Easy Ideas to Improve Curb Appeal for Your Home – Incredible Outside Home Improvement Ideas You Must Know About

beautifull front lawn that improve curb appeal

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While working on the home improvement project, I always start by making a list of minutest things that can make the curb appeal look very welcoming. 

Whether it is beckoning visitors to a cozy front porch or making them mesmerize with the stunning lawn, you should make your home look the best. So, here I am with a list of 30 stunning home curb appeal improvement ideas. 

I have tried to gather the easiest yet most pleasing ideas to improve curb appeal that you can give special attention to.

Simple Curb Appeal Ideas for Your Next Home Improvement Project 

Let’s check out these easy ways to create a lasting impression on the property value.

Revamp the Front of Your Home to Improve Curb Appeal

The cheapest and the easiest way to revamp your house’s look is to redo the front. It can give a fresh look to your entire house. Besides, there are a variety of ways to choose from. You can go for a contrasting color palette. 

For instance, if the shutters are in black and the house is painted white or gray, try red on the front. You can even experiment with the number and nameplates to give your old house a new curb appeal.

Get a Flower bed

If you have a lawn and are in the mood to highlight your home’s curb appeal, then I suggest trying something new with your flower beds.

Go for something unique like raised beds or side yard flower beds. You can also try the vertical flower beds in a contrasting and different way from your current beds. 

Put flowers on old tree stumps. Another good try would be to have variegated leaves with gold and orange nasturtium.

Once, I also tried using a hollow log by shoveling some gardening soil in it. I grew red gerbera daisies and white and blue phlox.

Redo the Front Porch/ Front Yard

big house with grass and nice porch
Improve curb appeal by making your porch and front yard neat and look as new

The front porch or front yard is the first curb appeal to your house. Hence, it needs to be redone again and again so that your home doesn’t look abandoned.

You can experiment with the pathways in the front yard. Use different kinds of stones or flooring options. You can also redo the setting of the porch, install a small pond or waterfall to give it a more appealing look.

Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

There is no renovation to the house until you choose to repaint it. A fresh coat of paint, even of the same shade(s), adds a lot to the curb appeal of your house.

You can try a new color palette for your front walls. Keep it in contrast with the surrounding and other elements like doors, gates, garages, and front yard. It is an inexpensive way to improve curb appeal of your house.

Let the Front Steps Shine

With time, your steps and stairs can lose their shine or get stained due to various reasons.

Go for a wooden polish if you have a wooden staircase/ steps. You can also try a fresh coat of paint if your material allows you to do so. Plant balusters if you want to bring in some natural vibes. Add a pop of color with some lights. This also adds a safety angle to your stairs at night when there is less natural light available.

Replace the Outdoor Furniture

new outdoor lounge set
Upgrading your garden furniture can have a positive impact on your house’s curb appeal

Replacing outdoor furniture is one of the cheapest and less effort-consuming ways to improve curb appeal. You can also polish this furniture and then put them outdoors if you are tight on budget.

If you are thinking of putting up new furniture, go for new designs and contrast them with your house’s color palette.

Add a Twist to the Garage Door

Garages are generally located in the front yard of the house. Hence, redoing the front door of your garage can increase the front look of your house by degrees.

Try automated doors or quirky shutters. I recommend you align them with your overall color palette or even keep them in contrast with the rest of the walls and surroundings. The simplest way that I picked was by just adding some new hardware like handles and faux hinges.

Get New House Numbers to Improve Curb Appeal

House numbers are essential. They definitely add more value to your house than you think. It is something that the buyer and visitors first set their eyes upon. Hence, they create the first impression. Therefore, house number plates need to be impressive. 

Another great idea I found is to have a modern and sleek typeface. You can put it in a column. So, it would not only bring the new factor but also will highlight the whole house. Next time, when somebody asks for your address, they can simply remember the nameplate. 

Enlighten Your Exterior Lights

Another great outside home improvement idea is to upgrade your exterior lighting

While doing any kind of renovation, lighting is one of the most important factors after painting. You can buy the latest trending lighting or the smart ones. You can or even spray paint or fix the old ones if you don’t want to spend a fortune. I had the 1980s gold light fixtures. I just painted it black. And it looked stunning!

Fix the Door Trim

If you want an attractive facade, then the choice of door trim can bring a huge difference. Planning to keep it look simple, have a mitered front door casing. It includes two side trims and one header. The butted style is another option that has one wide header, two sides, and three parts. This looks good with a high ceiling house.

Use Flower Boxes

Flower boxes, like flower beds and window boxes, are one of the best ways to invest in enhancing the beauty of your home. That’s because you spend just a small amount of money. You can put small flower boxes anywhere, unlike the flower beds, which need an open lawn area. 

You can experiment with seasonal flowers or even plants which do not need much care and improve curb appeal. The summer breeze will turn more amazing when you have some aromatic flowers spreading fresh scents. I tried the white resin rail planter. It fit my house’s railing perfectly. It’s durable and inexpensive.

Experiment with Fresh Mulch

improve your outside home with some fresh mulch
Fresh mulch can improve your curb appeal and is one of many great outside home improvement ideas

If you already have a flower bed on your lawn or are planning to install them to improve curb appeal, I must suggest that you experiment with mulch as well. They will provide a contrast to the floral appearance and increase the value of your property. Kill those weeds and lay down some pine bark or fresh mulch in the natural areas. It will not only give you lush landscaping but also help make the soil healthier.

Reinvent the Roof to Improve Curb Appeal

Changing the look of the roof can have a great impact. You can experiment with contrasting paints and railings. That is to say, give your home a beachfront type feel by coloring the exterior with blue, grey, or cream. 

Off-white vinyl siding with a misty grey roof will have a significant impact. If you are okay increasing the budget by a little, enhance the architectural style with different roofing materials. A few exciting types include synthetic-composite shingles, concrete, and clay. There are also slate, metal, cedar, and asphalt shingles in the market.

Trim the Trees

If you have a garden area in your property, simply maintaining the greenery around can do wonders to your property values. But, if you have trees in your garden, you need to keep them trimmed to add a sophisticated touch. 

You can do this by yourself if you are a gardening enthusiast or even hire a gardener. If you haven’t ever grown a tree, now is the time to plant one and keep it under maintenance to improve curb appeal.

Do Wonders with Landscape Lighting

solar lights in your gardens pathway
Solar garden lights are great to improve curb appeal

Landscape lighting is not your ordinary lighting. They create a visual display when put on. Installing them in the porch or lawn area can add much value to your property.

Different fixtures and bulbs chosen according to the overall architecture can do wonders. Illuminate the area with solar-powered light stakes. The well and in-ground lights look amazing.

Go For Concrete Driveway

Driveways are also located in front of your house. But, it is one of the commonly neglected aspects of homemaking.

If you are not enthusiastic about spending a reasonable sum on the driveway, go for the classic concrete driveway, which never goes out of style. They are easy to use and one of the easiest ways to improve curb appeal of your house. 

If you love having a landscape, get a concrete driveway to make it look like a country club stone paver. Color it in different colors or have it in earth tones to make it look an attractive long way.

Wash it with a Pressure Washer

Pressure washers might not add to improve curb appeal of your house directly, but they serve a good function indirectly. Algae, molds, grimes, and stubborn stains frequently dull the area. It is something that you don’t want to see every day. 

That’s why you need a pressure washer so that you can get rid of all the unnecessary things that decrease the audacity. Use it for your decks, patios, walkways, or even driveways. Who knows, you may discover stunning-looking cobblestones or super granite pavers.

Give Organic Look with Potted Plants, Flowers, and Trees

potted plants to improve your house's curb appeal
Potted plants to improve your house’s curb appeal

If you have a green thumb and do not have the space to install windows and flower boxes, try potted plants. Use it to bring the missing charm on your porch, stoop, or entryway. They rarely need a heavy investment, just a little care, and water from time to time. 

You can get a Mediterranean vacation feel by having white or terracotta pots with blue glazed planters. I have a pergola-like structure right next to my front door. So, I have given it a very organic look by letting the plants climb up the beams.

Color the Window Shutters to Improve Curb Appeal

Window shutters are readily available in the market, and they add convenience, comfort, and style to your property. They are increasingly becoming popular due to extreme weather as well as because of their appeal. 

You can purchase a readymade window shutter or install one if you are having a renovation. I suggest adding different exciting and rich colors to these shutters. They really break the monotony and revitalize the space.

Replace Hardware

Hardware is again something that is easily available in the local home improvement store and easily replaceable. You do not have to go for a complete renovation for most items if they are in good shape. A few fixtures here and there are enough. 

Go for cheaper hardware if you do not want to burn a hole in your pocket, but make sure they are durable. Change the doorbell, knocker, entry door lockset, door handle, or even the wall-mounted mailbox.

Change Outdated Siding

no slates but a mix of house finishes
Mix your bevel siding or clapboard with different types of house finishes to improve curb appeal

Lap siding is one of the oldest forms of sidings that have been in use for centuries. Yes, you got them right. These are the long narrow boards that are put horizontally across the house in an overlapping pattern. 

So, tear off the old sidings and experiment with something new that catches the attention of every potential visitor. If you have vinyl siding, simply repointing the brick can make a huge difference.

Use Veneers

Homeowners have increasingly started using stone veneers to add value to their property. You can pick out the suitable designs that go with the overall architecture of your house. Use stone veneers, molded cement, or natural rock in thin slices.

Stone veneer adds gravitas to the exterior. You can add it to concrete retaining walls, stair treads, or accent walls. Or, instead of covering the whole house, you can put it on the columns of the front porch.

Rebuild Fences and Gates

If you want to go for a renovation that doesn’t take much effort while adding a significant appeal to your property, go for redoing fences and gates. Check for chipped paint, missing pickets, or loose boards. 

You can go for the classic white picket fencing as it never goes out of style. Or you could try painting your old fences if you want to save more money. If you are quite adventurous, bold colors like purple or red will look good.

Cover Up Concrete With Natural Slate Tiles

natural tiles in your yard leading up to the porch
Another great outside home improvement idea is to use natural tiles

Natural Slate Tiles, which are earthly in texture and color, are cheaply available in the market. So if you are thinking of redoing your house with a tight budget, natural slate tiles can be your savior. 

You can cover up the concrete, which has gone out of trend, with natural slate tiles. You can also experiment with textures. For a drab porch, have a diamond pattern-like thin overlay. Similarly, for a plain concrete patio, add a decorative overlay.

Add Birdhouses or Bird Feeders.

Birdhouses or bird feeders are readily available in the market. Imagine you are sitting on your porch, and a hummingbird stops by for a drink or a bluebird halts for a snack. There are LED lights-controlled bird bungalows. These really look festive. I had it once. 

You can place a quaint pink door birdhouse with a small chimney, red blooms in window boxes. Put up a yacht club birdhouse for tiny robins and sparrows.

Replace the Mailbox to Improve Curb Appeal

Mailboxes are still significant for home architecture, even though the world has shifted to emails. You can always go for replacing your old mailbox with a new one which looks elegant. If it is in tip-top shape, you can color it and use cast stone with some reflective numbers. It gives a traditional touch. A mailbox with flower pots on both sides looks stunning.

Buy a New Doormat

home sweet home doormat
Improve curb appeal with a nice doormat

Buying a doormat that is elegant and which goes with the overall look for your front yard can give a different look to the front side of your house. Try quirky colors, elegant prints, or designer styles. All of it will stay on a budget and yet give a new look to your house. 

The other day, I saw a graphic print doormat. Indeed it looked cheerful. The next shop had these boho-styled ones. Upstate the doormat with a personalized saying too.

Manicure the Lawn

Maintaining the lawn, if you happen to own one, is a great way to improve curb appeal of your property. The biggest pro of this method is that you do not need any kind of investment as much as you need in renovating and redoing. 

Your expenses are limited to a few tools and appliances and if you need a professional, then hire them. You can do the manicure by yourself and save a few extra bucks. Remove those weeds and use a good lawnmower. Color the lawn with spray paint.

Clean the Gutters

cleaning roof gutters by hand
Clean your gutters to get a neat outlook of your home and to prevent leakages

Cleaning your gutters is a good idea both from the point of view of hygiene as well as giving a clean look, and in the long run, save you money.

Your gutters can overflow, give rise to foul odor, and breed germs that are harmful to you. Cleaning them helps to avoid blockage in the downspout, thus leakages.

Hide a Cinder block foundation

Your house might be built on a cinder block foundation, and you might want to get rid of the appearance as it has long gone out of trend. One way to do this is to repaint or paint the structure neutral so it is not visible. You can also add plants, bushes, and window boxes to cover up its appearance without burning a hole in your pocket while adding to improve curb appeal.

That’s a Wrap

Dust off the excuses that you are unable to make the curb appeal look perfect. What I have put here are some helpful tips to improve curb appeal and make you fall in love with your home again. At first, it may be hard to pinpoint what changes can make the front yard look appealing. 

But since I have tried most of them at my house, too, I believe these tips can surely get the much-needed stunning curb appeal.

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