Easy DIY Home Improvement Ideas – Simple Tips and Tricks To Improve Your Home’s Look

easy diy home improvement ideas

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Once I wanted to give my home a small uplift but wasn’t keen on spending many big bucks on it. While I tried my hands at several easy DIY home improvement ideas, here I have got 21 of the easiest ones that won’t take more than a weekend or two. For a few of these, spend only a couple of hours, and you are off to have an awesome transformed space. 

Whether remodeling the old furniture to a new shelf or redecorating the ceiling fan, I have focused on picking the “no contractor” tasks.

So, make a list of what you wish to upgrade, get your gloves, and grab all the things that you once thought of throwing away. Let’s go.

21 Simple DIY Home Improvement Ideas To Try This Season

Accent wall 

Green accent wall
DIY home improvement ideas: Create an accent wall

An accent wall is a cheap home improvement to refine room aesthetics, especially in high ceilings living space. Review your home’s architectural characteristics before deciding on an accent wall. Use color, woodwork, masonry, and built-in bookcases to highlight existing focal points. Paint stripes, chevrons, circles, and herringbone patterns on the walls with bright colors. 

A few days back, I saw a funky accent wall with a color-coordinated fabric. It was wrapped around with durable cardboard squares and was fixed to the wall in a pleasant pattern.

Items you might need
Paint Brushes
Painters Tape

Crown molding 

crown molding on top of cabinet
DIY home improvement ideas: Crown molding on cabinet

A crown molding running along the top of a wall where it meets the ceiling creates an instant framing for the room. It helps to give the space a classic and formal feel. Small details like crown molding around a window make the rooms appear brighter and windows seem larger. 

Crown molding above stock kitchen cabinets, bookshelves, or cubby systems creates a bespoke look. You can complete these DIY home improvement projects within a weekend. You can easily build them with saws, miter boxes, hammers, wood fillers, nails or glue, and sealant.

Items you might need
Crown Molding
Miter Saw

Ceiling fans

exotic ceiling fan
DIY home improvement ideas: Revamp your ceiling fan

Washi tape and paint can prove to be your best friends when it comes to sprucing up those plain rotating fans. Replace the conventional oblong fan blades with something more elegant. You can take ideas from the retro-inspired wooden ones. 

Make use of the ceiling fans to contribute to the current theme or palette of your home centers. You can also come up with any color and design combination. Painting ceiling fans is an easy DIY home improvement idea to add a new look and color to your room in an unpredictable way.

Items you might need
Fan Blades
fan blades
Hand drill

Front door

yellow painted door to improve curb appeal
DIY home improvement ideas: Paint your doors and shutters

Handprints and smudges develop quickly on doors. These imprints are more prominent around lock hardware and handle. Paint or clean all the room and closet doors. Also, lubricate any squeaky hinges or stuck locks. 

Pay particular attention to the main entrance. Since they provide a strong first impression on potential buyers and visitors. Recently I gave a fresh coat of paint in a vibrant shade to the front door. It was a very simple DIY home project but actually enhanced the curb appeal. Installing new matching handles and lock hardware is another great method to impact home depot decor.

Items you might need
Door Handles
Lubricant for Door Hinges

Laundry room 

custom build laundry room
DIY home improvement ideas: Laundry room makeover

Simple laundry room DIY projects will make your laundry day work hassle-free. Place laundry baskets on open shelves. Redesign the wooden tracks to build runners for the baskets to slide on. Make cabinet door pulls using clothespins fastened to wooden dowel lengths. 

Keep your ironing supplies handy and out of the way by making a hanging ironing center.

Items you might need
Draw Runners
Laundry basket
laundry basket
Clothing Hangers

Storage space 

stylish rotan basket
DIY home improvement ideas: Use baskets in open shelves to declutter further

Creating storage space in your house necessitates planning. Examine what you’ll be storing and how much space you’ll need. At little cost, removing half of the furniture from a room and clearing up surfaces is a cheap home improvement idea to give it a fresh, clean look. 

Use old drawers and wire baskets to keep things organized. This does not require spending on extra storage equipment and is an easy diy home improvement idea. You can sand the wooden cases and flatten to paint or veneer them. This will also give it a more polished appearance.

Light fixtures 

DIY mason jar light fixtures
DIY home improvement ideas: Mason jar light fixtures

Mason jars and glassware light fixtures uplift a room’s overall look and feel. Creating DIY light fixtures is an easy task. It requires plywood boards, mason jars, and ropes. Plastic glasses are readily available in any home. Use these glasses to create stunning glass lamps. 

Lighting fixtures was one of the easy home improvement projects I took up recently. Here’s what I did. I took a few candle holders and cut off their bottom portion. Then, I fixed them around pendant lights and hung them on a wire. Wow! These lamps created a splashed delicate light effect.

Kitchen cabinets 

blue and white kitchen cabinets
DIY home improvement ideas: Two-toned kitchen cabinets

Two-toned kitchen cabinet paint schemes are becoming popular. In most two-toned schemes, the lower cabinets have dark paints while the upper cabinets are bright. It’s known as the “tide line” in British Standard designs. 

Nickel, matte black, and stainless steel fixtures are replacing the decades-old brass fixtures. And with that, everything old has become fresh again. The result is a new generation of brass. It’s even better than the last one. 

If you have a cluttered under-sink kitchen cabinet, a simple and inexpensive DIY cabinet organizer will help.

Living room

simple blanket ladder
DIY home improvement ideas: Add a simple blanket ladder

Blanket ladder is a cost-effective option for your living room. Its construction is quick and gives flair to your living area. Blanket ladder’s rugged texture sets it apart. It’s both stylish and practical. Acquaint yourself with the tools needed to complete this DIY home project. 

Elegant vases add to the appeal of your living room. They are a simple DIY project. Paint them with leftover paint from around the house in a simple step-by-step technique. Put these vases on the blanket ladders in the living room as ornamental elements to keep planters.

Dining room

accent wall in dining room
DIY home improvement ideas: Awesome patterned wall

Revamp your dining room chairs with new fabric. A vibrant graphic pattern printed fabric may add a splash of color and liveliness to the space. All of this without putting a strain on your wallet. Hang shelves to display your collection of trinkets or favorite dishware instead of typical artwork.

Apply tin tiles or embossed wallpaper on the ceiling to add texture and elegance. A ceiling with any architectural character will attract the eye up. It also makes the room appear larger.

Clean Out Pathways Using a Pressure Washer

cleaning tiles using a pressure washer
DIY home improvement ideas: Clean your pathway using a pressure washer

Pressure washer is an excellent tool for cleaning spaces in and around your home. Remove mud, dirt, molds, and other grime from the exterior of your home with a power washer. It performs the cleaning tasks with great speed and efficiency. 

But, understanding its correct usage and safety is critical. Otherwise, you will damage your property and harm family members while cleaning the areas with power washer. You can rent a pressure washer from any hardware store near you. Clean up your driveway, and your walkways using the pressure washer.

Fresh coat of paint 

paint your house
DIY home improvement ideas: Paint your house

To improve curb appeal you can decide to paint the outside of your home. However, it is better to avoid painting on a humid or rainy day.

Use slow-drying paint if you have to paint in a humid environment. Before applying the next coat, make all necessary corrections. Scrap or sand any cracked, flaking, or peeling spots before putting on the new paint and primer. Otherwise, the new coat’s weight will force the old paint to come loose. 

Wash the greasy spots with soap and rinse them with clean water. Alternatively, wipe the walls with a moist cloth to ensure that the paint has a clean surface to adhere to. But, before your start make sure the walls are completely dry for the paint to stick better.

Home office 

diy desk with computer on top
DIY home improvement ideas: DIY table for your home office

I think, to set up a home office you don’t need a separate room. Rather, all you need is a desk. If you have wood scraps and are proficient with power tools, you can build a DIY structure. Do the measurements with sawhorse brackets. 

Combine your dining area and home office with a long modular table. Refresh an old patio or console table with a new coat of paint or leave it in its rustic shape. Add white bursts against a monochrome blue setting with throw pillows to recast an iron garden chair.

Outdoor space

changing your outdoor space doesn't have to be expensive
DIY home improvement ideas: Make your backyard cozy on a budget

Beautifying your backyard does not demand a lot of money or effort. Container gardening adds layers and colors to your landscape, giving it a new dimension. Large outdoor planters can be expensive. Make your own geometric planters to minimize expenses. 

I tried a DIY project where I got some low-cost materials like angled pavers and gravel for the foundation. I planted colorful perennial shrubs in the backyard. These really saved money on landscaping. You can also pile bright-colored outdoor pillows with eye-catching patterns on top of patio furniture. They make the outdoor spaces cozier.

Garage door 

an easy diy home improvement idea is to upgrade your garage door
DIY home improvement ideas: Use different hinges and handles to change the garage door’s look

Power-driven garage doors can cost you a fortune. Also, when it comes to repairing them, they aren’t cheap. This means that if you are willing to try your hand at DIY home improvement ideas, then you can surely not drill a hole into the pocket. 

With just paint, you can give your garage door a faux wood carriage look. Use gel stains on shutters, stairs, and garage doors. Get your garage door to look like a carriage door by adding wood to it. Faux garage door windows will make the entire space feel more comfortable.

Chalkboard Paint 

chalkboard in a diy childrens room
DIY home improvement ideas: Use Chalk paint to alter the appearance

Chalkboard Paint is one of the many ways which can save your home decor. More than often we like to stick notes, stickers, and photographs on the wall to remember things. Many other things also get stuck to the wall even when we are being careful. 

Chalkboard paint, unlike normal wall paint, doesn’t hold any residue when you stick postcards or stickers. It is easier to clean and you can be less careful with maintenance. It’s a magical gift for you if you are regular with it and have kids around.

Try Laminated Floors 

click system on hardwood floor
DIY home improvement ideas: Easy to install laminated floors

Laminated floors are the most durable and affordable flooring option that is available out there. You can rely upon its strength and look. It never goes out of style as it has been in vogue for ages.

I tried the click-lock design. It is incredibly simple to install as compared to the other options. In this, the end joints click and lock together. So, when you don’t want to work with adhesives, this type of flooring can hold the flooring joints tightly together.

Another type my friend tried was Tongue and Groove. It was very much similar to what I did. But these end joints do not lock. You may either have to glue or nail them together.  

Upgrade or Change Your Closet Door

upgraded closet doors
DIY home improvement ideas: Upgrade or change your closet doors

Simply redoing your closet door can make a great deal of change in the overall outlook of your house. You can try the latest trends or go for a classic texture. You can also paint them by yourself if you are running tight on budget. You can go for neutral shades or try some elegant designs with paint. If you can spend a little money on closet doors, you can surely go for French Closet Doors and your house will get the most classy look. 

But, the bi-fold doors are my favorite! I separated and transformed them into french closet doors. Also, I added glass arches to it and made it look a little fancier. Or when having an Ikea close by, they sell standard doors which are easy to replace and won’t hurt your wallet that much.

Enjoy your DIY Fire Pit

enjoy your diy firepit
DIY home improvement ideas: Make and enjoy your self made fire pit

Fire pits become the most frequented corner during cold months, hence, they need special maintenance. You can experiment with shapes and designs surrounding the firepit.

Here’s how I saw at one of the places I recently visited. They had outlined the area to be covered. To have a unique look, they tried a circularly shaped fire pit. Picked some stone bricks from the backyard and did a little heavy duty cement work to make them stick to each other.

Ceramic Tiles for decoration

ceramic tiles for decoration
DIY home improvement ideas: Ceramic tiles for decoration

Tiles are a versatile choice when it comes to flooring (or) wall decor. They add class to your bathroom and kitchen. However, they can go out of trend very easily. If you have ceramic tiles in your house, it is very easy to upgrade them into something new and trending. Get a timeless look with a black, grey or white color. I love to have coasters out of marble hex tiles. All you could do is fix a patch of velvet to the underside of the tiles with an adhesive.

Another simple easy home improvement idea is to have a Moroccan-inspired design on a plant pot. Get a hammer and break those tiles (carefully) into small mosaic size pieces on the pot. 

Upgrade or Replace Old Doors

Replacing door handle
DIY home improvement ideas: Replace the door handles or knobs

Doors, be it the front door, your room’s door, or your closet doors, if you want to try something new with doors. You can replace the doorknob in copper or brass. Or you can just replace the door with a new one and use the old door to create coffee tables, side tables or display boards to stick reminders.  You can also use it as a functional shelf by removing the panels. 


Sometimes, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to create a big impact. Just a few touch-ups here and there can help you discover a new space altogether and increase home’s value. These 21 DIY home improvement ideas can surely make you “flaunt” your faves on social media.

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