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Husky Air Compressor Review

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Husky air compressor is a reliable brand when it comes to pneumatic power tools. These compressors come in a variety of capacities and have multiple applications both at home and industrial sites.

I have examined some of the Husky air compressors available in the market. I assessed them based on a variety of parameters and put together a Husky air compressor review. 

For me, the best pick is the Husky C302H. There are 4 more you can choose from for your task. Read them to gain a more comprehensive understanding of Husky air compressors. The in-depth Husky air compressor review will help you to determine which model suits your project needs. 

Plus, there’s a buying guide after the reviews to help you with a few more details about the husky air compressor.

Best Overall: HUSKY C302H

Husky C302H 30 gal. quiet portable electric air compressor

The model C302H of Husky air compressors has a weight of 148 pounds. It has a maximum PSI of 155 for optimal tool execution and output. A 1.6 HP electric motor provides dependable power production for the machine.

Features of HUSKY C302H 30 Gal. 155 PSI Ultra-Quiet Portable Electric Air Compressor

  • Decibel: 75 dB
  • Motor Power: 15 Amps, 1.6 HP
  • CFM: 6.20 @ 40 PSI & 5.30 @ 90 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 155 PSI
  • Tank Size: 30 gallons
  • Weight: 148 lbs

What I liked about HUSKY C302H?

The Husky air compressor review of this model is very impressive. The 30 gallon tank makes it a perfect choice for long-duration tasks. Plus, I liked the cast iron v-twin cylinder. It boosts the overall life of the tool.

There is a sturdy cast iron crankcase for the oil-lubricated pump. It also features a thermally stable cast iron cylinder body. The valve plate is also made out of cast iron for better impact. Moreover, you would love the stainless steel reed valve. It not only looks strong and durable but is also corrosion- resistant. To add to its durability, its cylinder is made up of aluminum. The heavy-duty induction motor of this compressor provides maximum efficiency.

10-inch complete pneumatic wheels make the product highly portable across different terrains. Also, it has automotive-style ball bearings that add to the machine’s functionality.

What I didn’t like about HUSKY C302H?

The power cord is not very long. So, you have to keep it near the plug point. Also, the drain valve is not very convenient. You may have to replace it with a ball valve, a pipe nippel and an elbow. Another point to note is that even the oil drain is at an inconvenient location. So, you are unable to catch the oil properly.  


  • Quietest air compressors
  • Vertical tank occupies less space
  • Small footprint
  • Fully assembled unit


  • The power cord is not long.
  • Inconvenient drain valve. 
  • Catching the oil is a mess.

Who can use HUSKY C302H 30 Gal. 155 PSI Ultra-Quiet Portable Electric Air Compressor

It can be best used for painting, fasting, bolting, and medium-duty roofing projects. So, whether you are working outside or in a room, I would recommend it to be used by hobbyists and homeowners. 

Best Oil-Lubricated: Husky 8 Gallon Air Compressor

Husky 8 gal. oil lubricated air compressor 4CFM

The oil-lubricated Husky 8 Gallon air compressor runs by a heavy-duty induction motor. The powerful motor of this compressor makes it one of the most reliable air compressors. It contains a steel gallon tank and an oil-lubricated pump. The pump has a long-lasting cast-iron cylinder with no belts or brushes, making it less maintenance air compressor

Features of Husky 8 gal. Oil Lubricated Air Compressor, 1.5 HP 4CFM

  • Decibel: 75 dB
  • Motor Power: 12.5 Amps, 1.5 HP
  • CFM: 5 @ 40 PSI & 4 @ 90 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 125 PSI
  • Tank Size: 8 gallons
  • Weight: 62 lbs

What I liked about Husky 8 Gallon Air Compressor?

The 4.0 cubic feet per minute air compressor from Husky has an automatic air filter. Thus, this automation somehow extends the life of the compressor. Also, it has a fast coupler. So, you can connect it to any tool. The wheels and the handled frame enable easy transportation. DIYers and amateurs looking for horizontal models can trust this Husky air compressor. 

There is a drain valve located at the tank’s bottom. This makes it easy to release air pressure and discharge moisture at the end of a work cycle. I liked the two 2-inch pressure gauges. It helps for better and precise pressure control. In this, one of the two pressure gauges measures the tank pressure, while the other monitors the working pressure.

What I didn’t like about Husky 8 Gallon Air Compressor?

The valve is not of good quality. The assembly breaks off. Also, after some time of prolonged use, it overheats itself. The circuit blows.


  • Light and portable
  • Generates less noise
  • Replaceable filter elements
  • 2 year warranty


  • Not so good valve assembly.
  • It overheats itself.

Who can use Husky 8 gal. Oil Lubricated Air Compressor, 1.5 HP 4CFM

If you are looking for a horizontal model for a DIY project, try this one. It also has good wheels and a handle frame to move it across the room. You can use it for various inflation jobs and fastening tasks.

Best Quietest Air Compressor: Husky 20 Gallon

Husky 20 gal 175 psi. portable air compressor

The 20 Gallon Husky air compressor has a high performance pump and motor. It can deliver 175 maximum PSI and 4.0 SCFM at 90 PSI. This helps in providing the tool with longer run times.

Features of Husky 20 Gal. 175 psi Quiet Portable Air Compressor

  • Decibel: 81 dB
  • Motor Power: 15 Amps, 1.3 HP
  • CFM: 5.2 @ 40 PSI & 4 @ 90 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 200 PSI
  • Tank Size: 20 gallons
  • Weight: 76 lbs

What I liked about Husky 20 Gallon?

This one has 7-inch wheels. That makes it easily movable around the room and garage. There is a fully enclosed motor and pump shroud that perfectly protects the tank. 

Also, the Husky 20 Gallon tank boasts higher PSI and SCFM. Thus, you get a high-performance pump and motor. Its vertical design saves space in your home or wherever you decide to put it.

What I didn’t like about Husky 20 Gallon?

The tube gets leaked over time. That’s because the air inlet tube gets very hot after continuous use.


  • Easy to handle and move
  • Very efficient


  • The air inlet tube gets hot. 

Who can use Husky 20 Gal. 175 psi Quiet Portable Air Compressor

It has a vertical tank. So, you can easily store it at home. It is not extremely powerful to do heavy-duty tasks. So, I would suggest you to use it at home or garages for all inflating activities, automotive applications, stapling, nailing, and medium-duty spray guns.

If you are looking for more quiet air compressors, check out our Best quiet air compressor reviews

Best Portable Air Compressor: Husky 0300813A

Husky 0300813A oil free portable air compressor

Any Husky air compressor review is incomplete without a portable model. And this Husky 0300813A, 8 Gallon air compressor fulfills the portability criteria. It automatically shuts off the pressure once it reaches the desired pressure. This adds to the safety of the operator as well as of the machine.

Features of HUSKY 0300813A 8 Gal. Portable Oil Free Electric Air Compressor

  • Decibel: 81 dB
  • Motor Power: 1.8 HP
  • CFM: 4.8 @ 40 PSI & 3.7 @ 90 PSI
  • Maximum Pressure: 135 PSI
  • Tank Size: 8 gallons
  • Weight: 35 lbs

What I liked about Husky 0300813A?

The Husky 0300813A, 8 Gallon air compressor has a 1.8 HP direct drive induction motor. So, you get a better power output and high performance. Since it is an oil-free model, it saves a lot of maintenance time, cost, and effort but you can hear some tolerable noise. The fully shrouded motor tries reducing this noise but you still can hear it as it makes about 83 dBA. Moreover, it has a removable handle and rubber wheels. So, you can move the machine anywhere you wish to.

What I didn’t like about Husky 0300813A?

You may not be able to use it for large jobs because it can serve good power only to small scale jobs.


  • 2-years limited warranty
  • Quick coupler port
  • Oil-free pump


  • Suitable only for small scale activities 

Who can use HUSKY 0300813A 8 Gal. Portable Oil Free Electric Air Compressor

The Husky 0300813A 8-gallon air compressor is perfect for inflating bike tires, pool toys, and sports balls. Homeowners can find this a suitable tool for inflating air mattresses and other household items. For trim/finish work, you can efficiently operate brad and finish nailers with this compressor. DIYers and hobbyists can use this for the completion of household maintenance, arts and crafts projects. There’s very little vibration and is very light in weight. So, I would say you can use it in the house and around garages as well.

My Verdict

All of the Husky air compressors are excellent according to their capacity and tasks that they can undertake.

However, my top preference is the HUSKY C302H air compressor, the first one. Apart from home tasks, this electric-powered air compressor is excellent for garage and commercial use as well. It finds its application in airbrushing, grinding, blow cleaning, drilling. It is also helpful for bolting/wrenching, brad nailing/stapling, cutting, and framing nailing.

Buying guide

Husky Air Compressor Review Buying Guide

This husky air compressor buying guide will summarize the key factors. Ensure that you thoroughly understand each term.

Horse Power

The first factor to take into serious consideration in this husky air compressor review is horsepower. It tells you how powerful your compressor is.

The trouble with determining horsepower presently is the manufacturers’ exaggerated descriptions. Don’t be fooled by their description, and refer to this buying guide in our husky air compressor review for the trick. 

The trick to calculating horsepower is by looking at the compressor’s electrical consumption. So, check the power the tool draws and divide it by 745.8. For instance, if the power is 1500 watts. Divide it by 745.8 and you get 2.0 horsepower. 

Weight (PSI)

Air compressor produces air pressure in PSI (pounds per square inch). If the pressure putting out is more, it would need a heavy motor. 

While most car tires require 30 to 35 PSI, most air-controlled mechanical systems usually require 90 to 100 PSI to function correctly. For important certified occupations such as performing lifts or running impact torques, 200 PSI or higher is required. 

Oil-free or Oil-lubricated: 

There are 2 types of Compressors mentioned in this segment of the ” husky air compressor review”- oil-lubricated and oil-free.

Oil-free versions are more cost-effective because they do not require additional oil purchases. It’s even less clumsy and more convenient to use. So go for the oil-free version if you are planning to save money. 

The oil-lubricated compressor has a lower environmental impact as it has less noise level and a long life.

So, if you need an air compressor for frequent use, then go for an oil-lubricated compressor.

Air volume: 

When it comes to air blowers, the essential criterion to use is volume. And it’s usually measured in cubic feet per minute (CFM) or Standard CFM (SCFM). This statistic represents the amount of air that the air compressor can deliver into its tanks in a given amount of time.

The devices that require an air compressor to function will almost always have a minimum CFM requirement. A larger device, such as a 3/4-inch sway wrench, will operate with an air blower that produces roughly 14 CFM. But, it is better if the air blower can have 16 CFM or more. For example, a standard air caulking tool works best when paired with an air compressor that can produce at least 4 CFM. Always check your power tool on how much CFM it works best

The 2 types of air compressors 

  • Electric-operated Compressor: 

An electric-run air compressor power tool will be a suitable choice if you work at home. Compressors that run on electricity are more ideal for use in the house because they produce less noise. You won’t have to deal with the annoyance of excessive wear because it’s corded. There’s a chance you’ll be able to get a battery-operated cordless compressor.

  • Gas-operated Compressor:  

If the electric-run compressor isn’t working well, a gas-powered compressor may be an option. It is pretty suitable for heavy-duty performance on the job site. These are heavier, need more care, and are typically louder than the electrically operated compressors. They are, nevertheless, the most adaptable in terms of movement. 

Husky Air Compressors are long-lasting and dependable air compressors that perform well when in use. The brand creates high quality items and designs that are made to meet your specific needs and requirements. The Husky Air compressor comes in various sizes (from small to large models). Each helps you complete your next project at the job site with ease. Unlike the noisy large models, the tiny ones are quieter and easier to store. Also, they can be employed in larger and high-demanding projects due to their efficient performance. 


The Husky air compressor review, which includes features and merits, and demerits, goes through every tiny detail. Each of them is outstanding in one form or another. While my favorite is HUSKY C302H, go through the rest and pick the one that best suits your job. 

This Husky air compressor review will assist you in every way possible in making a valid selection.

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