53 Modern and Artistic Master Bedroom Ideas

53 Master bedroom ideas

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Get inspired, Wow-ed, and well… maybe even shocked. I have gathered 53 of the most up-to-date modern and artistic master bedroom ideas.

I have been going through hundreds of inspirational pages myself to come up with these ideas for you.

That being said, I have listed suggestions and accessories to help you recreate your very own place. Your ever dreamed-off master bedroom awaits ;-). Thanks to these master bedroom ideas.

From additions to exquisite lighting designs, each corner should express vibrancy yet subtlety.

It’s all right here!

53 Unique Master Bedroom Ideas

Petite Furniture For Small Bedrooms

Petite furniture pieces are really small, reasonably attractive, and come in a variety of colors. It includes a folding chair, floor pillow, or a small 5-6 drawer dresser. If there is an awkward corner space available, I recommend you go for a triangular side table. These pieces will give you the feel of having the necessary items in the bedroom without taking much space.

Get Dynamic Wallpapers 

Wallpaper was out of style for a few decades, but it’s back better than before. Wallpapers have always been vibrant, playful, and refreshing.

Removable wallpaper is all the rage these days since it’s simple to put and remove. It doesn’t require any steaming or scraping. Just peel and stick it. Yes, it’s that easy.

Daybed For Space-saving

The daybed is a viable solution, particularly to a tiny space living. When used as a sofa, daybeds are as broad as twin beds. So, they’re extra comfy to cuddle in.

While a few come in stunning metal frames, there are also styling backless with additional drawers.

Hide The Hamper

Photo by unknown – Hide the hamper in your master bedroom

Get rid of the habit of keeping your clothing on the chair. Instead, consider adding a tilt-out cabinet to existing furniture for keeping your laundry items. You can tuck them away behind the hangers or create a little space at the back of your closet.

Make It Colorful With Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? Why not freshen up your bedroom with some blossoms? You can either have a painting or a vase filled with beautiful flowers. There are plenty of plastic flowers you can choose from for your bedroom. I would advise trying those colors for flowers which would contrast and make the area look more attractive. 

Sooth The Bedroom With Lights

Lights can set the right mood in the bedroom. So, you cannot take any risk here. Spruce up the bedside table with attractive lamps so you can quickly turn it on or off whenever you want to. I like wall sconces. They not only come in a range of styles but also save space on the table. Recessed lights are also a great option.

Go White

Photo by Canva – All white master bedroom idea

White is an excellent color for the bedroom since it’s calm, fresh, and ideal for creating a clean, neutral atmosphere. Moreover, a white bedroom is a timeless classic that appeals to both minimalists and color enthusiasts alike. Have sleek and simple white furniture and keep your room clutter-free to enhance the room’s look.

Don’t Let The Romance Fade Away

Photo by Salcito Custom HomesMore bedroom ideas

Choose comfortable bed decors. Having the ideal shade palette for your bedroom lifts the mood. The rose gold color is currently in trend. Soft lighting with pale-colored furnishings highlights the tones used in the space. I like how neutral or warm tones with natural wood bedding bring a soft, ancient yet modern look.

Let The Sunlight Come In

Since childhood, I have always liked the warm sunlight coming into my room in the morning. You can replace your large walls with glass blocks. If that’s out of your budget or not possible somehow, paint your room with white shades. Another attractive option to try out is installing a skylight in the ceiling. It brings in more consistent sunlight.

Try Different Flooring Options

When it comes to bedroom flooring, a carpet isn’t your only option. You can try stone flooring, ceramic tile flooring, wood flooring. So, go with style, size, and layout that suits your bedroom. Consider the climate in your area, and budget. A few trending flooring options include a two-toned wood grid and travertine tile. Some others include clay tile, Koa Hardwood, and hexagonal tiles.

Don’t Lose Your Style Factor

You cannot adopt a master bedroom idea just because something is in demand. As the bedroom is the place where you would spend some precious moments, match it with your style. For instance, you can add a chic rug or an extraordinary piece of artwork. Replace the regular pillow and pillow covers with plush cushions.

Have A Gorgeous Gold Bedroom

Photo by D’Amore InteriorsMore master bedroom ideas and photos

White is a classic clean shade that may create a delicate, exquisite mood in any bedroom when combined with gold. You can use detailed prints and warm tones to add depth to the room.

Try pairing the combo scheme with a deep purple shade for an enigmatic accent hue. You can jazz things up by adding elements, such as lines and geometric patterns.

Keep It Elegant With Simplicity

If you are looking for elegance, keep things simple. Ditch bold colors and choose shades that appear soothing to you. I love gentle hues of green, blue, and lavender.

Add some architectural elements to the ceiling. If you have a small bedroom, do not use oversized furniture or dark colors.

Encourage Creativity With Wood

Photo by Lauren Coburn LLCMaster Bedroom Ideas: Wooden canopy bed and wooden panels

Creative wooden interiors do not need any other decoration. It already speaks a lot. To have a simple yet trendy look, you can try built-in bookshelves with a canopy bed. You can also have everything in wood, right from the floor, to the walls and ceilings. While you think it can be too loud, you can couple it with unusual luscious blankets on a luxurious bed.

Set Out A Dynamic Hardwood Flooring

Photo by W.B. Homes, Inc.Great master bedroom ideas and designs

Speaking of wood, hardwood flooring is the most popular option for bedroom flooring. Its stunning look, sturdiness, and ability to withstand the test of time makes it an excellent long-term flooring option. The aesthetics and functionality are beyond comparison.

Ensure To Have No Empty Spaces

Photo by UnknownOther master bedroom ideas and designs

Just a large bed and a wardrobe may take a lot of space, leaving you confused about where to place the remaining items. In such situations, you can have an armchair and a side table in the corner. If you like greenery in the room, have some plants in the empty space. You can also maximize the storage and seating space by putting an ottoman at the foot of the bed.

Use Curtains As Space-divider

Photo by Crescent BuildsMaster bedroom ideas and pictures

Curtains can be a great and beautiful idea to divide a large area into different zones. For instance, you can conceal your sleeping bed and offer visual privacy by making walls of curtains around the bed. How about making a cozy corner nook with a curtain divider? Wouldn’t it look perfect for watching a movie or reading a book?

Have An Artistic Bedroom

Freethinkers and art lovers – this one’s for you. Explore jewel tones, muted hues, natural neutrals, melting metallics, and clashing palettes. Use this with a bespoke mural or a huge modern art piece.

Enlarge The Look With Mirrors 

Photo by Precision Construction GroupLook for master bedroom ideas and pictures

In your bedroom, a mirror can visually extend the space or serve as a focal point. A tall mirror positioned in front of the windows will allow as much light as you want to enter and make the room bright. Place a mirror at the corner of your bedroom to act it as a dressing corner. If you do not want a separate mirror, have a mirror attached to the wardrobe.

Master Bedroom Ideas: Get Faux Rock Wall Texture

Photo by Norman Kohl InteriorsBrowse bedroom ideas

Transporting us back in time, stone walls bring natural goodness to the modern monotony. So, you can have a faux rock wall texture to bring a dash of timelessness. You can get this effect by having a linoleum wall. It sets the tone of the room and brings in the necessary charm. Or just paint stones on the wall to have the medieval look. Pick any size of rock that you wish to have on the wall. Draw grout lines by creating stone rows and then color the stones unevenly. 

Or use stone veneer tiles, as in the picture above, to get a charming and sophisticated look.

Make White And Blue Fusion 

Photo by Kim ArmstrongLook for master bedroom ideas and pictures

White and blue can give natural lighting to your bedroom. It offers a clean impression by forming a crisp color palette. Blue wallpaper patterns with white tiles do look soothing. You can utilize this combination on screens and rugs.

Combine Beige And White 

Photo by Aloft FotoGreat master bedroom ideas

Beige and white are very neutral hues that come out pretty when combined. You can use this duo for your curtains, pillows, blankets, or even rugs. They look rich, subtle, and enchanting.

Extend The Carpet 

Photo by Destiny HomesLook for master bedroom ideas & design inspiration

An economical choice for your flooring, a carpet gives you a wide material and color choice. There are two choices here. You can purchase a carpet with bound edges in a specific size or get a wall-to-wall installation. For beauty and durability, I would recommend wool and silk-blend or natural wool fiber.

Have A Sassy Chair

Photo by Locati ArchitectsBrowse master bedroom ideas

You can make an unattractive corner look stunning by using a sassy chair! This one can turn out to be a perfect addition to your room. That is because it not only looks lovely on its own but also works the best to move it around the room for cozy seating. If you don’t have enough room for a chair, a small stool can also help.

Put An Alluring Chandelier

Photo by St. Romain InteriorsBrowse master bedroom ideas

Believe me, this is one of the most beautiful elements you can add to your bedroom. A huge beauteous chandelier can give a traditional yet royal look to your bedroom. If your ceilings are low, choose a chandelier that extends horizontally rather than vertically. Also, it’s better not to place it above the bed. Somewhere near the window would work.

Try Canopy Bed

Photo by GRAHAM architectureSearch master bedroom ideas and pictures

Want to have a sumptuous refuge? A canopy bed takes the vertical space of your room. Furthermore, it gives an organized and layered appearance to your bedroom. You can try having a modern pipe-style bed or a bed with sheer, colored, or printed curtains.

For kids, I would love a custom bunk bed set with a colorful canopy. 

Grab A Lovely Quilt For Your Bed

Photo by Laura Design CompanyDiscover kids bedroom room design ideas

Just a small change in the bedroom can make it look extremely different. You can have a soft white quilt creatively stitched. Based on your personal preference, you can choose the best quilt with respect to fiber, weight, and warmth. Feather and goose-down quilts are fluffy, light, and extremely soft. They keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. If you are an allergy sufferer, try the microfiber ones.

Brighten It With Nightstands And Arc Lights

Photo by De Meza + ArchitectureMore bedroom ideas

Arc lamps and bedside tables will definitely give you a hotel-like vibe in your bedroom. Nightstands provide an elegant look in huge vacant spaces. Sconces are ideal for tiny rooms since they free up space. Make sure to place them where they can give sufficient lights to your room.

Place A Bench In The Setting

Photo by Feathers Fine Custom FurnishingsMaster bedroom ideas

If you have a large bedroom, you can use a bench either at the foot of the bed or somewhere near the wall. This is the ideal place to tie your shoes or kick them off in the morning.

You can choose one that can give a contrasting look. Easy and lithe like a legged bench may be a good idea for storage too. Have it as wide as your bed or a narrow one leaving 6 to 8 inches on either side.

Make A Seating Area

Photo by Meadowbank DesignsMaster bedroom seating

Make your area versatile by adding a set of chairs or a window seat. A dual-purpose area will always have greater use and make your space appear much larger. If your space is limited, choose smaller lounge chairs or incorporate a seating area. It shall also serve as a place where you can keep books or other belongings, such as a window bench.

Enjoy The Magic Of Rhythm

Photo by Caroline Beaupere DesignSearch bedroom pictures

Yes, give a more unified look by using similar colors. To make a tiny dark room feel bigger, place the longest and softest rug you can find on the floor. Then, match those colors using a bedframe or paint your walls to hide the space’s boundaries.

Few Pillows Will Be Enough

Photo by MMO DesignsLook for bedroom design inspiration

Pillows come in three variants – decorative, sleeping, and accent. Decorative pillows can elevate your bedroom to have a chic look instead of giving a utilitarian feel. If it is just you and your spouse using the bedroom, four sleeping pillows are sufficient. However, accent pillows are like the jewelry of the bed.

There are limitless color choices. Play with different scales, colors, patterns, and textures in different seasons.

Make High Ceilings Look Grander

Photo by Katie Denham InteriorsBrowse bedroom ideas

High ceilings can make a room look luxurious and grand, but they can also give it an empty and cold feeling. The gallery-style wall that runs right from top to bottom works incredibly well. If you are not an art person, you can simply have a long curtain from the ceiling.

My favorite option would be using handsome floating shelves. An entire feature wall with books would look captivating.

Mix Patterns

Photo by Luna Grey InteriorsMore master bedroom ideas

There’s no rule to have all designs perfectly coordinated in your bedroom. You can mix and match as per your style. So, go ahead to combine as many patterns as you would like. But, in the end, ensure that the room does not appear stuffed.

To balance it out, you can add a floral rug with single-tone window curtains or dark-shade blankets with light shade pillow covers.

Enrich With Plants

Photo by Lasley Brahaney Architecture + ConstructionLook for bedroom design inspiration

This is my go-to master bedroom idea. Plants, either large or small, undoubtedly make an area feel more inviting. They have a calming effect, which is presumably why most resorts have them. They add a splash of vibrant, natural color. Moreover, they give positive vibes all day long. Lavender, Peace Lily, Rubber Plant, Snake Plant, Gardenia are a few of the best picks.

Put Innovation To Its Best

Photo by Innovative Building SpecialtiesDiscover bedroom design ideas

Having some interesting corners can turn the boring bedroom into the most charming place to spend time. You can install some unique-shaped mirrors, fancy rope scones, very creative bed lamps, or long-hanging bulbs.

For your child’s bedroom, getting geometrical signs or skateboards would be totally cool! To make it look unique, create a teepee with soft cushions in the corner of the bedroom. 

Go For a Round Bed

Photo by EuroLux FurnitureMaster bedroom ideas and inspiration

If you have an oversized, spacious bedroom, then you should prefer a round bed. These are very comfortable and safe for kids. If you want to add some fun to it then you can even go for a Rotating Bed. These are unique 3600 rotating beds without any square corners.

Create A Reading Corner

Photo by Karen B Wolf Interiors, Associate ASIDBedroom with reading corner

At times, when you are in the mood to read your favorite book in a comfortable place, a reading nook can make your day. Add a soft chair with a cushioned back. If you are not a reader, you can definitely use this place as a working corner with a laptop. 

Blackout With Drapes

Photo by Wheeler Kearns ArchitectsDiscover master bedroom design ideas

When your bedroom arrangement compels you to place your bed directly in front of the window, blackout drapes can be your ultimate choice. That is to say, these drapes are a fantastic choice when you like sleeping in perfect darkness. Moreover, these curtains and blinds also provide insulation. So, it keeps your room cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

Decorative Non-Traditional Headboard 

Photo by Insidesignbedroom headboard ideas and design

The selections of traditional headboards are countless, but wouldn’t you want to try something different than the usual? Non-traditional ones make a strong design statement in almost any setting. Interesting artworks, frame collages, and wall decals can be some smart choices. You can also look at decorative mirrors or large window shades.

Layered Minimalist Style

Photo by usonaSearch bedroom pictures

For a minimalist bedroom, the best trick is to stick to a neutral color palette. Combined ceiling and wall fixtures to create a layered lighting effect will amaze you—no need for stacked bedding. Modern wooden chairs, oversized rugs, simple nightstands, and paper lanterns are apt. Try monochrome hues for a soothing vibe.

Get Modern Industrial Look

Photo by usonaCity loft bedroom

Do you admire city-like master bedroom ideas? The industrial pattern is undoubtedly going to impress you. Design high ceilings, expose the brick walls, affix black tiles on the floor and the walls, and change the doors to glass panes.

For beds, rustic wood or iron style is ideal. Sheer white curtains will give you the city’s charm. Bedsheets in white or grey are exemplary.

Try Bohemian Decor

Photo by SWENYO, Inc.Go bohemian is another great master bedroom idea

Boho decor is among the most exciting ideas to try.

Start from the bottom, moving to the top, with various layers, flowing fabrics, textures, designs, and colors.

For a Boho bedroom, spread some twinkle lights around the room. Layered beds, long white curtains will look admirable.

Or, you can also hang large artwork or place vintage wooden dressers and tables add to this some indoor oxygen-giving plants to finish it off.

Say “Bonjour” To Your Bedroom 

Photo by Katie Scott DesignMaster bedroom ideas: Get French-inspired

Craving for a wide french decor for your master bedroom? Then, replace your regular bed with an antique iron one. Opt for gold-framed mirrors, grey-white theme, iron chandelier, and ornamental gallery wall frames.

Choose vintage paintings, gingham throw pillows, or a floral, wood headboard. Wooden ceilings will also look good.

Have A Farmhouse Allure

Photo by Register-Alley Custom Home BuildersFarmhouse styled master bedroom idea

Are you missing the farmhouse feel in the bustling city? Here is what I have picked for this idea.

Install a sliding barn door, get a shiplap wallpaper, and build a fireplace in the bedroom. You can also add a small armchair, a vintage alarm clock, or some vintage books.

Fresh flowers, wooden chairs, and straw baskets can also help you to get the farmhouse vibe.

You can also think of recoloring the wall in soft colors.

Retreat With Rustic Bedroom 

Photo by VPC Builders, LLCBrowse master bedroom ideas

Rustic design collections are among the latest master bedroom ideas. Be it an oasis, coastal, formal contemporary, colorful, or any other rustic touch, you will love each of them. You can add together many different rustic elements too. Caning and rattan in the bed, spindle bed frames or dark wood nightstand can give you the needed panache.

Master bedroom ideas: Color The Wood Panels 

Photo by kimberly peck architectSearch master bedroom ideas

Painting wood panels can lighten them up and make them appear less gloomy and outdated. Get a wooden headboard to complement them. You can color the panels in white or any light tone for a gorgeous look, such as ivory or cream sheers.

Go for Two-Tone Walls in Your Bedroom

Photo by Starr Custom HomesLook for master bedroom ideas pictures

No wonder two-tone walls not only make your bedroom stylish but also make the room appear bigger. Painting one wall darker and another lighter of the same or contrasting shade is a good idea. A few combinations that can look the best are azure and white, black and white, or gray and white.

Twin The Beds And Frames 

Photo by Freestyle InteriorsDiscover master bedroom ideas & design inspiration

Bed frames always give a “regal appeal.” Matching those with your bedroom theme is a no-brainer while working over the master bedroom ideas. Have the same style for the upholstered, lights, and bed frames. Using wooden and brass gives an ancient shape. Curtains hanging over the frames can bring a classic appearance to the bed.

Switch Your Curtains 

Photo by PACS ArchitectureDiscover master bedroom ideas & design inspiration

A simple tweak to the curtains may drastically alter the look of a bedroom. Give a new life to your bedroom by changing the fabric, prints, shade, and style of the curtains. Transparent, lightweight drapes will keep the room vibrant while scattering the light. Couple the curtains with the color of your wallpapers to look superb. Grab some creative curtain holders too.

Get Luxury Bedding

Photo by Malibu West InteriorsLook for master bedroom ideas & design inspiration

The list of master bedroom ideas cannot end without including the perfect bedding to transform the room. You can have mushy sleeping pillows and fluffy blankets. Pile up the pillows, and invest in deluxe or featherbed bedsheets. Duvets are the best to pamper in. Throw blankets in different colors are also a great choice.

Fantasize The Area Around the Bed 

Photo by Robeson DesignMore master bedroom ideas

When we talk about the bedroom, the bed is the foremost thing we have to think about. Layering a bed is a glamorous and cozy upgrade. Add some colors to your duvets or comforters that match your room. Use some decorative pillows and fix lights near the bed. Try some wallpapers and wall designs above the bed.

Spread Out A Woolen Rug

Photo by Saviano BuildersBrowse master bedroom ideas & photos

Wool rugs are an excellent investment for your master bedroom. They give a luxurious feel underfoot and provide great thermal and sound insulation. Woolen carpets are durable and good resistant to flame, dirt, and stain. Having a wool-nylon mix carpet for hard-wearing bedroom flooring is a fantastic option.


You now have 53 completely different, amazing, and lively master bedroom ideas to choose from. So, take these inspirations and start designing your world-class bedroom.

It all relies on how innovative you want to be and how basic or extravagant you want to go. But, before starting your decoration, you should always look up how much space you have, and you will get to know all your answers.

When you are looking for more elaborate home improvement projects like a bathroom or your kitchen then check our kitchen remodel ideas or bathroom remodeling ideas to get you started!