What Is The Cost Of Bath Fitter Tub (Liner) – Are Bath Fitter Tub Costs Reasonable, and Is It Worth It?

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You may have watched many commercials for Bath Fitter. Each states how beautiful you can have your bathroom. But before you delve into how Bath Fitter can help, here I am to take you through the what’s and how’s of the cost of Bath Fitter tub and with the best alternatives.

We will start with what or who Bath Fitter is. Then we will move to the basic question – How much does it cost? I have tried to put the closest estimates possible.

Likewise, if you want to replace the current bath, I have gathered some stats and data.

After finding the estimates, comes installation. If you like doing it all by yourself, you can find some quick installation tips later in the blog. Well, I have ensured to put in some alternatives to Bath Fitter in the end. Just to let you know, there are also a few other best options you can rely on.

Happy reading.

What is (a) bath fitter?

Bath Fitter might sound like a fixture or a bathroom appliance that is in the latest architectural trend. But quite strangely, Bath Fitter is the name of a company as well as the name of the service they provide. 

Bath Fitter is a Canada-based company. It specializes in installing bathroom liners in residential complexes. They manufacture special kinds of Bath Fitter tub liners. Also, Bath Fitter offers services to help install your old bathtubs. It helps make your bathroom look more compact with shower liners and gives it a more trendy look. It also protects your bath fitter wall panels from moisture, making this exercise an investment for your house. Their lifetime guarantee has made the customers trust them for more than 30 years.

It was started in 1984 by the Cotton brothers, Wayne, Glenn, and Brian Cotton. With time, Bath Fitters have come to be known for their enhanced remodeling ideas. They help to upgrade your bathroom according to the latest architectural designs.

What is the cost of bath fitter tub (liner)?

the average cost of bath fitter tub
Cost of bath fitter tub (on average)

Looking for a new tub set up, bathtub liners or any remodeling takes a lot of planning. If you think of going for something like Bath Fitter, you must surely calculate the costs. You should adjust your budget as they can be slightly up in the price range.

The cost of a Bath Fitter tub liner can cost anywhere between $700 and $1000. It truly depends on the design you go for and the overall bathroom aesthetic you are opting for. Adding up to the cost of this acrylic liner can be the fitter installation cost. You should also take into account miscellaneous expenditures as they are bound to occur. A small fixture here and there can make a difference in your expenditure. All in all, here is the estimate that I have got. The typical range of acrylic bathtub liners and fitting is around $4000-$7000.

Bath Fitter, as a brand, has always emphasized customization in bathroom accessories. They are hardly ever seen quoting a universal price, be it online or offline. Their focus has always been on personalizing the bathrooms. This also includes the shower surround, shower bases, wall surround, and much more.

Further, Bath Fitter has tried to bring down the installation costs while charging for an average cost of a bathroom. Hence, getting an estimate for your needs before purchasing would seem to be the best way to pick. You can run an online search or ask people who have gone for Bath Fitter before to get the estimates.

How much does the bath fitter replacement cost?

The average cost of Bath Fitter tub replacement

If you are not building your bathroom from scratch, you can always go for replacements. Indeed, this can let you get a new look for your bathroom. With time and usage, the appliances and fixtures are going to deplete. The faucets might need more fixing. Moreover, the open bathtub might be creating a moisture problem for your walls and floors.

A replacement of the old bathtub is always a good option given that you are aware of the costs and have a budget ready.

Budgeting cannot at any level happen without finding out the approximate prices of products and charges of services.

A replacement of the existing bathtub can cost you anywhere from $1200 to $7000. But, it depends upon the products and services you choose for your new bathroom. If you want a luxurious bathroom experience, you can go for a few lavish bathroom setups. This cost can go beyond $7000.

However, if you have a strict budget for replacing bathroom fixtures and appliances, break down the list. With this, budget your spending accordingly. This will prevent you from going overboard with one thing and make you overspend. Replacing a bathtub only can cost you between $1200 and $5000 depending upon the kind of bathtub you went for.

Acrylic tubs and new liners can cost you more as compared to steel and marble. It is always a good idea to go for a material that suits your budget and needs. A good part of the money is spent on installation and labor costs. You can definitely save some bucks here if you plan it properly. 

You can take your time in finding people who can offer professional installation and do not charge a huge sum and get it done cheaply. If you rely on bathroom companies for installation, they will charge you a fixed amount. So, I would suggest you research before diving into remodeling anything.

On the other hand, Bath Fitter tub liners cost $1000, and the panels start from $2000. To be honest, this is simply to give an idea while making a budget. The rest depends upon your needs and the quality of the materials that you go for. 

Their models are the best choice for replacement. That’s because they can give you a new look for around $400-$600. And they might need maintenance or replacement every five years. But it really is a great deal if you look into it as they also offer a lifetime warranty.

Can you install a bathtub on your own?

self install bath tub liners?
To cut on bath fitter tub cost’s you can always try to do it yourself 😀

Installing a bathtub or tub liner on your own can be quite a task. On the one hand, you have spent a generous amount on purchasing the tub and faucets. So, you wouldn’t want to risk going to the wrong installation. But, on the other hand, you can save a huge amount of money if you decide to do it by yourself.

It would be more convenient for someone who belongs to this field. Say you are a plumber, architect, or engineer. Your work experience can provide you an idea of how to go about installing tubs and liners by yourself. But it could be quite risky and an arduous task if you are a total stranger to building, plumbing, and architecture.

If you are confident that you can do it yourself, you should spend a good amount of time learning the basics. You can seek help if you know a professional or rely on the internet for tips, tricks, and processes. You can practice too if you have an old tub to get more practical knowledge. All in all, it depends upon you. If you are confident, you can do all the installation by yourself.

Things to consider before going for Bath Fitter

Before going for a Bath Fitter, find out what you want with your new bathtub. Was there a problem that needed to be fixed? Or was there a look in your mind that you needed to get? You can make a list of all your wants and needs. Then, find out whether getting custom bath liners would work for you or not. Simply changing a liner and tub is not going to solve all your bathroom-related problems.

Tub lining, however, can change the entire look of your bathroom. So, if your main concern was bathroom upgrades, you should go ahead with transforming them. However, if your issue were to fix cracked ceramic tiles and molds, changing liners wouldn’t make any difference.

You should have also researched a few other companies that provide similar products and services. Basically, running market research is a good idea. It can help you in finding better solutions or better pricing or products. Simply going for Bath Fitter might reduce your chances of ending up with the right pieces for your bathroom.

An Inexpensive Alternative to Bath fitter

alternatives to bath fitter tub liners
Cheaper alternatives to the cost of bath fitter tub or bathroom exchange

If you are ready to look beyond the brand name of Bath Fitter, there are many “not so expensive options” available. They offer a wide range of varieties when it comes to products and services and is available at a better price range. You can easily find a better deal without burning a hole in your pocket. Plus, you can also get products with better designs for the type of tub you want.

For example, you can explore Re-bath. Re-bath offers a wide range of products that Bath fitter doesn’t provide at the same price range. They offer lighting, cabinets, faucets, and many more options with bathtubs and liners. You can create an elegant look out of their products. What really matters is your need and your desire to explore.

Let me walk you through a few more Bath Fitter alternatives.

Miracle Method

Miracle Method is approximately 7 years older than Bath Fitter. It is known to have the largest footprint across the whole of North America. They concentrate majorly on refinishing the bathtub, countertop, and ceramic tiles. Their website states that they can help you save 75% of the replacement costs. That is to say, if a replacement of a bathtub can cost $3000, they can refinish it for a fraction of that cost.


BathWraps offer Bathtub renovations. They claim to install a wall surround with a watertight, custom manufactured tub in a day! They seem to use 100% nonporous acrylic material. Hence, the bathtub will never crack, peel, chip, stain or have mildew.

Custom Bath Liners

Custom Bath Liners have put their prices upfront on the website.  

  • Walk-Thru System for $859
  • Tub Liners and Wall System for $2,999
  • Tub-to-Shower Conversion for $3,999
  • Walk-In Bathtubs starting with $7,999
  • A complete bath makeover for $6,999. This includes: 
    • Tub Liner
    • Wall System
    • Wall Color Upgrade
    • Decorative Trim
    • New Temp Valve
    • New Vanity & Toilet
    • Granite Countertop
    • Undermount Sink
    • Laminate Flooring
    • And Hand-held Shower Unit

Bath Planet

The tubs of Bath Planet are completely made out of acrylic. They provide a free consultation for bathroom remodeling. Their services comprise: 

  • Bathroom remodeling
  • New Bathtubs
  • Bath Replacement
  • Bath Liners
  • Bath Wall Surrounds
  • Step-Thru Inserts
  • Walk-In Tubs 

So, if you do simple market research before settling for Bath Fitter, you can come across more designs. You will also find more brands and more solutions to your bathroom-related problems. Bath Fitter is a great option if you’re looking for standardized products and durability. But if you are looking for more, there are always alternatives available for you to try!


Although you are doing your best to enhance the look of the entire bathroom, don’t forget the bath liners. They should be on the top of your list. They are durable, affordable, and, yes, can be put on the wall system quickly.

Also, a quick piece of advice – the average price costs mentioned here only include the basic walls. You will have to include the prices of built-in soap dishes or grab bars. That would be completed based upon the material and type you choose.

If you think the cost of Bath Fitter is going beyond your budget, I have also offered another alternative.

In conclusion, I would only like to ask you to choose the bath liners smartly. Avoid installing them yourself and pick only from proven companies.

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