades and safety precautions. Consult the manufacturer’s instructions and wear appropriate protective gear when cutting these materials.

What are some alternative uses for a miter gauge?

Creative applications of miter gauges go beyond typical woodworking. Precision cuts can be achieved for metalwork, picture framing, and even baking. By exploring unconventional uses, the miter gauge becomes a versatile tool for any craftsperson.


In conclusion, upgrading your table saw with the 18 must-have accessories discussed in this article will take your woodworking game to the next level.

Your table saw is only as good as the blades you use, so investing in specialty blades for different materials and cuts is a must. Additionally, safety should always be a top priority, which is why accessories such as blade guards, push sticks, and featherboards are crucial.

But it’s not just about safety. Accessories like miter gauges, crosscut sleds, and rip fences will improve the accuracy and precision of your cuts, while a mobile base will make it easier to move your table saw around your workspace.

And don’t forget about the importance of dust collection – a dust port and vacuum system will keep your workspace clean and safe.

Overall, the accessories you choose to upgrade your table saw will depend on your specific woodworking needs and preferences. But by investing in these must-have accessories, you’ll be well on your way to taking your woodworking to the next level.