The Best Random Orbital Sander For woodworking [The Sander Review]

best random orbital sander for woodworking

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I have gathered the most usable information of the ten best random orbital sanders for woodworking in this review. 

Each talks about its features, pros, cons, what I liked about it and who can use it. Thus, I have got you covered, whether it is just a random home improvement project or a grand commercial project. 

From the list, I found Bosch ROS20VSK as the best random orbital sander for woodworking. Along with this one, there are 9 other random orbital sanders that can help you get the job done efficiently.  

Also, you will find a quick buying guide at the end of the blog. It will tell you about different terminologies used for the orbital sander. Also, it will enlist the most relevant factors that can influence your choice. 

Let us begin.

Best Overall: Bosch ROS20VSK

Bosch ROS20VSC Palm sander
My best overall random orbit sander for woodworking is the Bosch ROS20VSK Palm Sander

The Bosch ROS20VSK comes with a damping pad system that gives a smooth finish without leaving any marks. The easy disc attachment system works like velcro, making it easier to use.


  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Speed: 7,500 to 12,000 opm
  • Motor/Battery: 2.5 Amps
  • Power Source: ‎Corded Electric
  • Weight:3.5 pounds

What I liked about it?

It is a very pocket-friendly option for those looking for the best random orbital sander for woodworking projects. The variable control offered by the 2.5 AMP motor makes the work easier. Also, it makes it less daunting with the degree of control it provides. 

You don’t need to go out of your way to pay for this mini product. The durability is long-lasting, which makes it even more remarkable for small domestic needs. 

Moreover, it doesn’t leave any swirl marks as there is practically no residue left with this tool. It comes with a carrying case, vacuum adapter, dust canister, dampening ring, sanding disc, and sanding pad.

What I didn’t like about Bosch ROS20VSK?

The dust collection is not very effective. You may have to change it every 2-3 minutes. Also, cleaning the system takes time. Fine dust does swirl around. Plus, after a few days, you may see that the tool is sanding too slowly and sometimes merely vibrates.


  • No residue marks 
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Suitable for small domestic needs
  • Variable control


  • Light body
  • not suitable for heavy tasks

Who can use it? 

If you are looking for short sanding sessions, then this one is the best one to choose. You can mostly have it for domestic usage.

Best for Small Project: Ryobi P411 One+

Ryobi P411 orbital sander
My palm sander for small projects.

Ryobi P411 One Plus+ is a simple random orbital sander for woodworking. The design is ergonomic, which offers a powerful grip. It makes the control easier and work less daunting. It is again built for domestic purposes.


  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Speed: 10,000 opm
  • Motor/Battery: 18 V
  • Power Source: ‎Battery Powered
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds

What I liked about it?

The simplified mechanism is built especially for an average homeowner who doesn’t know much about sanding. It is easier to use and control. 

The only con with this device is the battery backup. Being a cordless orbit sander, the device needs to be changed every 35-40 minutes, which means it’s not fit for long professional tasks. 

And it is feeble in power. So, you can carry out very light low-pressure finish sanding only. In addition, you can see the battery pack bulging out from the back. So, with larger Ryobi batteries and working on a flat surface, it can flip back. 

It’s a small and durable orbit sander that doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket. 

What I didn’t like about Ryobi P411 One+?

It is very light duty. Doesn’t have enough power for heavy-duty tasks.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • powerful grip
  • ergonomic design
  • smooth finish
  • rigid design
  • Dust bag


  • Low battery backup, weak power

Who can use it? 

This tool works best for domestic users who want to handle small to medium tasks. 

Best for Power: Dewalt DWE6423K

DEWALT Random orbital sander
Control your power easily with DWALT’s orbital palm sander for woodworking

Dewalt DWE Random Orbit Sander Comes with a 3.0 AMP motor. Slight vibrations make the work easier. 

Variable control makes it one of the best tools in this category. 


  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Speed: 8,000 to 12,000 opm
  • Motor/Battery: 3 Amps
  • Power Source: ‎‎Corded Electric
  • Weight: 3.94 pounds

What I liked about it?

This tool comes with the durability and guarantee of the brand name Dewalt. One of the best in the game, this device offers variable control. This device also reduces vibrations and thereby reduces user fatigue. 

I liked the hook and loop bottom. You can change sanding grains in no time. This makes it on my list of best random orbital sander for woodworking.

What I didn’t like about Dewalt DWE6423K?

Users might face some issues when it comes to dust collection. They might not even be able to see it while working. Also, I feel the on and off switch is a little small. 


  • Durable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Comes with hose clamps


  • The dust collecting feature is not up to date with the latest trends. 
  • It does not easily connect to a shop vac.

Who can use it? 

It can be used for both rough and delicate sanding. That means, whether you are a professional user or a domestic DIYer, this tool can help.

Best for Value: Porter-Cable 382

Porter Cable random orbital sander
Not too expensive but a great product. So it had to be on my best orbital sander for woodworking list.

Porter-Cable 382 is a dual plane counter orbit sander. It accepts 8-hole 5 inch sandpaper, giving an extra smooth surface and consistent finish. 


  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Speed: 12,000 opm
  • Motor/Battery: 1.9 Amps
  • Power Source: ‎‎Corded Electric
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds

What I liked about it?

The outer body is made up of plastic. The motor is 1.9 amps, one of the lowest power ranges in the market. And, this orbit sander is different from others due to its lightweight. The ergonomic design makes it very easy for you to do a variety of tasks. So, no matter how many wood pieces you sand with this one, it will go on and on without failing you.The combination of low amp motor and high OMP might sound slightly incompatible, but they work perfectly on small projects. 

What I didn’t like about Porter-Cable 382?

The filter output hole size of the new model has changed. So, you will find it a little difficult to attach the vacuum. It vibrates more than other sanders I’ve tested so you might want to be careful when handling this tool for a longer period of time. And, it is pretty noisy too.


  • Budget-friendly
  • Easy operation
  • The finishing is anything between average to highly satisfying. 


  • Not suitable for big projects. 
  • It can lead to considerable user fatigue while working. 

Who can use it?

It is best for amateurs who would be working on small tasks. However, I wouldn’t suggest using it for big projects because of the vibrations and sound.

Best for Smooth Job: Makita 18V Random Orbit Sander

Makita XOB01T Orbital sander
Work without breaks using Makita’s rechargeable batteries.

The next one that comes in my list of best random orbital sanders for woodworking is from Makita. It is a heavy-duty, rechargeable, and cordless orbit sander.


  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Speed: 7,000 to 11,000 opm
  • Motor/Battery: 18 V
  • Power Source: ‎Battery Powered
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds

What I liked about it?

Makita 18 V Random Orbit Sander comes with variable speed, giving you a higher degree of control and the perfect finish you are looking for. It is a lightweight and heavy-duty orbit sander. This makes it easier for the user to carry and perform tasks. 

The portability of this best random orbital sander for woodworking comes with the guarantee of the Makita brand. The battery backup lasts for 40 mins, and the device is easily rechargeable. Also, you can easily change the velcro sanding discs. 

What I didn’t like about Makita 18V Random Orbit Sander?

Since this is not corded, the sanding is done at a slower pace. But with the 3 speeds, you can change it according to your need for fast removal of material. 


  • Economical
  • Variable speed 


  • Slow sanding

Who can use it?

This tool is best for medium to highly-specialized projects. It can be used for professional as well as domestic tasks.

Best for Fast Jobs: Dynabrade Air Random Orbit Sander

dynabrade 56815 sander
Awesome high-end random orbital sander, perfect for woodworking!

If you are looking for a new name in the best random orbital sander for the woodworking category, Dynabrade should be your choice. This one is a lightweight cordless orbit sander. The triple-sealed front double row balancer bearing is ideally taken care of from sanding residue. What I liked the most about this tool is the hand and wrist support. 


  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Speed: 12,000 opm
  • Motor/Battery/Air: 90 PSI Max 
  • Power Source: ‎Air Powered
  • Weight: 2.04 pounds

What I liked about it?

This best random orbital sander for woodworking has an excellent dust collection system. It has a rotor that produces more usable power with five blades. Further, it also has optional vacuum conversion kits. So, you can easily make the conversions from non-vacuum to central or self-generated vacuum tools. You can lift the edge and get in tight places. Moreover, it has a very good comfort platform. So, it provides additional wrist and hand support. 

The best advice I would give is to have a regulator on your compressor, which will lead to an air pressure of 60 PSI. 

What I didn’t like about Dynabrade Air Random Orbit Sander?

Over a period of time, the material on the bottom of the plate gets frizzy. 


  • Ergonomic Grip
  • Lightweight
  • Good dust collection
  • Perfect finishing
  • Comfort platform


  • The parts do not stand strong after years of use.

Who can use it?

This may not be the correct choice if you are a home user or a DIYer. You can make its best use with light to medium-duty works. 

Best for Beginners: Chicago Pneumatic Mini Random Orbit Sander

Chicago pneumatic random orbital sander
The only pneumatic random orbital sander on the list!

The Chicago Pneumatic Mini Random Orbit sander is a lightweight and easy-to-use tool. If you are looking for a beginner-friendly tool, this is the best random orbital sander for woodworking. That’s because it is not very fast. So, you can slowly try your hands at sanding.


  • Disc Size: 2 and 3 inches
  • Speed: 15,000 opm
  • Motor/Battery/Air: 21 CFM
  • Power Source: ‎Air Powered
  • Weight: 1.5 pounds 

What I liked about it?

The battery backup of Chicago Pneumatic is commendable, and the ease of portability comes with this product. Dust collection and limited vibrations are another reason to pick this one up instead of other models.

What I didn’t like about Chicago Pneumatic Mini Random Orbit Sander?

But this random orbital sander for woodworking does not come with harsher grit sandpaper. It cannot remove material fast. In addition, you may not be able to make many adjustments to the pressure regulator. But, it gives you smooth orbital action. 

It uses a lot of air. So, even when you have 30-gallon units of pressure, it will quickly drain. 


  • Silenced handle exhaust
  • Lightweight
  • Rubber molded palm grip
  • Easy-to-use, beginner-friendly
  • good dust collection
  • Two-finger throttle


  • Limited battery backup
  • not suitable for heavy and elaborate projects
  • Terse instruction booklet

Who can use it?

This  works for medium to slightly high intensive projects. Professionals and amateurs alike can use it. 

Best for Performance: Black Decker BDRO100

Black+DEcker random orbit sander
A sanding tool that gets the job done without issues and for a good price.

Whether you want to use it for sanding a sheet metal or plywood, you would like the consistent speed. 


  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Speed: 12,000 opm
  • Motor/Battery/Air: 2 Amps
  • Power Source: ‎Corded Electric
  • Weight: 3.15 pounds 

What I liked about it?

It is one of the most efficient orbit sanders for this budget. One can easily use this one big and demanding project and get the perfect result. It is one of the pocket-friendly options in the high-performing category. The guarantee and durability that come with the Black Decker brand name are totally worth investing in.

It is tranquil and extremely comfortable to work with. You can also do the corners with this tool. Plus, you do not have to read the manual to understand how to use it. It is self-explanatory and simple to use. 

What I didn’t like about Black Decker BDRO100?

The dust bag may fill up very fast. So, you may have to empty it every 10 minutes. 


  • Budget-Friendly 
  • Comfortable grip handle
  • Self-explanatory
  • Doesn’t heat quickly
  • Quieter than expected


  • The dust collection filter/port is not very reliable. 

Who can use it?

Anybody who wants a compact tool  can definitely use this. It can help you remove paint, smooth, and sand surfaces. Also, you can pick it to work in hard-to-reach areas. A few other applications for this tool are using it on uneven drywall, sanding fences, and stripping and repainting car roofs.

Best for Comfort: Makita BO5041K

makita BPO5041K Orbit sander
Makita’s comfortable, heavy-duty orbit sander, great for woodworking projects

Makita is the best random orbital sander for woodworking if you need performance, speed, and power for sanding. It is one of the most comfortable orbital sanders you can ever have. 


  • Disc Size: 5 inches
  • Speed: 4,000 to 12,000 opm
  • Motor/Battery/Air: 3 Amps
  • Power Source: ‎Corded Electric
  • Weight: 3.09 pounds 

What I liked about it?

Sander can provide anywhere between 4000-12000 RPM. Though its dust collection is not the best. Dust gets collected on the sanding pad. But, the durability, flexibility, and ease of control make this product a must-have for all the professionals out there. This too for woodworking is perfect for tight spaces like cabinets. 

What I didn’t like about Makita BO5041K?

You would not like the small shop vac port. It can be a little bigger in diameter. If you wish to use it overhead or above the shoulders, this lightweight tool will make the job easier. Keep a reasonable control on the variable speed knob. Since it is on the top of the handle, you may accidentally switch to a different motor speed. So, be super careful. 


  • Compact
  • comes with additional handles
  • ergonomic design
  • Soft start and stop
  • Eight-hole hook and loop abrasive disc
  • Pistol grip with trigger switch
  • Variable speed knob


  • An average dust collection system
  • Not so quiet

Who can use it?

It is best for domestic and small professional projects. If you are a general contractor, finish carpenter, and woodworker, BO5041K will offer a smooth finish and faster sanding. 

Best for Finish: Bosch GET 75 6N Orbital Sander

Bosch get 75-6N orbital sander
A different shaped orbit sander. But he’ll make sure you won’t mess up.

Bosch GET 75 6N comes with a slim grip design and auxiliary handles, suitable for tight spaces. It comes with two vacuum hose adapters and one removable front handle. You will even get a sanding disc, hex pad wrench, and a soft backing pad. 


  • Disc Size: 6 inches
  • Speed: 3,300 to 7,300 opm
  • Motor/Battery/Air: 7.5 Amps
  • Power Source: ‎Corded Electric
  • Weight: 5.7 pounds 

What I liked about it?

The Bosch GET 75 is loved by many professionals mainly for its grip and high efficiency when it comes to working. However, if you are a beginner, you should be careful with the tool. It is a bit heavy and requires technical proficiency to operate. 

If you already know how to operate orbit sanders, you can definitely go ahead as the efficiency is high. The dust collecting feature is also better than many other tools in this range. But it requires hoses and a vacuum cleaner.

The good thing about this random orbital sander for woodworking is that the pad has many small and large hole patterns. And I liked the clip-on bumper the most. It allows me to get very close to them without cutting them. 

You will like the fantastic material removal process in turbo mode. In the random orbit mode, you will get an excellent finish. It can produce almost soft-to-the-touch surfaces. You will see no imperfections or swirl marks with this random orbital sander.

What I didn’t like about Bosch GET 75 6N Orbital Sander?

It is a little noisy as compared to the rest in the list. 


  • High efficiency
  • Heavy-duty
  • Durable
  • Perfect finish
  • Little to no vibration


  • You may have to use ear protection 
  • A little pricey, compared to the features offered. 

Who can use it?

The outcome of sanding the rough floor is pretty unbelievable. Yes, you can use it for your flooring business. It will do a terrific job to sand wood; it works like a beast. Indeed it is purely a no-brainer for the price tag it comes with.

My Verdict

If you ask me about the best random orbital sander for woodworking, my heart will always go for Bosch ROS20VSC Palm Sander. It comes with almost everything to complete the job without any problem. The micro-filter system to collect the fine dust is simply excellent. You can use the variable speed control to manage different speeds according to the project. The optimized combination of pad rotation and orbit makes the job extremely easy with exacting standards. 

Buying Guide

best random orbital sander for woodworking - buying guide

The detailed best random orbital sander for woodworking review must have indeed made it pretty easy to choose the finest tool for your job. But before you settle on one, look for the following features in the best random orbital sander for woodworking. 


The motor amp rating determines the power rating of an orbital sander. The best random orbital sander for woodworking comes in a motor amp rating of 2.5 to 3.3 amps. This indicates the power of the motor inside the orbit sander. More powerful amp motor with a lower spinning speed can be more potent than those with high speeds.

Dust Container

The capacity of an orbital sander to collect debris is the most crucial aspect after its power and performance. Most orbital sanders, including belt sanders in the market today, contain a dust collection system. Look for:

  • the size of the unit,
  • how easy it is to remove and empty it,
  • how successful it is at collecting dust.

Look whether the power tool has a dust canister, dust bag, and dust-sealed switch or not.


In most cases, the measuring unit of random orbit sanders is OPM (orbits per minute). Some orbit sanders may spin on a fixed axis. The measuring unit of these orbit sanders is RPM (revolutions per minute).

Variable Speed Control

Most of the random orbital sanders have only one speed. Yet, the best random orbital sander for woodworking offers variable speeds. The different speeds help to change the aggressiveness of the sander. When you want to grind down roughness, a greater speed is beneficial. For fine sanding, a slower speed is preferable. But, the lack of a variable speed control dial shouldn’t be a deal-breaker. It is an excellent tool for larger or smaller projects as the results are achievable by selecting the correct grit of sandpaper.

Check if the tool has variable speed control while looking for the best random orbital sander for woodworking. If you perform a lot of heavy sanding and delicate detailing work, this feature will prove helpful. A variable speed lever does the job of changing the speed to achieve a smooth surface.

Disc Diameter

Random orbital sanders use circular sandpaper discs and sanding pads of different diameters. The most common being 5 inches or 6 inches in diameter. Heavy-duty sanders may accept discs up to 8 inches in diameter. It’s important to note that you can’t swap disc sizes. Sanders is only designed to hold one disc size.

If you’re working on a vast project, a sander with larger discs will help you sand large areas more quickly. Smaller disc sizes give a little more control and a comfortable grip to allow you to fit into tight spaces.

Difference between Orbital Sander and Random Orbital

The best random orbital sander for woodworking makes the tedious job of sanding easier and smoother. Orbital sanders rotate in a tiny circular motion. Whereas random orbital sanders not only rotate but have a slight wiggle spin in their movement. This results in rotations that have no defined pattern and a fine and smooth sanding action.

The significant advantage is that you won’t have to worry about the wood grain direction or swirl marks. The best random orbital sander will leave no visible markings or scratches on the wood no matter where you move it.

Things to Keep in Mind

Ergonomic Design

The best random orbital sander for woodworking will have a design that works well for you. Sanding necessitates a significant amount of time and physical exertion. Check out which model is easiest on your back, shoulders, arms, palms, and fingers. When working with big surface areas, orbital sanders with handles on the front or side are handy since they make the work less tiring.

Find out how much vibration the best random orbital sander for woodworking distributes into your hands if at all possible. If the sander’s handle is prone to vibration, it will put extra strain on your body. This will result in weariness for a long time. Take into account the design, height, weight, comfort, and other advanced features of this great tool.

Power Options

There are many different sources to power the best random orbital sander for woodworking. Some equipment has cords that need an electrical outlet. So if the work area is outside, you may need an extension cable. Cordless models, like a cordless random orbital sander or detail sander, are the best choice when you’re far from a power source.

Other models are battery-powered and run on rechargeable batteries. Battery-powered sanders are more portable but have a limit on their run duration. Finally, there are air compressors that drive some orbital sanders. These air compressors are about 80 gallon or more. So, if you are choosing such orbital sander, you may need to have one air compressor to make it run.   


Details of the warranty of the best random orbital sander for woodworking are crucial to examine. A random orbit sander’s warranty usually lasts between one and three years. This is a significant difference that has the potential to increase the life of your sander.


Now you must have reached the point when picking the most reliable orbital sander for your job is easy. I have put in hours of research to get the best ten orbital sanders. The rating is done based on overall performance, impressive features, ease of operation, and look. If you want to pick the best random orbital sander for woodworking, go for Bosch ROS20VSK. It is not only pocket-friendly but also comes with many advantages.

I hope the in-depth best random orbital sander for woodworking reviews helps you select the most suited one for your needs. 

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