Welcome my name is Rick is the founder and chief editor of HomeImprovTools. My goal is to present great ideas and tips for your next project together with the best tools for the job!

I started this site at the time I moved from a 1 room apartment with 2 kids to a 4 bedroom house. During this move I needed tools, tips and Ideas. I got hooked and started Home Improv Tools.

During our journey, while taking part in many online discussions, I realized thousands of homeowners are facing all sorts of issues with their homes, and most of the information you can find on the internet is not exactly “science approved,” and that was an issue for me.

Thanks to our dedicated team of construction workers and carpenters. We use expertise from the field and put this into writing. Together we make the most comprehensive tips and review guides.

I qualify myself big time DIY-enthusiast and with my experience and expertise I will try to inform you on how to build almost ANYTHING for your home and which tools to use for that.

For this website, I wanted to try and put together the content I could never find online when I was improving my home with do-it-yourself projects.

I hope to succeed in this mission. I am doing whatever I can to succeed because your home should be one of the most joy givers in your life, and working on something that brings you joy is one of the best feelings a person can have. Start improving your house and make it a home ;-)!

Rick Brewer
Founder Home Improv Tools

What To Do Now?

If you are here, it means you too are looking to improve your house, either for the fun of it, to improve your relationship ;-), or to up your comfort of living.

Whatever it is, the good news is, we are here to help and to guide you in the right way. At least, that is what we try. To start, you can:

We hope you fully enjoy all the content we worked so hard on. We’ve put together personal know-how, information from books, and searches on the internet, BUT we are far from perfect so if you have any suggestions to make this site better, we’d love to hear them!

The Home Improv Tools Team