53 Inspiring and Unique Bathroom Remodeling Ideas You’ll Love

unique and fresh bathroom remodeling ideas

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Are you planning to remodel your bathroom? Of course, you are!

Whether you are daydreaming or want a complete change, renovating the bathroom can make a big difference to the overall look of the house. 

The space, color combination, or choice of material, everything is important.

Remodeling also includes sleek showers, stunning vanities, and relaxing bathtubs.

But which styles can make your space look extra stylish and spacious?

If you have a general idea but wish to give your bathroom an elegant look , then you have ended up at the right place. 

I have seen plenty of remodeling ideas and have gone over dozens of site sites to develop 53 of the freshest and most unique ideas for you.

Continue to get inspired!

Adding reflectivity

Photo by Brio Interior DesignBrowse bathroom remodeling ideas

The more light that bounces around in your bathroom, the more spacious it appears.

Consider placing mirrors.

Mirrors not only reflect faces, but they also reflect natural light throughout your bathroom.

Combine a mirror with a window or skylight to enhance reflectivity. Reflective surfaces aren’t limited to mirrors. Shiny countertops, high-gloss fixtures or bright tiling can help bounce light around a bathroom as well.

Glass for partition

Photo by Angela StricklandBrowse bathroom remodeling ideas & photos

Glass is an excellent option for creating an internal bathroom partition. The glass separates the wet shower region from the other area and prevents water from splashing.

Also, fixed glass partitions create a physical barrier dividing bathrooms into various areas. A textured glass shower door provides some privacy.

On the other hand, a clear glass shower door makes the shower feel like an extension of the rest of the bathroom.

Organize your bathroom with storage

Well, if you have a tiny bathroom and are struggling to organize your essentials inside the bathroom, then don’t worry.

There are creative ways to enhance your storage without compromising the look of your bathroom.

For instance, consider adding a shelf to store your towels if you have a bathtub. Mount racks to hold toiletries or makeup kits. You can also add a cabin below the washbasin without disturbing the plumbing.

Featuring artwork in bathrooms

Photo by Chango & Co.Browse bathroom remodeling ideas & photos

Art doesn’t limit itself to the bedroom or the lounge. Instead, artwork that complements the decor style of a well-decorated bathroom is common.

Adding bathroom art can give the room a sense of attentiveness and magnificence. It transforms it from a purely functional room to a place you want to spend time in.

For instance, you can hang beautiful wallpapers, picture frames, or other relevant artworks.

Install sinks & vanities

All love to install sinks and vanities in the bathrooms. You can try rustic wood vanities with matte black faucets and vessel sinks.

Contrarily, you can also have an ultra-modern design with waterfall taps and shallow glass sinks. All these designs will surely steal your heart.

Moreover, adding vanities to your compact bathroom will offer you significant storage space. The vanities necessarily don’t mean to be wall-hanging. They can be floor-standing too.

Freestanding bathtubs are still in trend

You might want to opt for freestanding baths to achieve a vintage look or make a statement.

If it’s the style you’re looking for, freestanding models offer a wider range of options. However, as long as the plumbing is nearby, there is more flexibility to where the tub will get placed.

If you want to gaze out the window while you soak, consider putting your tub near a window.

Try innovative tiling styles

Photo by Swanson ConstructionMore bathroom remodeling ideas photos

Choosing beautiful materials and colors to highlight is the most exciting part of bathroom designing. That’s where tiles come in.

If you’re renovating a bathroom, you probably have all-white and marble in mind.

However, there are limitless options for tiling. Mock-wood tile floors are making their way. Adding contrast textured tiles to the walls will complement your cabinet.

Also, the penny tiles are great for creating patterns.

Walk-in showers with pebble flooring

Photo by Steinberg Custom DesignsDiscover bathroom remodeling ideas and design inspiration

If you chose to only have a shower in your bathroom, get rid of the tub and replace it with a huge walk-in shower. The pebble flooring and tiling is a great option, because it looks beachy and has a natural anti-slip.

Bring the outdoors, indoors

Photo by Taylor Jacobson Interior DesignSearch bathroom remodeling ideas and design tips

Choosing a bathroom wallpaper design that incorporates natural elements is always a good idea.

Winter trees create a calm atmosphere on white, grey, and black wallpaper. Also, consider a garden-inspired bathroom. That is to say, pick a wallpaper with a blooming display of specimen-style botanicals.

Moreover, you can add wallpapers designed with overscaled tropical leaves and palm fronds to remind you of the sunny tropic days.

Add brass accents

Photo by indigo & ochre designDiscover bathroom remodeling ideas and design

Brass accents add a nod to classic designs and a touch of luxury. Is there a simple and inexpensive way to accomplish this?

Make use of brass accents.

Use a set of towel hooks for hanging robes and towels, a toothbrush holder, or a brass soap dispenser.

Also, you can replace your standard faucets with brass. Brass accessories such as oversized mirrors give a room an elegant, luxurious feel.

Waterfall walk-in shower

I could spend all day looking at waterfall walk-in shower designs because they are so dreamy! I used to simply adore them, presuming they were only for large bathrooms and high-end residences. But that’s not the reality. Create your luxury and dreamy bathroom and enjoy a shower by installing a waterfall style walk-in-shower.

Add trending honeycomb tiling

Geometric tiles, such as hexagon or honeycomb tiles, are trendy for bathroom tiling. These honeycomb tilings are in frequent use for tiling and covering bathroom floors. They are durable, and can easily make a stylish statement. Additionally, they come in various contrasting colors and sizes.

Maximizing storage space with clever ideas

Many storage concepts will help you add space and stay organized in any bathroom, whether big or small. A floating shelf beneath the sink maintains the open feel while also offering much-needed warehousing. For a rustic, casual look, you can place stylish baskets on the floor beneath the floating sink. Or, try trendy hanging baskets and use them to store accessories.

Designing a luxurious bathroom space

It’s all about having fun and being creative when it comes to designing a bathroom for kids. There’s a lot of “stuff” in life with kids. That is to say, they have towels, bath toys, soaps, and shampoos spread around. Apart from storage, the bathroom needs to be vibrant too. So, consider adding bright colors, add double vanities, and bring nature inside the home by using natural wallpapers.

Go for Mediterranean-styled bathrooms

This style is inspired by the trends followed in homes bordering the Mediterranean Sea. You can find natural wood chairs, cabinets and benches. These are often painted in signature Mediterranean colors such as bright blue, yellow and rust. Each can add a color-saturated, vibrant component to the architecture. Arched or curved doorways for shower stalls or bathroom entryways are another popular design element.

Include a mix of tiles

Seeing the same type of tile on every wall can be a lot boring. I would always go for a mix and match. It is best to have not a tasteless but a cool look. So, pick no more than three different tiles. There are a variety of trendy ideas to choose from. For example, simple plain walls can get a vibrant contrast with an accented floor or different tiles, but the same color can give a subtle look.  

Limestone & blonde wood tiling

A subtle mix of light creamy white and dark tones, limestone, and blonde wood tiling offers a cult classic. The most exciting part that I like about this tiling is that it calls for bare feet walk. I love to walk upon it graciously. It has a beautiful and natural texture. And,  it is a versatile material that can be used in a variety of settings.

Freestanding bathtubs, large windows and marble.

Marble is a stunning, timeless option for almost any bathroom design. You can use marble on your bathroom counter or make a floating marble vanity instead. While marble looks great as an accent in a bathroom, it can also look stunning when used on all bathroom surfaces. If you have a huge window, install a freestanding bathtub in the bathroom, and enjoy the scenic views.

Sleek bathroom look

Sleek and minimalistic bathroom
Photo by Unknown – Another great example of bathroom remodeling ideas and designs

A sleek bathroom look enhances the bathroom with soft and neutral colors. This style is empowered with timeless shades such as taupe, black, charcoal grey, and bright white. The color scheme elevates the vibrant and seamless appearance of the room.  

Add geometric designs with geometric wallpaper

geometric designs
Photo by unknown – Bathroom remodeling ideas and designs: use geometric wallpaper, tiles or paint to spice things up

Décor, aesthetics and geometric designs are presently among the most popular decorating trends. So, combining them with the vibrant world of wallpaper makes perfect sense. Geometric wallpaper moves away from floral patterns and intricate prints. It combines striking appearance with elegance and pattern. A bathroom wall adorned with wallpaper can add color, texture and pattern to the bathroom.

Textured tiles adorned with decors

Textured tiles for the bathroom are one of the most recent and exciting interior design trends. Textured bathroom wall tiles come in various textures, patterns and designs. A few noteworthy include simple textile textures, classic variations and delicate designs. Finally, you can add to the beauty of textured tiles by adding some minimal pieces of decor items in the bathroom.

Install glass French doors in your walk-in shower

The bathroom’s walk-in shower with glass French doors is on its way in. Steel-frame, French door-inspired shower enclosures are available in a variety of sizes and styles. These doors bring a classic look to even the smallest room in the house. Moreover, they’re stylish, practical and let in plenty of natural sunlight.

Installing a beautiful fireside bathtub

Sitting by the fire or taking a nice hot bath are two of the best options if you can’t stand the cold. Why not combine the two? That’s right, having a fireplace in your bathroom is the most luxurious and soothing way to spend your time there. Have a tub near a large window, beautiful ceilings, a lamp and, of course, a lovely little fireplace nestled to the side.

Bright and airy bathrooms

Transform your bathrooms from functional spaces into bright and airy bathrooms. You can do it by removing clutter through styling and introducing plenty of natural light. You can also consider having large windows to let the natural light and air come in. Also, color is an integral part of creating the ideal, airy, open bathroom. Pale creamy yellows, warm greys and cool blues can all be soothing and relaxing.

Bring the Retros Back

Throwback color schemes can give a modern bathroom a sense of timelessness and comfort. Support it with classic-textured tiles and retro-style plumbing fixtures. Use black as a grounding accent color for the flooring. Have a freestanding bathtub with glass display cabinet, antique wood, light fixtures, mirror frames and claws.

Consider ultra-modern master bathroom look

Achieving an ultra-modern master bathroom look is very easy. A glass shower door is an excellent way to keep your luxurious bathroom feeling light and airy. The master bathroom is incomplete without built-in benches. You can also have multiple showerheads, and an abundance of tile and glass. Also, for your master bathroom remodel, use a minimalist color palette with flat, straight lines and clean surfaces.

Give a pattern

You can use patterns almost in every corner in the bathroom. It can give a colorful aspect to the area while also making it appear larger. Pair a vibrant, pattern tile with light color for a strong contrast. You can also change things up with pastel tiles and darker walls. Pattern towels and mats also look good.

Save the spaces

Switch to space-saving bathroom remodeling ideas for your small bathroom. If your toilet appears cave-like, gloomy or cramped, then transform it into a brighter and more inviting one. Position vertical storage shelves, over-the-sink shelves, and magnets to attach boxes for toiletries. Make proper use of the back of the doors to hang the towels and clothes. Giving a soothing pastel and white pastel color will make it look spacious.

Balance everything

Choose from clever and rustic accents, monochrome and colorful bathing rugs, a retro or modern motif. And ensure the colors and textures don’t battle for attention. Everything, including the tiles, the lights, doors or curtains and glass should have a perfect balance for your dream bathroom. 

Statement-making sink style

The mirror-sink combo is one of the most significant components of a bathroom. Vessel sinks, self-rimming sinks, and pedestal sinks, are some of the finest options for statement sinks. You can also have wall-mounted mirrors and basins, and standalone units. Using materials like concrete, porcelain, glass or stone for the sinks will make your space remarkable. You can color it accordingly.

Use highlighting colors

Use a highlighting color
Photo by Christa Grover – Eye catching wall color

Using the new bold colors will enhance your regular old bathroom with a dash of humor. If you love aquatic blues, then try ombre. Want a shining black one? Then combine it with some silver tint. Copper and magenta can also be a good choice for small bathrooms. For a youthful vibe, try powder blue, plum and yellow. Light green shades give a bamboo look.

Collage an Art Gallery

Photo by Artistic Interior Design/Amy N. Lee, ASIDMore photos of bathroom remodeling ideas and designs

Bathroom artwork should be resistant to moisture and humidity. To display the decor, the right place to hang them is in front of the mirror. Before designing the art gallery, finding out what space you are left with is a one-step-ahead job. You can choose from botanical pictures, abstract prints, figurative sketches, or scenic landscapes.

Count On Reflective Surfaces

when thinking of bathroom remodeling ideas think of reflective surfaces
Bathroom remodeling ideas photo by unknown – Reflecting surfaces

It’s time to bring in the reflecting surfaces once your washroom is adequately lighted. Shiny and polished tiles, white porcelain, and metal faucets can help you in this goal. Bathrooms with reflective surfaces seem clear and bright. So, try not to forget this bathroom remodeling idea. For more reflection, add rich features in marvelous metallics like bronze or fresh silver mirror frames and fittings.

Design a Wet Room

bathroom remodeling ideas - a wet room
Photo by unknown – Bathroom remodeling ideas: Separate wet room

This can be a bit pricey than the usual shower as it requires tanking or draining the entire space. However, it gives excellent functionalities. A wetroom can remove additional floor space by eliminating the need for covered shower doors and heavy trays. In addition, the sleek finish averts the space from looking congested. Wet rooms are a long-time investment that grants extra protection.

Get a shower curtain

Want to develop an illusion of a large space in your tiny washroom? Then, shower curtains should be in your bathroom remodeling ideas list. It plays the role of a room divider. Shower curtains come in various styles. Moreover, they are quite affordable and allow you to create a more private and sensual setting when you’re in the mood for a bath.

Move-in a unalike direction

You don’t have to be sad if you don’t have enough space for a bathtub and a separate shower. There’s a solution to it. Try relocating your tub at an angle to best match the available area instead of placing fixtures precisely. The unique layout has a bijou vibe to it, and the bouncy, relaxing angle softens the flat lines of several conventional washrooms.

Fill up the Corners

When working with a limited area, it’s critical to avoid usual bathroom design blunders. This can make a bathroom feel awkward. One such example is cramming inadequate off-the-shelf equipment into a tight space. Consider extra open shelves, sleek vanity and a corner sink to clear up the unwanted corner spaces. You can also set up your bathtub or some greenery in the corners.

Jam in a shelf

Photo by The Kitchen Studio of Glen EllynDiscover bathroom remodeling and design ideas

If packing decorations into a small space seems impossible, consider installing a thin, designed shelf. This bathroom remodeling idea works best to showcase supplies, candles, flora and artwork. Under the sink, bar carts, single shelves over the toilet or transparent floating shelves work excellent as storage areas. Baskets always work the best.

Brighten up the space

The most up-to-date lighting technology can completely change even the tiniest of toilets. Moreover, LED lights are the most cost-effective ones. To give a modern look with the help of lights, you can add them to your sinks or use a long thin light on the top. You can also hang pendant lights and include side lighting in the dimmer areas. Dimmer switches are customizable.

Monochrome always works well

The black and white pair is undoubtedly going to make your bathroom spectacular. It is the most timeless combination ever. Black touches give a classy, traditional contrast to all-white tiles. You can have the bathtub, doors, taps, and black shower panels in a white-colored theme. Black and white checkered walls will give an old dramatic look. 

Set a bath-tray

A bath caddy or a bathtub tray is a must-have budget-friendly storage solution in every bathroom remodeling idea. This smart storage trick is a fantastic method to assist you in having all the supplies you need at arms’ distance. Of course, don’t forget to have a glass of wine with you in your tub. Ah! Netflix and books will also save you from boring bathtime.

Apply spa-styling tips

bathroom remodeling ideas - spa designs
Photo by Ksenia Chernaya – Bathroom remodeling ideas: Create indoor spa

Choose gentle neutral tones and beautiful plants to turn a modest toilet into a tranquil oasis. Look to natural materials like pebbles or bamboo for flooring or wall tiling. Wood-style mirrors give the cold palette a pleasant organic vibe. Light some candles, add some music, and take a relaxing soak in your tub. You can also have an area rug runner if your space allows.

Enter by pocket doors

pocket doors in bathroom
Photo by unknown – Pocket doors in the bathroom is another, one of many great bathroom remodeling ideas

This is the coolest bathroom remodeling idea. Pocket doors are an innovative version of sliding doors. You can save more wall space through these. Paint these doors in the same color as your walls to give a sleek look. It gives the appropriate level of privacy but allows additional light to come in. 

Use multipurpose heaters

Modern heaters can be a chic addition to the bathroom. Yeah, they may take up space, but you have enough options for that. You can use heated towel rails that work both for storage and heating your bathroom. Hang on the towels on such heaters and take your bath. Bathroom heat lamps also have multi-uses, i.e., both for light and warmth.

Thin out the shower space

You love to have a fancy shower-bath, but hesitate to have it in your small bathroom? Don’t do that. You can have narrow bathtubs installed next to the wall. And, fix the shower above the tub.

Implement Part-tiling

Many of us use the concept of tiling the bathroom from floor to ceiling. But that’s an outdated style. For an ultramodern suite’s style bathrooms, fitting the tiles up to the wet areas will be a superb choice. It looks airy. You won’t have to invest more money as they require fewer tiles. For the rest of the walls, you can use waterproof wallpaper or paint.

Fix wall-mounted taps

You can unite as many fixtures and fittings as doable to save extra surface area. Wall-mounted taps will give a luxurious look to the washroom. You can have both modern as well as traditional designs of such fixtures. And yes, you will be happy to know that wall-mounted taps are easy to clean.

Make use of bare spaces

It’s better to fill up the awkward corners and uneven ceilings of your bathroom, or they may spoil the full view. So, design a plan that makes the most of the available space. Placing the showers and faucets in the uppermost area can be a good idea. If the wall height is more than 7 feet, you can use the entire space near the walls like a gold mine for sprays, bathroom cleaners, and toiletries. You can fix containers for your makeup brushes too.

Try open shelving

Open storages are trendy and excellent in small and large bathrooms. Instead of masking your towels and other belongings behind cabinets, opt for open shelves and vanities. Give it an alluring gaze by showing some vases, artwork or artificial flowers. The aromatic diffuser will provide a spa-like feel. Make sure to declutter them regularly.

Clear the spaces

Make your washroom spacious and tidy all day by mounting different units for various accessories. Install towel rings, racks for extra towels. Hang shelves for your makeup and hair products, toothbrush stands, or soap dispensers. Shower organizers, double-purpose mirrors, clever drawers or adhesive hooks will help too. Also, you can opt for stainless steel fittings to combat hideous corrosion.

Go for a bath-shower combo

This bathroom remodel idea is a perfect one for small spaces. If you want to make your bathroom and shower look distinct, select a design with a divided shower area. Choose a transparent glass (framed or unframed), or add a natural stone cubicle. You can also use the bamboo covering for the separation. If you fall short of your budget, then a white curtain will also work.

Give a neutral finish

Photo by unknown – Neutral finishes

A bathroom with a neutral theme gives a natural feel of calmness and temptation. It will appear sizable and more spacious than the darker ones. Hues like beige, pastels, soft cream, saturated grey and white often look great for neutral bathrooms. To avoid a dull look, mix varied shades of similar color all over the room. This includes the floor, vanities, curtains, etc. You can also use neutral wood in the space.

Avoid using handles

avoid using  handles
Photo by unknown – Handle free cabinets

Avoiding exposed handles and knobs in the bathroom furniture is a grand modern vogue. Select drawers and doors that open automatically when pushed. Or the cabinets may have a groove that you may hold to open. This may appear to be a trivial point, but every micrometer pays in such a little space.


Here we have to come to the end of all the unique and modish bathroom remodeling ideas. But we are not done yet. With some advanced planning and budgeting, you can have a stunning and elegant bathroom. So, don’t procrastinate anymore and start your bathroom redo plan as soon as you soak into the current bathtub. After reading all these ideas, you can surely mix and match them to suit your needs. Continue to read our kitchen remodel ideas to get even more inspired.