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Planning to buy a perfect Dremel bit that can cut metal?

Whether you are a DIY or a professional, the tools you use should be self-sufficient. So, I have brought you the 8 best Dremel Bits for cutting metal. I have reviewed each bit by talking about its benefits, features, and who can use it.

While each cutter is excellent, I have even tried to mention if the bit cuts more than just metal. Thus, it becomes easier for you to choose the perfect one.

Once you know the functions of different types of Dremel bits, go through the buying guide section. It will tell you exactly how to choose the right Dremel bit from the given list.

So, let me walk through these impressive products and let you choose the best one.

Best Overall: Dremel EZ456 Cutting Disc

Dremel cutting wheel EZ456
EZ456 is my best dremel bit for cutting metal

This must be your first consideration if you are looking for durability and fine finishing in Dremel wheels.


  • Twice more cuts than 456 
  • First patented system in its type
  • EZ-Lock system
  • Compatible with the rotary tools of Dremel

What I liked about Dremel EZ456 Cutting Disc

This Dremel wheel comes with many coatings and prevention. It helps the sharpness of the wheel to stay put for a longer time. While you just have to apply limited force, the results will be astonishing.

Dremel EZ456 works on ceramic, metal, and wood with precision which is another good reason to buy this Dremel wheel. The diameter of this wheel is 1-½ inches, and its thickness is 1.1 mm. When paired with Dremel’s EZ Lock feature, it offers more flexibility and accuracy in its work. The switches are also easy to operate.

All in all, you will like this investment of a versatile and durable Dremel wheel bit.


  • Made from fiberglass
  • Works on various metals
  • Large wheel size 


  • Fragile at the center 
  • Wears out quickly 
  • Inefficient EZ lock system

Who can use it?

It also helps in cutting soft metals and hard metals with utmost finishing and efficiency. So, if you want a finished piece, this one’s for you.

Best Thin Cuts: Dremel EZ688-01 Cutting Discs

Package of Dremel EZ688 cutting wheels
Best multipurpose in our best Dremel bits for cutting metal list

Dremel EZ688-01 Cutting Discs is an eleven-piece disc set that has been one of the top favorites of professionals. You have to apply low pressure, especially when making slim cuts. The results will never fail to impress you. 


  • Effortless locking
  • Compatible with the rotary tools of Dremel
  • Labeled wheels
  • Loading without losing the screw

What I liked about Dremel EZ688-01 Cutting Discs

It cuts smoothly through different types of materials. This includes both hard materials as well as soft materials.

The Dremel bit wheels glide through the metal surfaces, ferrous and non-ferrous materials alike. You will be astonished how the fiberglass wheels can prove to be your ideal choice.

Coming to its design, it is a one-piece set. So, changing and attaching parts doesn’t consume much time. The durability is another add-on factor.


  • Long-lasting
  • Easy switchover 


  • Comparatively thinner 
  • Breaks easily

Who can use it?

It lasts long as well as provides the best service, a must-buy for all the professionals. Not only is it a good value for money product, but the result it delivers is also unmatched.

Best Heavy-Duty: Yeezugo Cut Off Discs

Yeezugo diamond cuting wheels
Best heavy-duty cutting discs from Yeezugo in our best Dremel bits for cutting metal

Yeezugo, as a brand, has been able to gain quite a lot of trust and popularity within the professional sphere where only Dremel used to rule. This has been possible because of the quality of products they have been manufacturing.


  • Compatible with the rotary tools of Dremel
  • Mandrel Diameter:3.0mm
  • Cutting discs diameter: 22mm

What I liked about Yeezugo Cut Off Discs

The cutting wheels from Yeezugo have been able to gather some attention for themselves. And, that’s particularly this one specific model. Yeezugo Cut off discs are available in the market as a ten-piece diamond bits cutting set.

One of the most common problems while using cutting wheels is the generation of heat. Excessive heat generation hampers your work time. This problem has been eradicated with this product. It has some breathing holes to ensure the passage of air and cooling down of the wheels simultaneously. 

You can easily cut through gems, aluminum, rocks, and metals without worrying about the heat. The carbon coating is also available on both sides, which makes it durable and weather resistant.


  • Made from carbon steel
  • Breathing holes to cool off


  • Limited options 

Who can use it?

It is a good purchase for your everyday projects if you need a heavy-duty cutting wheel.

Best Package deal: Dremel EZ406-02 Cutting Discs

EZ Dremel starterkit 406-02
This starter kit had to be on our best Dremel bits to cut metal list

This is actually a starter pack for the dremel’s EZ lock system. So great for you if you still struggle to change those cutting discs. Once you have put the lock in place, you can work with it as long as you want.

The cutting wheels are our favorite Dremel EZ456. So they will cut through hard metals as well as soft metals with relative smoothness.


  • Design with one-piece mandrel
  • Labeled abrasive cut-off wheel
  • Quick accessory change

What I liked about Dremel EZ406-02 Cutting Discs

The cutting blades cut through metals, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, PVCs and revoke rust easily. They are built to provide 2X speed, finishing, and ease while working compared to other cutting discs.

The parts are easier to assemble, and the EZ lock feature makes it a lot simpler. It is a one-stop solution if you work with plastics and metals regularly. You do not have to worry about durability as well; it comes with the brand name Dremel.


  • Comparatively inexpensive 
  • Made from fiberglass 
  • Works on hardened steel 


  • Brakes at the center under pressure

Who can use it?

Dremel EZ406-02 Cutting Discs is a user-friendly metal cutting tool that can be used by amateurs and professionals alike. It is easy to handle and work with.

Best Value for Money: Dremel 420

diameter of dremel's cutting disc 420
Dremels 402 cutting disc is our value for money cutting wheel on the best Dremel bit for cutting metal

The cutting disc cuts through metals, woods, and plastics smoothly. It gives you a perfect professional finish. And, it does work well when it comes to revoking rust.


  • Great cutting power
  • Made of abrasive
  • Heavy-duty performance

What I liked about Dremel 420

It comes as a set of twenty cutting discs, which is absolutely worth it if you look at the value for money factor. It is going to last through various projects. Further, these hard abrasive bits give you the perfect results with guaranteed durability. So, if you are looking for reasonably priced cutting discs without compromising on the quality, this one is your best bet.


  • Good for steel
  • Inexpensive 
  • Made for heavy-duty work 


  • Wears out pretty faster

Who can use it?

Dremel 420 is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for some lightweight cutting. It is suitable for small projects or domestic purposes if you do not want to call a professional and fix things up. 

One of the best features of this product is its durability. It doesn’t come with the EZ local technology, making it less interesting than others. However, it is built for small projects. Hence, it wouldn’t make a significant difference.

Best For Grinding: Dremel 426

Dremel fibreglass reinforces 426 discs
The best grinding disc for metal might be this Dremel 426, according to me

Another Dremel product in the list must not shock you as it shows the trust that the brand currently enjoys. It is only because of the quality of products that Dremel manufactures. Dremel 426 is one such product.


  • Hard abrasive
  • Durable and resistant to wear
  • Fiberglass reinforcement
  • Solid build quality

What I liked about Dremel 426

It is made up of hard abrasives that can cut through heavy metals and soft ones. You can easily use this one on wood as well as plastics. It is also suitable for revoking rust that gets collected on metal surfaces. Ceramics are also cut through with this one’s blade.

It comes as a pack of five Dremel cutting wheels in one. Like other Dremel rotary wheels, this one comes with premium wheels that do not give excessive heat while cutting through objects. This makes it less hazardous and more manageable than others.


  • Works on various kinds of metal
  • Made from fiberglass and abrasives 
  • Suitable for grinding and cutting


  • Brittle at the center
  • Thickness is low

Who can use it?

These cutting discs wouldn’t be suitable for heavy tasks and larger projects. It would be best suited for small domestic projects. Hence, only looking for a cutting wheel for small projects should go ahead with this one.

Best Multipurpose: Kuenuilr Cutting Wheel Set

Kuelnir cutting wheel set
On my Best Dremel bit for cutting metal list has this Kuelnir kit

People often go with Dremel cutting wheels because of the brand name and because they own a Dremel tool. It is hard to find any other brand which manufactures cutting wheels as good as Dremel. However, many are unaware of the brand Kuenuilr.


  • HSS Circular Saw Blades
  • Resin Cut Off Discs
  • High Durability
  • Dry and wet dual-use

What I liked about Kuenuilr Cutting Wheel Set

Kuenuilr comes as a set of 36 cutting bits. It might not look very safe to arrange and assemble, but it is straightforward to work with. There are six high-speed saw blades available as a part of this tool. 

There are three different diameter options available with this one. It provides you more acute granular control than the rest of the cutting blades. If you want thin and small cuts, this one is the perfect choice for you. You can easily cut metal sheets and circuit boards with this one.


  • Various sizes of blades/discs
  • Variety of Dremel accessories
  • It can be used for big jobs 
  • Works on different materials


  • Shaft material is not hardened
  • Disc shifts from the center
  • small shank diameter

Who can use it?

The resin discs present here are weather-resistant and generate less heat. It is also reasonably priced. Hence, it is a good purchase for you if you want to buy a cost-effective product for your DIY.

Best for Fine Cutting: Dremel 409 Cut Off Wheel

box of 409 cutting discs
Another Dremel cutting disc on our best Dremel cutting bits for cutting metal

Dremel 409 is another product that can help you achieve the fine and precise cutting you are looking for. It is made up of highly abrasive material. Hence, it glides through surfaces easily.


  • Hard abrasive
  • EZ-lock mechanism

What I liked about Dremel 409 Cut Off Wheel

It can cut through steel, metals, ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, plastic-like PVC, and wood. It can also do wonders with ceramics. Hence, it is one of the versatile cutting wheels that Dremel has come up with.

The diameter of these cutting blades is very thin. You can cut through materials quickly and smoothly. It doesn’t dodge much and doesn’t require you to put too much pressure.

It comes with the EZ lock mechanism, which saves the time and effort of the user.


  • Good for thin or precise work
  • Smooth for cutting 
  • Made from abrasives 


  • For small tasks only
  • Breaks on applying pressure  

Who can use it?

It works best to look for thin cuts like grooving and shaping metals due to its sharp abrasives. It might not work best on heavy metals, and you might end up compromising on its durability. All in all, it’s an excellent tool for thin wood cuts and light usage.

My Verdict

Needless to say, I would always go for the Dremel EZ456. Not that I am biased for Dremel, this bit comes with some powerful features. I like the sharpness of the wheel, the precision that it offers with accuracy and flexibility.

Buying Guide

Best dremel bit to cut metal buying guide

Dremel bits are well-known for their high quality, versatility, and durability. It isn’t easy to know which bit to choose for the maximum effectiveness when there are so many options. However, you must use the appropriate ones for metal cutting to reap their full potential. There are a few things you should consider before buying a Dremel bit.

Type of Work

The type of project you’re working on will influence which bits you’ll require. The type and quality of the pieces differ depending on whether you’re working on a hardcore metal fabrication task or a DIY project. If you’re working on a large project, you’ll need the best and most durable Dremel bits.

An electric Dremel bit is the ideal and dependable choice for professional projects. This is because you’ll need a tool that’s not just powerful but also has endless power for various tasks, including cleaning, cutting, and sanding. A cordless Dremel bit is most appropriate for small DIY tasks in a household.

Simple to Use

Ease of use is the most important parameter that decides which Dremel bit to choose. Dremel bits are user-friendly. However, changing their accessories and attachments can be challenging at times. For a more work-friendly experience, the most significant bits should meet these requirements. So, before you go out and buy any Dremel bits, make sure you get one that is simple to use, attach, and remove. Cutting disc Dremel bits usually come in a one-piece design and are extremely easy to attach and detach from a Dremel tool.

When purchasing a Dremel bit, make sure to choose one that allows you to change the attachments quickly. Both corded and cordless rotary tools may be quite straightforward to use in terms of simplicity of usage. The corded tool has a lighter body than the cordless tool. However, the length of the cord in case of a corded one may limit your work.

Ergonomic Design

An ergonomic shape and a comfortable grip are features that make a tool easier to use. Even when working for lengthy periods, ergonomically designed grips are comfortable to use. Before you invest money on a Dremel bit, make sure you check out how it vibrates, as a constant vibration will create hand fatigue.

While Dremel bits are small, using them for longer durations can be highly stressful on your hands if they have improper design and handling features. Choose those Dremel bits with ergonomic features that lessen stress over extended periods of use, making them ideal for taking on large jobs.

Vibration Caused

Before purchasing any kind of Dremel bits, be sure to verify the vibration it causes during machining. Otherwise, it may cause problems and could also be harmful to the worker. Excessive vibrations for longer durations can result in strain on the worker’s hands and harm the tool as well.

Diameter of Dremel Bit

A Dremel bit’s diameter influences how broad or narrow the hole it drills will be. Dremel bits come in various sizes, and the choice is entirely based on the type of job to be done.

Material of Construction

Not all Dremel bits are manufactured of the same materials, and it is vital to know the difference between them. On a more practical side, all Dremel bits can be cut through wood. If you want to use the Dremel bits on glass or metal, you’ll need to figure out which materials are ideal for you.

Knowing what materials the Dremel bit is made of is crucial since it determines what your bit can cut, polish, or grind. Diamond bits, for example, can easily cut through glass and some rocks, as well as some soft steel.

Dremel bits manufactured of high-speed steel can cut through soft metals with ease. Titanium, for example, can cut through cement swiftly, making it perfect for drilling through walls. Bits made of materials like Tungsten Carbide can also cut through harder steels, making them suitable for people who demand the most from their tools.

Considering the Coatings of Dremel Bits is Crucial

This is perhaps the most significant feature of a Dremel bit. Although the tools and bits are often of high quality, understanding the materials used in their construction and the coatings are critical for making the best choice. Some of the common metals used in making Dremel bits are cobalt, high-speed steel, and carbide. Diamond coatings, fiberglass, black oxide, bronze oxide, or titanium nitride coatings are the most common materials used to coat these bits.

When it comes to working with metal, Dremel bits made of cobalt are a viable option. They may last a little longer, although being slightly more expensive. On the other hand, high-speed steel is a rigid metal that can withstand a lot of heat. These Dremel bits also have a faster cutting speed and hence are good value for money options.

Carbide is a popular material for Dremel bits because it is incredibly durable and easily cut through metal. Carbide Dremel bits are perfect for drilling tougher materials like fiberglass. These are called solid carbide bits and are a bit pricey due to all of these qualities.

Black oxide coating on Dremel bits helps to reduce friction and heat. Where titanium nitride coating makes the bit a little tougher and improves its longevity. Bronze oxide coatings increase the tempering of the bits and make them more resistant to wear.

Coatings and materials of Dremel bits can dramatically affect its performance. As a result, make sure to know what is ideal for a specific application and give the best outcomes.


So, that’s how you can decide which Dremel bit can work the best for your project. As the tool depends upon what type of work you are going to do, know the brands in the market and their products. I have tried my level best to narrow down your confusion.

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